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  • Iowa Childrens Choice Nominees2011-2012

    I have encouraged my students to read at least one Iowa Teen Award book as an independent read in years past, but I have never done much with Iowa Childrens Choice Award nominees. Last year was the first year that I taught 6th grade, and after teaching that level for a year, I realize that the Childrens Choice books are very appropriate for many of my 6th grade readers. I want to make it a point next year to introduce these books to my students at the beginning of the school-year so they can have plenty of time to find a book they are interested in and read it during the year. To make this easy for students, I created a Keynote presentation that I will use to booktalk the books to my classes. I will also put the presentation link on my class wiki for students to have access to throughout the year, and will hopefully add more links and resources as I come across them.

  • Masterpieceby Elise Broach

    In this book, eleven year old James gets a pen and ink set for his birthday. While he is sleeping, however, a young beetle named Marvin decides he would like to give the art set a try. Marvin creates a beautiful, delicate piece of art that James mother mistakenly thinks he drew. That is where the craziness begins and James and Marvin embark on an adventure that includes art galleries, thieves, and a mystery to be solved. If you are not careful, you might accidentally learn something about art as well!Reading Level 3.9Lexile 700

  • NERDS:National Espionage, Rescue, and Defense Societyby Michael BuckleyThis is the first book in the NERDS series in which a group of unpopular but strangely talented and technologically savvy students runs a spy network from right inside their school. This first book focuses on the NERD called Braceface who can do unbelievable things with his braces. There are currently two more books available in this series with plans for two more. Each book spotlights a different member of the team.Reading Level 5.3Lexile 750

  • Extra Creditby Andrew ClementsAbbie is smart enough, but she just doesnt like to do homework. At the end of her 6th grade year, however, this becomes a problem, and she is in danger of having to do 6th grade all over again. Her only hope...extra credit. She gets assigned a pen pal to correspond with from Afghanistan and they end up becoming friends in spite of the cultural differences. Not everyone is happy with their friendship, though, and this makes them both face some tough realizations. Reading Leve 5.2Lexile 830

  • Powerlessby Matthew Cody

    Donald is a 12 year old that moves to a new town only to discover that this is no ordinary town. In fact, it is quite super, as in super-hero super. The kids in town all seem to have super-powers that they use to do good, but then their powers mysteriously vanish, along with all memory of them, at the age of 13. Donald and his new friends try to figure out what is going on, but maybe it is the powerless kid who will lead the way. Reading Level 9-12Lexile 800

  • Liberty Porter, First Daughterby Julia DeVillersYou cant help but laugh at the adventures of 9 year old Liberty Porter as she shares the adventures of becoming the first daughter of the United States. Yes, that means her dad is the president! Liberty is excited about the cool things she will get to do as the presidents daughter, but she is also a little worried about the responsibilities. You get a nice dose of interesting information about the history of the White House and its occupants, as well.Reading Level 3.5Lexile 480

  • The Gollywhopper Gamesby Jody FeldmanbuIf you like Charlie and the Choolate Factory, you will like this book! Gil Goodson is participating in the Golly Toy and Game Companys ultimate competition, the Gollywhopper Games. If he wins, that could be the answer to getting his family out of the town that has been nothing but nasty to Gil and his family since the incident with his father. Gil prepares relentlessly for the games, but he will have some tough competition and not everybody plays fair. Reading Level 3.0Lexile 590

  • The Girl Who Could Flyby Victoria ForesterPiper seemed like a normal girl to everybody in her town until she got a little excited one day at a ball game, and now everybody for miles around knows she can fly, or at least hover. So, what else can her parents do but send her away to INSANE, a top-secret school for special kids just like her. At first, Piper thinks its pretty cool to be around kids like her, but it doesnt take long for her to realize that something is not right at the school and she, of course, is going to figure it out.Reading Level 5.9Lexile 920

  • The Garden of Eveby K.L. GoingThere is a lot going on in this story about Evie, a 10 year old girl who just lost her mother, and then is uprooted from her home in Michigan to a dying apple orchard in Beaumont, NY. Her father thinks it is for the best but Evie is not so sure, especially when she meets the ghost boy in the cemetery by her house. Did I also mention the magic seed (that is supposedly from the Garden of Eden) she receives as a birthday present from her eccentric neighbor? Lots of twists and turns in this one!Reading Level 4.8Lexile 780

  • The Umbrella Summerby Lisa GraffAnnies brother Jared died, and ever since then, Annie has not been the same happy-go-lucky girl she once was. She starts to worry about bike rides, she worries about diseases, she worries about food poisoning, she worries about everything! She is so busy worrying something bad will happen that she cant truly enjoy anything, until her neighbor with her healing teas helps Annie begin to realize maybe her worrying is not the answer after all.Reading Level 5.5Lexile 820

  • Baseball Greatby Tim Green

    When Josh starts having some success on his schools baseball team, his dad suddenly pulls him off the team and sets him up with the Titans, the area youth championship team. Josh is just excited to play ball, but things start to get a little weird with his new team. The coach starts pushing protein shakes, then supplements, then pills? Josh starts to have some serious second thoughts about this new team, and with the help of his new friend Jaden, he is going to try not figure out the right thing to do and to stay safe while doing it.Reading Level 5.1Lexile 840

  • Melonheadby Katy Kelly

    Did you ever read the Lucy Rose series? If so, you might remember Lucys friend, Adam Melon. Well, Melonhead now has his own series in which he provides his readers with lots of antics of his own. Melonhead has always thought of himself as a first-class inventor, and when his class is entering an inventing fair, what could be better than that? Unfortunately for Melonhead, things dont always turn out the way he thinks them up in his head. Fortunately for us, his escapades with snakes, diapers, head-lice essays, and many others are quite entertaining for the readers. Reading Level 8-12Lexile 620

  • The Dog Days of Charlotte Hayesby Marlane KennedyEleven year old Charlotte will be the first person to tell you she is NOT a dog person, but when her father comes home with a St. Bernard pup because it was another great deal that he couldnt pass up, guess who ends up taking care of it? Yep, Charlotte feels bad for the pup and ends up spending a lot of time on Beauregard and actually trying to find him a better home. She also ends up dealing with her new baby brother and her mothers postpartum depression along the journey.Reading Level 8-11Lexile 790

  • Schooledby Gordon Korman

    Thirteen year old Cap has been home-schooled by his Grandma Rain since forever on a wacky 60s type commune, but that all changes when Rain falls out of a tree and gets seriously injured. Now, Cap is thrown into the nightmare of public middle school! He goes to live with the guidance counselor and does his best to blend in--yeah right! His new classmates do not waste time in making fun of Cap, and the guidance counselors daughter cant stand him, but things just may find a way of working out for Cap in the end.Reading Level 9-12Lexile 740

  • Savvyby Ingrid Law

    Mississipi (Mibs) Beaumont is about to turn 13, and in her family, that is a bit more interesting than a normal birthday. When a member of Mibss family reaches that milestone they receive their savvy or special supernatural power. With powers like controlling electrical currents, creating storms, and just the ability to do things perfectly in her family already, Mibs doesnt know what to expect. To make things even more scary, her father is seriously injured in a car accident right before her birthday. Her only wish is that her savvy, when it shows up, will be able to help him.Reading Level 9-12Lexile 1070

  • Also Known as Harperby Ann Haywood LealFifth grader Harper has a rough life but she loves her poetry. Her alcoholic father is now out of the picture, but that leaves her mother trying to hold everything together all by herself. They cant pay the rent and are in danger of losing their home. Then, if things werent bad enough, her mother loses her job so Harper has to stay home and take care of her little brother, pretty much dashing her hopes to share some of her beloved poems in a school contest she wont be able to attend.Reading Level 9-12Lexile 800

  • Everything for a Dogby Ann M MartinThis is a parallel novel to A Dogs Life. In this book, Bone, brother of Squirrel from A Dogs Life is a stray that is looking for a home of his own. The story also intersects with Henry who wants his own dog more than pretty much anything, and Charlie who just lost his brother and is now trying to sort things out in his own life. Each chapter alternates between Bones perspective and both boy


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