Inventions- Black History Month

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Post on 21-Jan-2015



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  • 1. Inventions MadebyFamous African Americans

2. Ironing BoardSarah Boone 3. Shoe Lasting Machine Jan E. Matzinger 4. Comb Walter Sammons 5. Brush Lydia ONewman 6. Hair Care Invention Madam C. J. Walker 7. Dust PanLloyd P. Ray 8. Mop Thomas W. Steward 9. Clothes Dryer George T. Sampson 10. Pencil Sharpener John Love 11. Fountain Pen William Purvis 12. Typewriting Machine Lee Burridge 13. Advanced Printing Press W. A. Lovette 14. Lawnmower John Burr 15. Automatic Gear Shift Richard B. Spikes 16. Supercharge System for Internal Combustion Engines Joseph Gammel 17. Traffic Light Garrett A. Morgan 18. Refrigerator John Standard 19. Heating Furnace Alice Parker 20. Air Conditioner Frederick Jones 21. Electric Trolley Elbert R. Robinson 22. Elevator Alexander Miles 23. Letter Drop Mailbox Philip Downing 24. Postmarking Machine William Barry

  • This is not a picture of the machine, but the stamp it puts on envelopes and packages before they are sent.

25. Light Bulb Filament Lewis Howard Latimer 26. Worlds First Blood Bank Dr. Charles Drew

  • Found a way to preserve and store blood

27. Open Heart Surgery Dr. Daniel Hale Williams

  • Performed the first open heart surgery