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<p>INVENTIONS AND DISCOVERIESTHAT CHANGED THE WORLD</p> <p>What is an invention?</p> <p> -Creation of a new material, a new process,a new use for an existing material or any improvements of any of these. </p> <p> Wheel Telephone </p> <p> Printing Internet </p> <p>What is a discovery?</p> <p>-Finding, meeting, demonstration of what was hidden or secret or was unknown.</p> <p> Fire Penicillin</p> <p> X- Rays Electricity</p> <p> ADN</p> <p>What is the difference between an invention and discovery?</p> <p> An invention is an artificial creation, by humans,that didn't exist in the past.And a descovery is something that humans find in the nature , and they use it. </p> <p>Yanna Robles Troyano<br />Tania Snchez Jimnez</p>