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1. http://kompare.co.za/ Online comparison site Wandile Sedia Upgrading your Contract and Thinking of the New iPhone 6? A NewYear,A Newyouand A Newcell phone!Accordingtosome online sourcesmore than250,000 consumersare due for contract upgradesin the firstquarterof 2015. If you're due an upgrade,it comesdownto taking the latestversionof whatyoualreadyhave or jumpingship. If youare a loyal iPhone user,yournextupgrade isano brainer butfor those usinga differentbrandandconsidering jumpingship,thisarticle will be veryhelpful. Firstlyletslookatthe newIOS(IOS8) - If you have otherapple devices,youwill enjoythe IMPROVEDcontinuitybetweenall yourdevices.Youwill neverlose anypictures,notesoranyother detailsdependingonhowyousetupyouriPhone. The biggestconforthe new IOSis the fact that it mightslowdownearlierdevices. Justlikeanynew operatingsystem,thereare still some bugsthat needtobe lookedintoand be fixed. If you donthave otherapple devices,yourIOSjourneywill startwiththisone. However,youcan onlyfullyenjoyyourIOSdevice anditfeaturesif youhave other apple devices. Letsreviewthe standardiPhone 6; the iPhone 6 comeswitha 4.7 inchdisplayoperatingata whopping1,334 X 750 Pixels.Apple wentoutof theirwayandengineeredthe new A8processor,the A8 chipsetisthe equivalenttothe latest i7processors incomputers.The BIGGEST problemwith iPhone 6is the batterylife. Whatsnewright?Thisproblemconsistsinthe new iPhone 6as inthe previousgenerationof iPhones(iPhone5,5S and 5C). Withthat said,the 6th generationof iPhones have improvedinevery othersingle areaincluding,graphics;speed;resolution; cameraand features. Now letslookatthe iPhone 6Plus. Do we have to pointoutthe larger screen? The screenalmost comesalive because of its401 PPI(Pixels perInch) and superbbrightdisplay. The iPhone6and 6 Pluscome withan 8MP camerawhichmightbe a turn off forsome.The camera has subtle differenceswhichyoumightnotice if youare acamera enthusiast.Itisalsoimportanttonote that, the iPhone 6 isone of a few cell phone cameras that come with optical image stabilisation (OIS).Thiswill assist withtakingbetterstill photos (Noblurredphotos). 2. http://kompare.co.za/ Online comparison site Wandile Sedia Some issuesregardingthe phones durabilityhave come underscrutinyasthere have beenreportsof the phone bendingina person's pocket. Eitherway,both cell phoneshave hundredsof 3rd partyelectronicattachmentsandappsthat makes the everydayconsumerslife easier,inouropinionthe comparisoncomesdowntoif youwanta largerscreenor not.