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<p>Inventions from Ancient China </p> <p>Inventions from Ancient China by Monica FindleyEDTECH 513Content Objective: 2.1 Students will explain how the contributions of Ancient China have influenced the present world in terms of inventions.</p> <p>Language Objective: Students will be able to orally identify the inventions of Ancient China &amp; explain how that invention is used today. Did you know?</p> <p>My Teacher said we use common objects that were invented in Ancient China. I wonder what they are?The students will be asked to turn and talk with a partner. They will discuss any ideas they may have with regards to inventions that may have been invented in Ancient China. Responses will be accepted &amp; recorded on chart paper.The compass was invented in Ancient China.Ancient Chinese Compass</p> <p>Todays Compass</p> <p></p> <p> people of Ancient China used compasses for guiding &amp; navigating ships at sea. The compasses of today are magnetic &amp; the needle always points North. It is still used to help us know which direction we are traveling.</p> <p>Silk Cloth was invented in Ancient China.Silk CocoonTodays Silk Cloth</p> <p> people of Ancient China made Silk from the cocoons of silk worms. They wove the thread together to make a smooth, shiny clothing material. Today Silk cloth is used to make beautiful clothing outfits.The kite was invented in Ancient China.Chinese kiteTodays kite</p> <p>The people of Ancient China used kites to send messages during times of war and to scare off intruders. Today, we use kites for recreation or to have fun.Gunpowder was invented in Ancient China.</p> <p>Gunpowder</p> <p>Fireworks</p> <p>GunpowderCannonAncient ChinaToday people of Ancient China used Gunpowder to make fireworks. Today, gunpowder is still used for fireworks and it is also used for weapons. </p> <p>What Have You Learned?What is the Chinese invention that was used to send messages and to scare intruders?</p> <p>KiteHint: It flies in the air.</p> <p>Lets Try Again!What Chinese invention was used to make fireworks?</p> <p>Hint: It is used for fireworks and weapons today.GunpowderLets Try Another One!What type of material is made from the thread of a worms cocoon?</p> <p>Hint: It is a very smooth and shiny cloth.Silk ClothLast one!What Chinese invention was used toguide ships at sea? </p> <p>Hint: It is used today to help us know which direction we are traveling.CompassYou Have All Done A Wonderful Job Learning About Inventions from Ancient China and How We Still Use Them Today!</p> <p>Congratulations!</p>