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<p>My Portfolio</p> <p>Design PortfolioIrshaad Goedarirshaad@gatech.edu</p> <p>1Overview of Recent ProjectsSiemens Energy &amp; Automation, Inc.(May August 2008)Mechanical / electrical engineering internshipWorked on a team with focus in industrial circuit breaker accessory designGeorgia Tech Capstone Design Project(January May 2009)Cryogenic freezer redesign sponsored by Air Products Chemicals, Inc.Disclaimer: The information contained in this presentation has been deemed suitable for disclosure to the general public by authorities within these companies.2SE&amp;A Internship</p> <p>PROJECT</p> <p>ERGONOMIC DESIGN ISSUE3SE&amp;A InternshipBackground Learning Pro/E during first weekModeled neutral assemblies for use in circuit breakers to maintain equal voltage across poles</p> <p>4SE&amp;A InternshipBackground (cont.)Maxflex Handle Operator AccessoryFunctions to trip a circuit breaker remotelyDesign problemErgonomic issue: installation of cables onto breaker requires disassembly of Maxflex unit</p> <p>Maxflex unitIndicate Maxflex unit5SE&amp;A InternshipProposed solution 1Re-manufacture both plates in Maxflex unit to allow unobstructed access to boltsProblem:Expensive because it will create scrap parts</p> <p>Upper plate (sliding)Lower plate (fixed)Unobstructed bolt accessIndicate plates (brown and blue)Indicate unobstructed access6SE&amp;A InternshipProposed solution 2Reverse bolt positioning to allow quicker disassembly of Maxflex unitProblem:Cheap fix, but presents inconvenience of rear-mounted breaker</p> <p>Obstructed but easier disassemblyEasier to disassemble7SE&amp;A InternshipProposed solution 3Slot the fixed plate to allow removal of Maxflex unit from sideProblem:Unconstrained unit (lateral motion possible) presents safety hazard</p> <p>Loosen bolts and slide plate right to removeEasy side removal8SE&amp;A InternshipProposed solution 4Make L-shaped slots in fixed plate to allow lateral removalUnit is constrained because it can only produce motion downward (to turn breaker off)</p> <p>Conclusion:Solution 4 implemented after extensive quoting process</p> <p>9SE&amp;A Internship</p> <p>PROJECT</p> <p>MOUNTING STRUCTURE DESIGN10SE&amp;A InternshipDesign projectLarger enclosure and stronger mounting structure needed for internal testing of prototypical circuit breakerCombined a modular steel mounting structure with glastic reinforcement</p> <p>11</p> <p>SE&amp;A InternshipDesign project (cont.)Responsibilities3-D modelingPreparation of drawingsPart / hardware orderingMachiningAssembly</p> <p>12SE&amp;A InternshipDesign project (cont.)</p> <p>Pro-E ModelActual</p> <p>13SE&amp;A Internship</p> <p>PROJECT</p> <p>CRYOGENIC FREEZER DESIGN14Capstone Design ProjectBackgroundSponsored and budgeted by Air ProductsDesign focus:InnovationMinimizing cost and weightMaximizing efficiency</p> <p>15Capstone Design ProjectDesign Overview</p> <p>Exhaust SystemPneumatic Lift SystemConveyor Drive SystemCryogen Supply SystemEnclosure SystemRecirculation System16Capstone Design ProjectDesign Overview (cont.)All these various systems were designed from the ground-up to obtain fresh perspectiveResearched competition at 2009 Poultry ExpoRelied on APCI contacts when necessaryScope of project:Material selection and structural analysesPart specifications and BOMThermodynamics and heat transfer analysesCost and marketability analysis</p> <p>17</p> <p>Capstone Design ProjectSome Details</p> <p>Pneumatic Lift System</p> <p>Enclosure System18Capstone Design ProjectSome Details</p> <p>Cryogen Supply System</p> <p>Conveyor Drive System</p> <p>19Some DetailsCapstone Design Project</p> <p>Recirculation SystemExhaust System</p> <p>20Key Elements / InnovationsReplaced stainless steel exterior with polyester-fiberglass composite (glastic) panelsCapstone Design Project</p> <p>304SS interior panelPolyurethane foam insulationGlastic exterior panelRivets</p> <p>21Capstone Design ProjectKey Elements / Innovations (cont.)Effects on performance and marketability:</p> <p>22Thanks for your time!Contact informationIrshaad Goedarirshaad@gatech.edu770-842-827823</p>