INVENTIONS. Monday Challenge: What do you think are some of the “best” inventions of all time.

Download INVENTIONS. Monday Challenge: What do you think are some of the “best” inventions of all time.

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INVENTIONSMonday Challenge: What do you think are some of the best inventions of all time. Invention Review: Invention- creation of something new that fits a need. Inventor- someone who creates something new.SO You want to be an Inventor? In this book you will learn about MANY famous world wide inventors. Some of which we will learn about in more details this week! As we read, listen for some of the things that the inventors had in common!Until the Bell rings:What inventors do you remember from the book? Do you have any questions about these inventors? Is so write them down.Did you learn anything new about an inventor? Draw a picture of an inventor and or their invention. Tuesday Challenge: What is an inventor?Name three inventors you learned about yesterday from the book we read.Samuel Morse: Telegraph and Morse Code Morse invented the telegraph in order to help the railroads communicate, stay on schedule and prevent accidents. It was soon used to place orders for goods by means of the Morse code that products were delivered to the right place at the right time. Code: Morse code is a series of long and short sounds The long sounds are represented by a and the short sounds are represented by a ..Now practice tapping morse code messages Until the Bell Rings: In your SS books read pages 128-129 and page 125 answer questions 1-3 in complete sentences in their SS notebook until the bell rings. Wednesday Challenge: What did Samuel Morse invent? What does his invention do? What else did he invent to go along with his first invention?Alexander Graham BellHe was a speech teacher for the deaf. He eventually opened a school for the deaf in Boston, Massachusetts.He experimented with transmitting several telegraph messages simultaneously over a single wire and with various devices to help the deaf learn to speak1876- he applied for a patent that was granted on March 7th, 1876.Morse code.First Telephone Sound On March 10, the first coherent complete sentence, Mr. Watson, come here; I want you was transmitted in his laboratoryBells TelephoneThe telephone improved communication previously accomplished by the telegraph. Now businesses could communicate by telephone more quickly and easily. Soon homes of wealthy people had telephones and eventually almost every home would have a telephone.The telephone was easier to use because it did not require people to learn a new system of communication such as the Morse CodeCompare and Contrast the Telegraph and the TelephoneDraw a Venn Diagram in your notebook and compare and contrast the telegraph and the telephone. Until the Bell RingsIn your SS books read pages 166-167 and answer the red review question on page 167 in complete sentences in their SS notebookThursday Challenge: What did Alexander Graham Bell invent? What does his invention do? What invention did his invention replace? Why?Thomas EdisonThe light bulb was not invented by Thomas Edison; however, he significantly improved it and made it practical for use. Edison invented the incandescent light bulb in 1879.Thomas Edison It made it possible to light factories as well as homes more safely than kerosene lamps. The light bulb made the use of electricity popular so electric lines were strung in cities and towns.Edisons Light bulbElectricity provided a new way of powering the plants that had been relying on water power from rivers or steam power produced by burning coal. Now factories that could be located wherever electric lines could be strung.Incandescent BulbUntil the Bell RIngsIn SS book read pages 168-169 and answer the red review questions on page 168-189 in complete sentences in your notebook. Friday ChallengeWhat did Thomas Edison invent? What does his invention do? What invention did his invention lead to?Henry FordHenry Ford mass produced his automobile, the Model T, by building it on a moving assembly line.Fords Assembly LineThis created MASS PRODUCTION: Making a lot of something in a short amount of time.The benefits of MASS PRODUCTION: Make more products+ Price for the consumer goes down+ More buyers+ More money for the company+ Pay employees moreYour turn!Draw a picture in your notebook of an assembly line. It can be anything that you need to put together ( ice cream sundae, snowman, car, Mr. Potato Head, etc...) Draw and Label it !Until the Bell RingsIn your SS \read pages 170-171 and begin to draw the timeline of Other inventions on page 171 in your SS notebook until the bell rings. Monday Challenge: What did Henry Ford invent? What does his invention do? Where do we see his invention being used today?Orville and Wilber WrightOrville and Wilbur grew up in Dayton, OhioWilbur is older than Orville.Their love of flying came from their father.They began to race people from all over the world to be the builders of the first airplane. They started with a glider. (It was similar to an airplane, but with no motor.)They went to Kitty Hawk, NC every year from 1900-1903.December 17, 1903 First flight lasted 12 seconds.They changed parts to perfect the airplane: Wright Airplane CompanyWhat did the airplane look like?Draw a picture in their notebook of the first airplane (picture on page 172 in text book). How is this airplane different from the ones we have today? Until the Bell Rings.In your SS books read pages 172-173 and have them answer the red review question on page 172 in your SS notebook until the bell rings. Tuesday Challenge: What did the Wright Brothers invent? What did their invention do? What state did they help make famous?Albert EinsteinAlbert Einstein was born in Ulm, GermanyIn 1933, Einstein and his wife, Elsa, escape Nazi Germany and set sail for the United States.Albert EinsteinWorld War II begins and Einstein writes a now famous letter to President Franklin D. Roosevelt urging nuclear research and warning him of Germanys building of an atomic bomb.This leads to the Manhattan Project that allows the US to make the worlds first atomic bomb that is used to end WWII. Einstein always regretted sharing the information that led to the building of such a devastating weapon.Until the Bell RIngsGet SS books out of their cubbies and read pages 354-355 and answer the red review questions on page 355 in complete sentences in your SS notebook until the bell ringsWednesday ChallengeWhat did the Albert Einstein invent? Where is he from? What did his invention lead to?After your quizTurn in your quiz in your classroom bucket. Answer these questions in your SS notebook: What is the most interesting invention you have learned about?If you could invent anything what would it be?Draw a model of your invention.What would you call it?READ SILENTLY UNTIL THE BELL RINGS. Thursday Challenge: List the 6 inventors you have learned about so far and their invention


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