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Alex N Patalod

Universal College of Paraaque



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Czarina Patalod

Eugene Jawerga

John Kenneth Mateo

Jolina Curiano

Christine Libardo

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Mrs. Eliza Carla P. Diez


I. Introduction ---------------------------------------------------- 1II. Summary of Findings

2.1 Statement of Problems -------------------------------- 12.2 Presentations -------------------------------------------- 22.3 Conclusions ---------------------------------------------- 32.4 Recommendation ---------------------------------------- 3III. Bibliography ---------------------------------------------- 4IV. Appendices

4.1 Letters ------------------------------------------------------- 54.2 Portfolio from Banks ------------------------------------- 84.3 Pictures ------------------------------------------------------ 104.4 Curriculum Vitae ------------------------------------------- 131Introduction:

Nowadays we are experiencing and encounter a crisis in money. It is difficult for us to earn money. Many people don't know how to manage and save their money well. They intend to go to the banks to know more about the proper way of using and keeping their money. In the bank, the tellers teach and suggest their client on how to grow their money easily in simplest way and that is investment. Investment is investing your money in order to earn a financial return. If you are risky, you will invest more money and you will choose the long term investment. But the banks assure you that the money you will invest will not put into waste. So think twice in investing and keeping your money because saving and earning money is not easy.Summary of Findings

Statement Of Problems:

1. Which bank gives higher yield of investment?

= Based on the interview, the researchers were able to identify that Security bank yields higher investment because they give maximum of 4.5 % for 5 years if I should invest in long term and maximum of 1% for 1 year if I invest in short term.

2. How much is the minimum placement fee?

= For short term 100,000 pesos , for long term 500,000 pesos and for intermediate term 10,000 pesos.

3. Which term is better for investment?a. Long term

b. Short term

c. Intermediate term

= Long term because most of investors are willing to take the risk because they know that The longer the investment, the higher the return of money . It will be used to secure family needs, to achieve child dreams and to cover emergencies.


Conclusions: Many banks give higher yield of investment and some of those banks are Security Bank, China Bank and Banco De Oro. We have a good opportunity to have an interview with them to know more about how people invest their money or property. Most of the banks offer short term and long term like China Bank and Banco de Oro while Security bank they offer Short term, Long term and Intermediate Term. They are almost has a same use of length of days in Short term while in long term they are differ to each other. They often use Time deposits for short term while in long term, Security Bank usually form of Corporate Bonds and Banco De Oro usually form of Stocks whereas in Intermediate Term usually form in Trust Funds. In China Bank and Security Bank, they are more favorable in long term investment because most of the investors are willing to take the risk for the higher rate and higher return of money to them while in Banco De Oro both favorable to short term and long term because it is depend on the investors what they want. Some of the banks have Traditional Investment that usually forms in Time Deposits and High Risk usually forms in Stocks. In China Bank, they are more favorable in Traditional Investment because even though you are not earning higher return of money but theres have no chance to lose it whereas in High Risk bigger return of money, bigger chances to lose it but it Security Bank they are more favorable in High Risk because Filipino should invest this to have higher return of investment and to increase our Gross Domestic Product. If the GDP Growth increase in the Philippines, it means that our economy is growing and improving.Recommendation:

The researchers suggest Security Bank because they offer higher rate of investment. They have low requirements and maintaining balance. They also offer flexible terms from as short as 30 days to 1 year and higher interest rates based on prevailing market rates.




(a. ) Letters

Security Bank

China Bank


Banco De Oro (BDO)


8(b.) Portfolio from BanksFrom Banco De Oro






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