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Small project that I made. Explores Ireland through a simple PowerPoint.


  • 1. First Stop: Dublin! Visit the National Museum of Ireland-Archaeology branch

2. But dont get too crazy! You dont want to end up in Kilmainham Gaol Prison! 3. Previous Slide: Cliffs of Moher, on the western coast of Ireland Limerick Known as Irelands first City of Culture 4. Treaty Stone, where Irelands Treaty of Limerick was signed in 1691 Limerick Racecourse St. Marys Cathedral 5. Killarney Killarney is a medium-sized town in southwestern Ireland. It is on the shore of Killarney National Park 6. Gap of Dunloe Ring of Kerry 7. Cork Welcome to the second-largest city in Ireland. This city used to be an island and is now part of Southern Ireland. 8. The Cork Harbour contains many different marine species, including seals and this guy on the left. 9. LAST STOP: BELFAST! A city on the northeastern coast of Ireland, Known for being the building site for Titanic 10. Titanic Belfast-Learn more about Titanic than ever before! SS Nomadic, Titanics little sister Stormont Estate, includes Northern Irelands main government buildings 11. Make one last drive north of Belfast to check out the Giants Causeway, a place whose origins confuse many 12. Time to return home!