Is Blogging Part of Your Nonprofit Social Media Strategy?

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Social Media: Whats Hot And Whats NotMake Blogging Part of Your Social Media StrategyJulia CampbellJ Campbell Social Marketing Nonprofit NetMarch 2017Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np Takeaways From TodayThe benefits of blogging why you need one The best platforms to useHow to get more readers How to find and create fresh content How to promote your blog postsTop 10 tips to creating fantastic blog postsTweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np Before We BeginBlogging is a marathon, not a sprint. Dont get discouraged.Time, capacity and resources are needed to do it effectively.Every organization, no matter how small and strapped for resources, has great stories to tell. They key is passionate supporters not number of Facebook fans. Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np Does the world need one more?It depends.The key to effective blogging quality over quantity!You cant beat the Internet on volume, but you can beat it on quality, clarity and perspective. Rich Brooks @therichbrooksTweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np Remember!You are writing for YOUR audience. They are unique.You dont need to have 500,000 subscribers to have a great blog. You just need to tell your story and authentically connect with your audience.Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np Why have a blog?To improve SEO search engine results. To build trust and community. To establish yourself as an authority on an issue.If you are active on social media, you will always have new content to post! To drive website traffic, email sign ups, social media followers and even donations. Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np Why have a blog?Having a blog will continually force you and your organization to ask the tough questions: What impact are we having on the world?What would happen if we disappeared tomorrow?Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np Why not have a blog?According toTechnorati40% of people that have a blog spend more than 3 hours per week blogging.Its a lot of work researching and writing posts, editing posts, formatting them, promoting them.Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np Establish GoalsAs with any marketing strategy, you need a measurable goal to determine success. (Blogging is not a strategy its a tool.)You need to know where you are going/want to go.What is the goal for the blog?Establish authorityMore website trafficMore email signupsMore Facebook fansAdvocacyTweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np MeasurementStart by writing down 3-4 goals for your blog (should tie with overall marketing goals). Think measurement andbenchmarks. What will you measure?How will you be heldaccountable?Monthly reporting? Weekly?Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np Getting StartedGet excited! Secure buy-in from Executive Staff and Board. Hold a staff meeting and a Board meeting to announce that you are going to start a blog and that ideas for posts are welcome. Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np Getting StartedEducate everyone on the importance of the blog its not just one more thing to add on the pile. Always explain the WHY of the work. Tell staff, board, volunteers and Online Social Media Ambassadors about it first. Be excited and enthusiastic! Let them know that you are going to call on them to help you find content and to promote the blog. Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np Choose a PlatformMy recommendation is WordPress. SquareSpace is an option.Easy to use (you dont need to know HTML or code)Can manage it from anywhereSEOControlPlugins100% customizableIt can growMultiple usersTweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np The Blogging Process I UseIdeas OutlineDraftEdit PublishedTweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np Calendars & WorksheetsFree resources:! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np The Work of Blogging4 elements of bloggingResearchWritingFormatting/EditingPromotion Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np #1: ResearchStories & Testimonials personal stories of the people that you serve, your volunteers, staff, and donors. Denver Rescue Mission Stories of Changed Lives: St. Baldricks Foundation Real-Life Stories:! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np #1: ResearchInstructional/How To posts telling people HOW to do something. Generally popular in the long-term because people will search how to fill-in-the-blank.A step-by-step list for collecting food for a food drive, organizing a fundraising walk, preventing elder abuse or calling a legislator.Blog for foster parents: TIP: Incorporate a testimonial or a story of a person who took this action, how they did it and what impact it had.Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np #1: ResearchInformational posts giving readers information on a news or a topic. Answer the FAQ about your organization.What do you always get emails about?What do people always ask when you meet them?Myths vs. Facts: Top 5 myths you encounter regularly.Stereotypes or misconceptions you want to address.TIP: Add links to other blog posts and articles that support factual evidence outgoing links create community and help make your blog more interactive. Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np #1: ResearchList postsThe Top 10 Ways to, 7 Reasons Why, 5 Favorite, 5 Mistakes to AvoidExamples: Top 10 Dog Training Tips, Top 10 Tips To Keep Kids Active in the Summer, Top 10 Tips for Helping the Environment Locally TIP: Make an infographic of your top 10 ways to/7 reasons why with Canva, Venngage, or Easely and share it widely.Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np #1: ResearchProfiles & Interviews highlight a particular person.Can be done in story or interview format. Point out how they reached their position, why they are successful, other interesting characteristics.TIP: Embed a short video introduction or a 30 second highlight of the interview. Can also be used to for social media promotion. Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np #1: ResearchLink Posts finding a quality post on another site and linking to it with an explanation. Share why you are linking to it.Share your own take on the topic and a quote that resonates from the post.The more original content you write the better. Example: Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np #1: ResearchSign up for free Google Alerts: of blogs by topic on Alltop: www.alltop.comKeep a list of topics always accessible so you can add to it when you think of a potential topic.Are you locally based, regional or national? Focus on local events and news rather than national depending. Ask your community! What do they want to learn more about?Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np HOMEWORKBrainstorm a list of at least 10 potential blog post ideas. Create a different document for each of these ideas and put them in the Ideas folder. Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np #2: WritingSit down and write an outline for your post. Headline incredibly important!Intro Why read this post at all? What is the issue?Body/subheads (the who/what/where/when/why/how)ExamplesSummary Next stepsTweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np #2: WritingA blog post can be 300-500 words and a photo or a video embed. It does NOT need to be a novel. Picking a great headline is the most important part.Make it catchy and tweetable!! Look at other blog headlines that grab your attention.Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np #2: WritingThink about a Call to Action to incorporate into your post.Why are you writing this? What do you want people to do after reading it?Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np #2: WritingI find it helpful to do a brain dump and put everything on the page. Then I create an outline a beginning, middle and end.Opening paragraph should grab peoples attention.One-two sentence paragraphs. Bolded headlines.Bulleted lists.Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np HOMEWORKSet aside an hour per week to work on writing a blog post.Determine who will be researching and writing the weekly blog post. Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np #3: Formatting Get or make photos and graphics. Canva.comPhotopin.comMorguefile.comFlickr Creative Commons Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np #3: Formatting CategoriesAlways think of your reader and topics they want to explore.Like Chapters of a book.TagsMore specific.Like ingredients in a recipe.Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np #3: Formatting Make sure:There is a way for people to subscribe to the blog.There are social share buttons so people can share it.Experiment with email sign up/pop ups. Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np #3: Formatting Enable comments.Encourage communication and dialogue.Comments can be monitored/approved.You can set it up to get a notification email each time someone submits a comment. Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np #3: Formatting Great WordPress plugins:Disqus Comment SystemAkismet (for spam)WordPress SEO by YoastJetPackCommentLuv places a link to the commenters blogWordPress Popular PostsPublicizeTweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np #3: PromotionIf you write it, they will come!Not necessarilyYou need to promote each blog post.MORE than just a few times. Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np #3: PromotionPost the blog to all your social media channels:FacebookPinterestTwitterPost to Medium and LinkedIn.Create a checklist. Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np Julias Blog Promotion ChecklistPost to: FB pageTwitterLinkedIn personalTumblrStumbleUponRedditDiggDeliciousSocial Buzz Club SocialMarker.comShareBloc.comSocialADR.comLinkedIn groupsFacebook page add hashtagsGoogle+ Community add hashtagsLinkedIn Company PagePinterestScoop.itBusiness 2 CommunitySulia.comPatch WickedLocal TriberrNetSquared MosaicHub QuoraTweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np #3: PromotionInclude in email blasts. Guest blogging look at Alltop for the lists of top bloggers in your industry and contact them to write guests posts. Ensure that readers can subscribe to your blog to see a new post when its published either via email or RSS feed.Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np #3: PromotionDont be passive!Ask Board, staff and volunteers to share the blog posts. Read them at staff meetings and encourage comments.Make it a team affair.Remember you cannot do it alone!!! Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np HOMEWORKSet aside an hour per week to work on writing a blog post.Determine who will be researching and writing the weekly blog post. Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np Get People to ShareThe Customer Insight Group (CIG) at theNew York Timespublished a study exploring why people share content online. People share to:Bring valuable and entertaining content to othersDefine themselves to othersGrow and nourish relationshipsGive self-fulfillmentRaise awareness for causes or brandsHow can you help your community do these things through your blog? Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np Create Great ContentDedicate time and resources to creating content that is:Well-writtenOriginalCompellingTimelyRelevantInterestingThis is what it takes to stand-out online.Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np Keeping MomentumBe open-minded and dont get discouraged. Not everyone will a superstar blogger.Just because someone is influential does not mean that your cause will resonate with them.Actively look everywhere for people who are passionate about your cause.Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np Top 10 TakeawaysFigure out the why of your blog and be consistent.Write good stuff.Post at a regular time.Mix up content How To posts, FAQ, Video Testimonials, etc.Dont be long-winded.Make sure you keep readers with an email sign up, etc.Promote all posts. Promote them again. Measure, improve, measure, improve.Incorporate visuals and video. Be social yourself comment on other blogs, be active. Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np Nonprofit ResourcesJohn Haydon Nonprofit Tech for Good Beth Kanter Amy Sample Ward Problogger My blog Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np Questions?Tweet! @JuliaCSocial #sm4np Tweet: @JuliaCSocialFacebook: julia@jcsocialmarketing.comTHANK YOU!