irony. definition: an awareness of a contrast between appearances and reality types: – verbal –...

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IronyIronyDefinition: an awareness of a contrast between appearances and realityTypes:VerbalSituationalDramaticVerbal IronyWhen a character/speaker/narrator/etc. Says one thing but means the oppositeSarcasm is an example of verbal irony.Examples:In Julius Caesar, Marc Antonys reference to Brutus being an honorable man is an example of verbal irony. And Brutus is an honorable man (scan the lines for acting directions from the grave!)

Situational IronyWhen the opposite of what is expected happensInvolves the element of surpriseExample:O. Henrys The Gift of the MagiCatches both the characters and the audience by surprise

Dramatic IronyWhen the audience knows something that the characters do notAdds suspense/tension to the story Examples:Oedipus RexRomeo and JulietAny horror movie