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Iowa Architectural FoundationIowa Architectural Foundation 2012 Annual Report2012 Annual Report About the foundation The Iowa Architectural Founda on (IAF) is a charitable nonprofit organiza on established in 1989 topromoteawarenessandapprecia onofarchitectureanddesign.The organiza on is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees composed of architects and business leaders statewide with daily administra on of the founda on and its programs entrusted to a full me Execu ve Director. IAF receives direct financial support from individuals, small businesses, corpora ons, founda ons, and architectural firms who believe in the founda ons mission. Contribu ons made to the founda on are taxdeduc ble as allowed by law. For more informa on on the Iowa Architectural Founda on and its programs, visit www.iowaarchfounda 2012 Program Highlights TheIowaArchitecturalFounda on(IAF)saw con nued growth in 2012. New programs, new fundraising ac vi es, and new volunteers helped to stabilize the founda ons financial outlook. The ArchitectureinSchools(AIS)Commi eeused 2012 to enhance and improve its ongoing ac vi es and programs. The year started off with the judging of its second annual Snapshot Iowa photography contest for students in grades 7 12. The programs goal is to encourage students to explore architecture through photography. The 2012 theme was Historic Architecture. A dona on from MainStreet Studio of North Liberty provided a por on of the prize money for the top winner of each age group (grades 7 9 and 10 12). Informa on about the contest was posted on the IAF website and hundreds of emails were sent to statewide schools, libraries, and media outlets. The number of entries received more than tripled from 2011. The Architecture by Children (ABC) drawing contest entered its fourth year. A generous dona on from Lockton Companies provided the prize money for 2 overall state winners and 10 regional winners from across the state. More than 225 entries were received. The theme was Historic Architecture. Statewide Winner (Grade 79), Hannah K.Boone. Statewide Winner (Grade 46), Joey A.Cedar Rapids. Iowa Architectural FoundationIowa Architectural Foundation 2012 Annual Report2012 Annual Report The ArchitectureintheSchoolsCommi eealso volunteered at the State Historical Museum in the spring and fall. In the spring, the Iowa architecture presenta on was used in which students were able to understand the difference between homes of today and those lived in by Iowa pioneers. In the fall, students once again became Civil War House Detec ves by learning how class, occupa on and geography had an influence on the type of home families lived in during Civil War mes. 2012 was the 4th year that the AIS Commi ee par cipated at ArtFest Midwest in Des Moines. The ac vity for this year was Birdie Abodes, allowing children to build popsicle birdhouses for the bird finger puppets. AIS saw growth in 2012 with new members. Ideas for new programs are currently in the works for 2013. The ArchitectureintheCommunity(AIC)Commi ee con nued to be ac ve in promo ng public awareness of the role of architecture and design in Iowa. One of IAFs longest running ac vi es: The Architecture @ Hand summer walking toursgiven by volunteer architects or architect internscelebrated its 10th season with 125 public par cipants. During Na onal Architecture Month in April, AIC offered a series of free public lectures on the City Beau ful Movement in Des Moines, including tours of four buildings. This is the fourth lecture series the commi ee has provided. The AIC commi ee con nues to provide educa onal programming in partnership with the Des Moines Public Schools. Course topics include an overview of commercial and civic urban architecture highligh ng downtown Des Moines, residen al architecture style iden fica on, and architectural photography. Plans for 2013 include expanding this program to other areas in the state and adding addi onal courses. In April the AIC Commi ee sponsored the first annual Eat.Drink.Architecture event, a fundraising ac vity that combined sampling food and drinks at restaurants with walking tours in the Court Avenue district of Des Moines. The event was sold out with 65 par cipants who, as commi ee members coined the phrase, Ate.Drank.Architected. Birdie Abodes Construc on at ArtFest Midwest. Eat.Drink.Architecture Par cipants Learn the History of Downtown Des Moines Architecture. Iowa Architectural FoundationIowa Architectural Foundation 2012 Annual Report2012 Annual Report The ArchitectureintheCommunityCommi eecon nues to sponsor elementary school walking tours for Central Iowa school districts, private schools, and home schooled children and their chaperones. 175 students par cipated in 2012. The tours are led by architects, architectural interns, and volunteers interested in architecture that are trained to lead the students on an hourlong Architec ve tour of downtown Des Moines. Other ac vi es the commi ee con nues to be involved in include cosponsoring the Bike to Art tour with the Des Moines Area Bicycle Collec ve, helping Execu ve Director Kris n McHughJohnston decorate a tree for the annual Blank Childrens Hospital Fes val of Trees and Lights in Des Moines, and offering private tours and talks to various groups such as the Tomorrow Plan, the Young Professionals Connec on, and the Des Moines Volkssport. The CommunityDesignProgram(CDP)has assisted communi es around the state with design input for the past eleven years. In 2012 three charre es were completed, two of which were in the Po awa amie County towns of Treynor and Underwood thanks to funding from the Iowa West Founda on. TreynorThe Treynor team recommended traffic slowing measures along Highway 92, citywide streetscapes, a town center park, and faade improvements for businesses. UnderwoodThe volunteer team for Underwood designed new entrance signs, wayfinding signage, entrance corridor improvements, a main street streetscape, and downtown storefront improvements. A onThe A on Team assisted this community in Union County with recommenda ons for updated community entrance signs, direc onal signs, town square improvements, and commercial storefront improvements. Closeup of IAF 2012 Fes val of Trees and Lights Entry Featuring Ornaments of Iconic Iowa Architecture Cra ed by asi Signage Innova ons. Town Square Op on Developed for Treynor Community Design Program. Iowa Architectural FoundationIowa Architectural Foundation 2012 Annual Report2012 Annual Report The BoardofTrusteessponsored two fundraising events. The 8th annual golf ou ng was held in June at the Willow Creek Golf Course in West Des Moines. Seventy two golfers enjoyed an a ernoon on the links. In September, patrons of IAFs Landmark Party enjoyed a night touring Hoyt Sherman Place in Des Moines. A Beau ful Day on the Links at Willow Creek Golf Course in West Des Moines for the 8th Annual IAF Golf Ou ng. 2012IowaArchitecturalFounda onBoardofTrustees KarenErger Sco Bengfort,AIA StevenWandro JessicaReinert,IOMLocktonCompanies Larrison&Associates Wandro&Baer,PC AIAIowaChair Architects KimMcDonald,AIA ChrisDellaVedova,ASLA PatrickAlvord,AIA BenHildebrandtNeumannMonson Confluence RohrbachAssociates,PC AIAIowaPastChairKarlKaufman,AIA SarahGrant TomWollan,AIA GregoryPalermo,FAIAFEHAssociates S cks,Inc. FRKArchitects+Engineers IowaStateUniversityViceChair TerryGebard,AIA EricBeron,AIA EddSoenke,AIAEOPNArchitects DLRGroup TheDesignPartnershipTreasurerAndyThielen,PE JonE.Quinn EdMa ,AIAKJWWEngineering Associated GENESISArchitecturalDesignSecretary AnesthesiologistsMichelleSacco,Assoc.AIA GaryVanDyke,AIA DanDrendel,Assoc.AIARDGPlanning&Design ShiveHa ery SlingshotExecu veCommi eeIowa Architectural FoundationIowa Architectural Foundation 2012 Annual Report2012 Annual Report Special Thanks Every effort has been made to list all of our contributors accurately. We apologize for any omissions and errors. Please contact the Founda on with any correc ons. The Iowa Architectural Founda on wishes to thank the following individuals, architectural firms, and corporate en es for their financial or inkind support received between January 1 and December 31, 2012: DavidToenjesCircle($0$99) Accord Architecture Robert Bisenius, AIA Randy Cram, AIA Dean Emary Corrine Goode, AIA Victoria Herring Glen Hun ngton, AIA Darren Jirsa, DDS Paul Klein, AIA Maureen Korte Robert McCoy, Hon. AIA Edward O esen, AIA Dale Port, AIA Mark Schmidt, AIA and Barb Schmidt Mark Steenhoek, AIA Brenda Taylor Tumme NelleElizabethPetersCircle($100$249)Allers Associates Architects, PC Benjamin Design Collabora ve Bergland & Cram Architects Eric Beron, AIA Bracke.Hayes.Miller.Mahon Architects, LLP Dakota Red Corpora on Design Photography Scotney Fenton, AIA Philip Hodgin, AIA Frank Hoifeldt, Assoc. AIA Karl Kaufman, AIA KJWW, PC Larrison & Associates Mainstreet Studio Mannington Commercial/ Todd Mithelman Edward Ma , AIA Kim McDonald, AIA Gordon Mills, FAIA Fred Mobley Paula Mohr and Tom O'Donnell William Nowysz, AIA Sco Olson, AIA, CFM, SIOR Ma Ostanik, AIA SGH, Inc. The Weitz Company Andrew Thielen, PE Joseph Michael Tursi, AIA Kevin White, AIA Thomas Wollan, AIA Tome ch Engineering, Inc. FrederickClausenCircle($250$499)Anonymous ASK Studio Sco Bengfort, AIA Robert Carlson, AIA FEH Associates Freeman Decora ng Company FRK Architects + Engineers, PC Full Court Press Genesis Architectural Design Gregory Palermo, FAIA Suzanne Schwengels, Hon. AIA Rod Stevens, AIA Stephen S mmel, AIA Dan Thies, AIA and Carolyn Thies CharlesWatrousCircle($500$999)Cannon Moss Brygger & Associates, PC Carlson Design Team, PC Confluence Terry Gebard, AIA Graham Construc on Lockton Companies, LLC Mar n Design, PC Kevin Monson, AIA Rohrbach Associates, PC RobertBrosharSociety($1,000$4,999)AIA Iowa Chapter DLR Group Karen Erger INVISION Architecture Neumann Monson, PC OPN Architects Jon E. Quinn, MD RDG Planning & Design ShiveHa ery Grants Iowa West Founda on InKindDona ons AIA Iowa Chapter AKAR, Iowa City Architectural Arts asi Signage Innova ons Beeline + Blue Eric Beron, AIA Tim Bungert, Assoc. AIA Cabinet Studio, Cedar Rapids Clark Colby, Assoc. AIA Confluence Country Inn & Suites, Clive Design Photography FEH Associates, Inc. FRK Architects + Engineers Full Court Press Terry Gebard, AIA Kristen Greteman, Assoc. AIA Heart of Iowa Iowa Energy Karl Kaufman, AIA Ligh ng Solu ons Living History Farms Lockton Companies, LLC MainStreet Studio Maharry Photography Ed Ma , AIA Kim McDonald, AIA Kris n McHughJohnston OPN Architects Jon Quinn, MD Tina Rhodes, Assoc. AIA Science Center of Iowa Edd Soenke, AIA S cks, Inc. SVPA Architects Inc. 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