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<ul><li><p>3: Z </p><p>&lt; </p><p>Z </p><p>Filtration Industry Analyst July 2000 </p><p>IONICS DEDICATES </p><p>DESALINATION PLANT IN </p><p>BARBADOS lonics lnc and Barbados- based Will iams Industries Inc have dedicated a one of the largest brackish x~ater desalination facility in the Caribbean. </p><p>The new water desalina- tion plant will provide flesh, potable drinking water to one- sixth of the island's 264 000 people. The 30 000 m3,,'day plant uses reverse osmosis (RO) membrane technology. </p><p>In con, ionction with thc new desalination facility, a water education centre was also established which will serve as a venue Ibr school childlen, island visitors and tile general public to learn about water, its history on the island. and the role of water desalination. </p><p>At the dedication cere- nlony, Minister Rommel said that in spite of what many tbink, Barbados is classified by the United Nations Commis- sion on Water as a 'water scarce' country, putting it just ahead of the desert nations of the Middle East l\~r per capita water availability, and making it extremely vulnerable to the effects of cyclical droughts. The drought of 1994-1995 served to put the nation on notice that no longer could we continue to take our water sup- ply for granted, and that it was necessary for us to take very serious stock of the situation. </p><p>According to the Chairman of the Barbados Water Authori- ty (BWA), David Millington. "The Barbados Govermnent was determined that the island's economic develop- ment would not bc held back by the lack of availability of flesh water." Desalinated water is being provided to the BWA on a 'build-own-operate" or privatized basis by lonics Freshwater Ltd. </p><p>16 </p><p>PURADYN ACQUIRES </p><p>RIGHTS TO ITS EUROPEAN JV </p><p>Puradyn Filter Technologies, Inc has acquired all the rights and assets, including inventory, tooling and equip- ment and the ne~' US patents to the On-Engine Pnradyn filter system - ~.hich was developed in England and mounted next to the lull flow filter - from its lbrmer Euro- pean joint venture partner, Centrax Ltd. </p><p>The transaction also included the use of the UK malmfacturing facility without additional cost for a period of three months. The amount of the transaction, while not dis- closed was on [avourable terms to Puradyn. </p><p>Over the past four years Puradyn's management has gained valuable insights on the correct market niches in Europe tbr its product and with adequate flmding now m hand for marketing, along with the incorporation of product refinements, a huge market potential exists there l\)r the Puradyn oil filtration system as it does in the USA. </p><p>The markets now being pnrsued throughout Europe are: OEM engine application: OEM hydraulic application; Industrial hydraulic aftermar- ket; and Truck and bus after- market. </p><p>Richard Ford, Puradyn's chief executive oflScer noted, "We are now moving aggres- sively m the huge truck and bus sectors throughout the Conti- nent. Our distributor base is in place and we have an industry experienced tnanaging director and a marketing director to head up this new marketing programme. </p><p>They will both operate frona our London base to direct all European, Mid-East and North African opera- t ions'. Ford added that the company aims not only to </p><p>demonstrate cost savings of oil, but the equally real sav- ings in the overall reduction of maintenance costs and improved efficiencies to fleet operators, as well as advance the product's environmental benefits in light of Europe's sensitivity to these issues. These savings come about with the significant reductions in the number of hours now required for fleet operator engineers to inspect engines and to change filters. </p><p>IONICS TO MARKET NORIT </p><p>UF TECHNOLOGY TO US </p><p>lonics inc has entered into an agreement with Norit Mem- brane Technology BV to market and sell Norit advanced ultrafillration (UF) technology tbr municipal drinking water applications in the USA. </p><p>UF is a key membrane- based water treatment tecllnol- ogy used lbr meeting the increasingly stringent regula- tions tbr ensuring drinking water quality. </p><p>Norit's UF technology, which meets NSF standard 61. provides removal of water- borne microorganisms includ- ing viruses and bacteria with over 6 log removal off Cryp- tosporidium and Giardia. Since the introduction of tilts tech- nology in 1995, over 130 mil- lion gallons per day of Norit UF membrane capacity has been installed. </p><p>According to Antonia \.on Gottberg, manager of Product Development for lonics, "+We are very excited to bring the combined know-how and experience of lonics and NORIT to the US market- place. American communities will now benefit fi-om our high-quality, cost-effec- tive membrane filtration sys- tems that address current and future drinking water standards". </p><p>Editorial Office Elsevier Advanced </p><p>Technology PO Box 150 Kidlington </p><p>Oxford OX5 1AS United Kingdom </p><p>Tel: +44 (0)1865 843676 Fax: +44 (0)1865 843971 </p><p>E-mail: j.gilby @,uk Web: www.filtsep,com </p><p>Editor Jane Gilby </p><p>Permissions may be sought direct- ly from Elsevier Science Rights &amp; Permissions Department, PO Box 800, Oxford OX5 tDX, UK; phone: (+44) 1865 843830, tax: (+44) 1865 853333, e-mail: permissions @ You may also con- tact Rights &amp; Permissions directly through Elsevier's home page (http:l/www.elsevier.nt), selecting first 'Customer Support', then 'Gen- eral Information', then Permissions Query Form'. 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