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<ul><li> 1. GROUP 4 CLARA RIA D / 06 DINA CAHYANINGSIH / 09 LOUISE DENISHA A.N / 17 </li> <li> 2. INVITATION CARDS </li> <li> 3. What is the meaning of invitation cards?? An invitation cards is used to invite someone to attend the event like birthday party, wedding ceremonial, informal dinner, etc. </li> <li> 4. Information :: The name of event When the event will be hold When the event will take place Additional information (e. g. dress ode, RSVP) </li> <li> 5. Example of an invitation cards :: For: Icha Come and join us at a (Surprise) Birthday party for Nicola! Let's eat, drink and be merry! Celebrations will be held at 200, Main Street, Knightsbridge on Thursday May 22 at 7.30 in the evening Look forward to seeing you... Dress code : Modern Dress Yours: Dina </li> <li> 6. For: Susanti I invited you to come to Valentine Dance party !! Swisteen Caffe Halingston street No. 89 10 p.m to 5 a.m Dress Code: Black White Your : Melin </li> <li> 7. We have experienced love from our God, through our church, our families, our friends and now through each other. With our parents blessings we joyfully request your presence to witness before God and man a celebration of love when we exchange marriage vows on Saturday the 26 of November two thousand and five at three o'clock in the afternoon. Pearlie Grove Baptist Church Quitman, Mississippi *=Dress code : traditional clothes </li> <li> 8. Mr and Mrs Drew William Request the pleasure of the company of ______________________________ at the marriage of their son Drew Ronald With Miss Marry Santiago At Church of Our Saviour, Brookesville On 10th June at 11am And at a banquet at the Regency Hotel. Your address RSVP (by 20th May) Dress code: Tuxedo </li> <li> 9. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION </li> </ul>