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Design PortfolioIrshaad Goedarirshaad@gatech.edu

1Overview of Recent ProjectsSiemens Energy & Automation, Inc.(May August 2008)Mechanical / electrical engineering internshipWorked on a team with focus in industrial circuit breaker accessory designGeorgia Tech Capstone Design Project(January May 2009)Cryogenic freezer redesign sponsored by Air Products Chemicals, Inc.Disclaimer: The information contained in this presentation has been deemed suitable for disclosure to the general public by authorities within these companies.2SE&A Internship


ERGONOMIC DESIGN ISSUE3SE&A InternshipBackground Learning Pro/E during first weekModeled neutral assemblies for use in circuit breakers to maintain equal voltage across poles

4SE&A InternshipBackground (cont.)Maxflex Handle Operator AccessoryFunctions to trip a circuit breaker remotelyDesign problemErgonomic issue: installation of cables onto breaker requires disassembly of Maxflex unit

Maxflex unitIndicate Maxflex unit5SE&A InternshipProposed solution 1Re-manufacture both plates in Maxflex unit to allow unobstructed access to boltsProblem:Expensive because it will create scrap parts

Upper plate (sliding)Lower plate (fixed)Unobstructed bolt accessIndicate plates (brown and blue)Indicate unobstructed access6SE&A InternshipProposed solution 2Reverse bolt positioning to allow quicker disassembly of Maxflex unitProblem:Cheap fix, but presents inconvenience of rear-mounted breaker

Obstructed but easier disassemblyEasier to disassemble7SE&A InternshipProposed solution 3Slot the fixed plate to allow removal of Maxflex unit from sideProblem:Unconstrained unit (lateral motion possible) presents safety hazard

Loosen bolts and slide plate right to removeEasy side removal8SE&A InternshipProposed solution 4Make L-shaped slots in fixed plate to allow lateral removalUnit is constrained because it can only produce motion downward (to turn breaker off)

Conclusion:Solution 4 implemented after extensive quoting process

9SE&A Internship


MOUNTING STRUCTURE DESIGN10SE&A InternshipDesign projectLarger enclosure and stronger mounting structure needed for internal testing of prototypical circuit breakerCombined a modular steel mounting structure with glastic reinforcement


SE&A InternshipDesign project (cont.)Responsibilities3-D modelingPreparation of drawingsPart / hardware orderingMachiningAssembly

12SE&A InternshipDesign project (cont.)

Pro-E ModelActual

13SE&A Internship


CRYOGENIC FREEZER DESIGN14Capstone Design ProjectBackgroundSponsored and budgeted by Air ProductsDesign focus:InnovationMinimizing cost and weightMaximizing efficiency

15Capstone Design ProjectDesign Overview

Exhaust SystemPneumatic Lift SystemConveyor Drive SystemCryogen Supply SystemEnclosure SystemRecirculation System16Capstone Design ProjectDesign Overview (cont.)All these various systems were designed from the ground-up to obtain fresh perspectiveResearched competition at 2009 Poultry ExpoRelied on APCI contacts when necessaryScope of project:Material selection and structural analysesPart specifications and BOMThermodynamics and heat transfer analysesCost and marketability analysis


Capstone Design ProjectSome Details

Pneumatic Lift System

Enclosure System18Capstone Design ProjectSome Details

Cryogen Supply System

Conveyor Drive System

19Some DetailsCapstone Design Project

Recirculation SystemExhaust System

20Key Elements / InnovationsReplaced stainless steel exterior with polyester-fiberglass composite (glastic) panelsCapstone Design Project

304SS interior panelPolyurethane foam insulationGlastic exterior panelRivets

21Capstone Design ProjectKey Elements / Innovations (cont.)Effects on performance and marketability:

22Thanks for your time!Contact informationIrshaad Goedarirshaad@gatech.edu770-842-827823