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One of the inventions that has radicaly changed our lives.


Inventions that changed our lifeThe Mobile PhoneThe first appearance of the very mobile phone project took place on April, 1973. It was promoted by Motorola and it was about 30cm long, antenna included. As this was an ambitious project, Motorola needed more than ten years of investigation and a hundred million dollar investment to improve and finally produce the first model considered as a real mobile phone: the Motorola Dynatac 8000x.This phone allowed you to have a one hour conversation, it weighed 800gs and costed 4000$. Although it was really expensive for that time, Motorola selled 300000 units of the the Dynatac 8000x the first year it was released.In 1994, from Finland, it was born the Nokia Mobira Talkman, an updated version of its brother, the Nokia Mobira Senator, which had an only inconvenient, a gigantic battery that had to be transported inside a bag.From that time on, mobiles have improved and they have included a huge variety of functions. Nowadays, some of us consider them a powerful tool and sometimes, a friend to talk to, though this last affirmation might seem a bit strange. The whatsapp should have not been invented, because it is really addictive. So are other kinds of chats.I particularly think that some countries like United States and Japan encourage inventors a lot more than others.