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<p>PRESTON MANNING HELPS TO EXPLAIN WHY STEPHEN HARPER WON A MAJORITYBOB PLAMONDON CONSIDERS THE QUESTION THAT HAS DIVIDED THE CPC SINCE ITS START TONY CLEMENT OFFERS A SNEAK PEEK AT STRATEGIC REVIEWursday, June 9, 2011Bring on the PartyToasts, tussles, and talk of 2015www.iPolitics.caTODAYS SCHEDULE, TONYS TWEETS AND ... THE MORNING BRIEFYOUR GUIDE TO THE CONSERVATIVE CONVENTION 2011In[ormctite, insiqht[ul, inuuenticl ... iPolitics.ccTHE CANADIAN PRESSTHURSDAY, JUNE 9, 2011Did you know?Learn More about how Canadas Forest Products Industry Creates Jobs and Prosperity At: www.fpac.caThis is not just a tree.Its a key part of Canadas clean energy future. The Morning BriefScheduleGoodursdaymorningtoyouand, toConservativePartyconventiondel-egates, welcome to Ottawa.Today is the day many Conservatives havebeendreadingfornearlyayear the release of the audit of last years G-8andG-20summits.ereport, whichisexpectedtorevealmultimil-lions in waste and shoddy controls over funds, will be delivered by interim AG JohnWiersema.Itisunlikelytopack thepunchofSheilaFrasersinfamous every rule in the book comment, but hehasmanyontenterhooksallthe same. Watch iPolitics.ca for full cover-age of the report. PrimeMinisterStephenHarper wasnt sitting around fretting over the AGs report last night. Instead, he was in Boston watching as the Bruins beat the Canucks 4-0. e PMO said Harper will pay $1,000 towardthecostofthegovernment Challengeraircrathatferriedhim and others to the Garden for the game. FarfromBoston,DefenceMinister PeterMacKayisinBrusselsforNATO meetings. He is scheduled to brief report-ers this morning on the state of the mis-sion over Libya. iPolitics.ca will be on the call, so watch our website for an update. StatisticsCanadareleasesitsinter-nationaltradeguresforApriltoday, alongwiththenewhousingpricein-dex for the same month. Heritage Minister James Moore, who wasalsoinBostonforthegame,is back in Ottawa to roll out the Canada Day2011program,includingthevisit byPrinceWilliamandKateMiddle-ton, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. FormerCanadianAllianceleader andHarpergovernmentcabinetstal-wart Stockwell Day will open the 2011 ConservativePartyconventionthis evening with a keynote address. Former Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla is in court today for a motion in her alleged abuse of a former nanny. OntariosEconomicDevelopment andTradeMinisterSandraPupatello willtodaymakeafundingannounce-ment aimed at making the tool and die sector more competitive. B.C. Premier Christy Clark and NDP leaderAdrianDixwilltaketurnsad-dressingtheFirstNationsSummitin North Vancouver. Anotherday,anotherhonoraryde-greeforCraigandMarcKielburger, co-foundersofFreetheChildren,this time from Laurier University. Ryerson bestows an honorary degree on Phil Fontaine, former national chief of the Assembly of First Nations. Andnally,WinnipegMPsKevin LamoureuxandPatMartinshowed Manitobansthattheywonthaveto waitfortheseasontoseesomescrap-ping.LamoureuxworeaWinnipeg Jets jersey into the House of Commons Wednesday, prompting Martin, a New-Dem, to accuse his Liberal counterpart ofbeingafair-weatherfanjoining the parade rather than leading it or raining on it. e Morning Brief is a daily bulletin delivered to your e-mail each morning. For a free trial, go to www.ipolitics.ca.Today Noon to 6:30AlleventsattheOttawaConvention Centre.Registration: Main foyer, ground oor.Aerregistering,makewayforthe welcomereceptionintheParliament Foyer on the third oor. 4 p.m. to 6:30Canada Hall, third oor:Warm-upshowfeaturinglivemusic from Ottawa talents. 6:30: Opening ceremoniesCanada Hall, third oor:LyndonSlewidgewillsingOCanada, then John Baird will open the show.Watch for Jason Kenney, followed by a keynote address from Stockwell Day. 9:30: Make way for the Hospitality Suites.THURSDAY, JUNE 9, 2011The life of the PartyConservativesfromacrossCanada are gathering in the nations capi-taltocelebratethebigwin,extend gratitudetothecampaignground troops,andbeginthegruntworkof charting course for the next four years.Last months majority election victo-ry set a jubilant tone for the three-day ConservativePartyofCanadapolicy convention,wherethousandsofdel-egatesandmemberswilltussleover everythingfromforeignpolicytotax relief.ScottLamb,presidentoftheNorth Vancouverelectoraldistrictassocia-tion, said theres a great mood of opti-mism. eres a sense of a very positive future for the party and the country as awhole,hetoldiPolitics.Inpolitics itsalwaysanuneasyroadtofollow withupsanddownsallthetime.But right now, things are very, very good.Lambsaidthevibeishighnotonly duetothemajoritywin,butalsobe-causeofthedecimationoftheBloc Qubcois.eConservativePartyiswell-posi-tionedtorecruitandmaintainmem-bers and also to raise funds drawing onitspopulistrootsthathaverelied moreheavilyonlotsofsmallindivid-ualdonationsratherthanbigcontri-butionsfromcorporationsorunions, Lambsaid.atcapacityisespecially important as the government moves to endtaxpayer-fundedsubsidiestopo-litical parties.ey may not be large, but we get a lot of them, from a broad spectrum of Canadians, he said.ConservativestrategistGoldyHyder saidpartymembersarehighlymoti-vated to build on momentum with one eye on the next election.Everyonelovesawinner,hesaid. Everyonewillbeenergized,andit makesyouwanttoworkthatmuch harder to keep what you earned. ats part of the message that will come out ofthisweekend:Letsnotforgetwhat got us here.Hydersaidtheconventionisatime totoasttheelectionvictoryagreat achievement as the rst Tory majority in 20 years and show appreciation for thegroundtroops.Hebelievesmuch of the Conservative Partys success has comebytappingintotheinherently conservative values of long-established andnewCanadians:hardwork,less intrusivegovernment,theimportance of family and community, and the em-phasisofCanadasprominentplacein the world.Whatthisgovernmenthasdone, whatthispartyhasdone,istakena verypragmaticapproachtoconser-vatismandsuccessfullymaneouvred itselfintooccupymoreandmoreof thecentreofthepoliticalspectrum, Hyder said. So much so, that there are someConservativesyearningtoseeit back more on the conservative right particularly on the scal side.MattRichardson,founderofthe BlueYouthgroupintheNorthum-berlandQuinteWestriding,saidthe ConservativePartyisalsogrowingin popularity with younger Canadians.Ithinktoyouth,whatsappealing isthatthemessagingisclear,andits apartyofaction,hesaid.eyare alsonotafraidofmakingcontrover-sialdecisionsinsteadofgoingwith thewind.eConservativeconven-tiontherstsincethefallof2008 willfeatureworkshops,ministerial speeches, and hospitality suites. Prime MinisterStephenHarperwilldeliver the keynote address at the new Ottawa Congress Centre Friday night.kathleenharris@ipolitics.caKATHLEEN HARRISWord on the HillHow do you think a majority uill chcnqe Hcrper's qoterncnce style?Do you think Hcrper's economic policies hcte worked in the wake of the qlobcl economic crisis?Will the NDP's surqe in Duebec support conuict uith its [ederclist principles?Post-election contention mixes toasts, tussles, and talk of 2015Post-election, pre-convention, iPolitics.ca hit the Hill on Budget Day to talk to 50 random strangers about the state of the nation. Here are the results of our most unocial poll. Legwork by Devon Black and Kyle Hamilton.KYLE HAMILTONTHURSDAY, JUNE 9, 2011Le saviez-vous? Pour savoir comment lindustrie canadienne des produits forestiers cre des emplois et de la prosprit, visitez le www.fpac.ca Ceci nest pas quun arbre. Cest un lment essentiel de lavenir du Canada en matire dnergie propre. ELIZABETH THOMPSONWithastablemajoritygovern-ment for the next four years and the Liberal Party still reeling from the electionresults,PrimeMinisterSte-phenHarpersConservativePartyis callingonsupporterstodipintotheir wallets to help the party counter a new foe.Inalettersentoutinthepastfew days,ConservativePartyPresident JohnWalshisurgingsupportersto help the party counter a hailstorm of negative attacks from the media, pun-dits and the opinion elite.Walsh says the party had to ght oattacks during the last election and ex-pects them to continue.Duringthiselectioncampaign,we facedanonslaughtofnegativeattacks like never before from the media, from punditsandfromanti-Conservative lobbygroupsandunionexecutives, Walshwroteinthecopyoftheletter obtained by iPolitics.eproblem,saidWalsh,isthata Conservativegovernmentjeopardizes their interests.efearamongtheopinionestab-lishmentisthatifourgovernmentis successful, and Canadians see the ben-etsoflowertaxes,sensibleandless-interventionistgovernmentandmore personalfreedom,theConservative PartyofCanadawillcontinuetowin future elections, he wrote.Quitesimply,smallergovernment meanslesspowerforthele-leaning, opinionestablishmentandtheywill ghteverystepoftheway.Wesaw their tactics last time and they will be evennastierandmoredesperatenext time.Walsh calls on supporters to become ConservativePartyPartnerssothe partycanpromoteHarperslowtax, jobcreationplansandeducateCa-nadians on the benets of less govern-ment and a stronger Canada.at plan includes ve key priorities: creatingjobsthroughtraining,trade andlowtaxes;supportingfamilies withthepartysFamilyTaxCutand moresupportforseniorsandcaregiv-ers;eliminatingthedecitby2014-15 bycontrollingspendingandcutting fat; making streets safe with new laws toprotectchildrenandtheelderly anddefendingCanadabydeveloping Canadas North, cracking down on hu-man smuggling and strengthening the armed forces.However,Walshwarnstheanti-Conservativeopinionelitewillght theConservativeseverystepofthe way.Your support now will help us coun-terthehailstormofnegativeattacks thatarealreadyrainingdownonour democratically elected government.e letter does not say how the party plans to counter the groups it identies as a threat.e letter comes as Finance Minister JimFlahertyhastabledabudgetthat calls for the $2 per vote public subsidy thatpartiesreceivetobephasedout. emovemeanspartieswillbemore dependentonraisingmoneydirectly frompotentialsupporterswithletters such as Walshs.Inrecentyears,theConservative Partyhasbeenfarmoresuccessful than any of its rivals in raising money through direct donations to the party.ConservativePartyspokesmanFred DeLorey has not yet responded to a re-quest for an interview.elizabeththompson@ipolitics.ca)XQGUDLVLQJOHWWHUDVNVVXSSRUWHUVWRJKWQHJDWLYHDWWDFNVPcrtu president csls supporters to help counter `cnti-Consertctite opinion elite'Duite simplu, smcller government means less pouer [or the le[t-lecninq, opinion establishment and theu uill Iqht eteru step o[ the ucu. We scu their tcctics lcst time and they will be even nastier and more despercte next time.THURSDAY, JUNE 9, 2011Canadiansareincreasinglyadopt-ingconservativevaluesastheir own, according to a new report by the Manning Centre. Its post-election poll found more people favour self-reliance, privateinitiative,andbalancedbud-gets, across party lines.ey just dont think these big gov-ernmentsolutionswork,Preston Manningsaidatthereportsrelease yesterday morning.epublicsconservativeleaning helps to explain Stephen Harpers ma-jorityvictory,CarletonUniversitys Andre Turcotte said. Either by design or by surprise, the Harper government tapped into some-thing that was in line with what people wantedfromthegovernment,Tur-cottesaid.Peoplereallywantagov-ernmentthatconcentratesonthings that are relevant to them. isincludesanemphasisonbasic needs, such personal security, and pol-icies they can relate to, like tax breaks for their childrens activities.eresaclearmessagehere,Tur-cottesaid.Justfocusonthingsthat are immediate problems, and dont try to be too visionary. Manning says this is where Stephen Harper comes in. He is cautious, he is incredimentalist, he is skeptical. ose personalcharacteristicscertainlyres-onatebetterthanifhewasagrand visionary.e budget is a prime example of do-nothingsuccess,Harris-Decimapoll-ster Allan Gregg said.isbudget,whicheveryonejust saidwaskindofabigyawn,basi-callyhitthepublicopinionbulls-eye. Becausethatsbasicallywhatpeople wanted right now, is a big yawn.ButtheConservativesshouldnt adoptthenaturalgoverningparty title just yet. Manning said while the partys poli-cies may resonate with more and more Canadians,theemergingtrendisa double-edgedsword.Asthesevalues normalize,thepublicwillidentify them less as Conservative Party values.ismeansinthefuture,thesuc-cessfulpartywillbetheonethatbest explainsinplainlanguagehow theywilloperateandachievethose objectives.edisputenowisnotsomuch about the goals, but is your plan better thantheirplan,ManningtoldiPoli-tics in an interview. e Canadian brand of conservatism isdierentfromtheU.S.variety,the studyfound.ItsnotaTeaPartystyle rejectionofgovernment.Itsaunique strain,combiningfreemarketprin-ciples, moderation, and social justice.OneareawhereCanadianssplit fromconservativethinkingwason theimportanceofthemilitarytothe nationalinterest.erewasa30per centdeclineinmilitarysupportthis year,comparedtothe2010study.e authorsattributedthistofatigueover the war in Afghanistan. As well, despite the overall conserva-tive trend, only 50 of the 1,000 survey respondentssaidthebestthingabout the election was Harpers majority.erstthingthatcametotheir mind was, I really didnt like the elec-tioncampaign,Manningsaid.at wastheresponseofmorethanone-third of those surveyed. is high level of disengagement has the study authors worried.InthenewParliament,Canadians said they want to see their Members of Parliamentrepresentthem,andhold the government to account, particular-ly on their No. 1 issue the economy. Currently, more than three-quarters ofrespondentssaidthegovernment doesnt share their views on the impor-tant issues. Itstheolddemocraticstory,Man-ningsaid.Ifyoucanalignyourself where your peoples heads are at, youll be able to do well electorally. sonyabell@ipolitics.ca&amp;DQDGDLVJURZLQJPRUHFRQVHUYDWLYHSROOVXJJHVWV SONYA BELLDn ete o[ contention, Preston Mcnninq helps to explcin uhu Stephen Hcrper uon c mcjorituGet biqqer so theu ccn do more or get smaller so theu ccn do more?Expectations RIJRYHUQPHQWVXUYH\UHVXOWVDo politicicns shcre your view?Most liled cbout the most recent [edercl election?e more ccre[ul in mclinq decisions or be bolder in mclinq chcnqes?There's c clecr messcqe here. 1ust [ocus on thinqs that are immediate problems, cnd don't tru to be too tisioncru.KYLE HAMILTONTHURSDAY, JUNE 9, 2011WhentheemissariesofPCand Alliancepartiesmetinthe summerof2003,theyaccomplished far more than anyone thought possible. Withoutstressorrancor,theyquickly agreed on the party name, a party con-stitution,andatimetableforaleader-shiprace.erewasonlyoneissue thatcausedtemperstoareandhad the potential to keep the parties apart. StephenHarperbelievedinone-member,onevoteonleadershipselec-tion.Peter MacKay believed each con-stituency whether it had 10, 100, or 1,000 members should get the same numberofvotes,ordelegates,toelect the leader. Harpercontendeditwasamatterof basic democratic fairness.MacKay ar-gued that giving each riding the same inuence was fundamental to building anationalparty,andentir...</p>