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intrusion detection


<p>BY P.SHEETHAL 09321F0050</p> <p>ABSTRACT Intrusion detection plays an important role in the area of</p> <p>security in WSN (wireless sensor n/w). Detection of any type of intruder is essential in case of WSN. WSN consumes a lot of energy to detect an intruder. Therefore</p> <p>we derive an algorithm for energy efficient external and</p> <p>internal intrusion detection. This paper considers single sensingand multi sensing intruder detection models.</p> <p>SYSTEM ANALYSIS</p> <p>EXISTING SYSTEM single-sensing detection, the intruder can be successfully</p> <p>detected by a single sensor Previous work was according to homogeneous single sensor in wireless sensor network It is because individual sensors can only sense a portion of the</p> <p>intruder.</p> <p>PROPOSED SYSTEM Intrusion detection in heterogeneous WSNs by characterizing</p> <p>intrusion detection with respect to the network parameters.</p> <p>Two detection models are:Single-sensing detection Multiple-sensing detection models These are two detection models</p> <p>We are detecting the intruder both single sensor and multiple sensor heterogeneous wireless sensor network.</p> <p>MODULES Constructing Sensor Network Packet Creation Find authorized and un authorized port Constructing Inter-Domain Packet Filters Receiving the valid packet</p> <p>HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS PROCESSOR RAM MONITOR HARD DISK CDDRIVE</p> <p>:: : : :</p> <p>PENTIUM IV 2.6 GHz512 MB DD RAM 15 COLOR 20 GB LG 52X</p> <p> KEYBOARD MOUSE</p> <p>::</p> <p>STANDARD 102 KEYS3 BUTTONS</p> <p>SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS FRONT END TOOL USED OPERATING SYSTEM</p> <p>: Java: Jframe Builder : Windows Xp</p> <p>SYSTEM DESIGN</p> <p>DATA FLOW DIAGRAMS Homogeneous WSNRec1 Rec 3</p> <p>Detector</p> <p>Rec 2 Source</p> <p>Filter</p> <p>Heterogeneous WSNDetec1 S1 A</p> <p>Detec2</p> <p>B</p> <p>S2</p> <p>Detec3</p> <p>Data FlowC</p> <p>Sending packet from source S to D</p> <p>Intruder</p> <p>UML DiagramsUSECASE DIAGRAM</p> <p>select a file</p> <p>sender select the receiver reveiver.</p> <p>check for the intrudor Detector.</p> <p>send the file</p> <p>CLASS DIAGRAM</p> <p>SEQUENCE DIAGRAMsender detector Receiver</p> <p>select a file</p> <p>send the file to the selected reciever</p> <p>check for the intruder</p> <p>file is send</p> <p>COLLABORATION DIAGRAM1: select a file 3: check for the intruder</p> <p>2: send the file to the selected reciever sender detector</p> <p>4: file is send</p> <p>Receiver</p> <p>ACTIVITY DIAGRAMsource</p> <p>select a file</p> <p>select a receiver</p> <p>detector</p> <p>Intrusion Detect Receiver If Intrusion is not Detected</p> <p>SRS</p> <p>SDLC</p> <p>Output Screens</p> <p>Source</p> <p>Detector</p> <p>Receiver</p> <p>packet sending from source to detector</p> <p>intruder has been detected</p> <p>Packet sending from source to receiver1</p> <p>Packet sending from source to receiver2</p> <p>Packet sending from source to receiver3</p> <p>single sensing detection</p> <p>CONCLUSION This Project speaks about the minimization of external</p> <p>intrusion detection in an energy efficient way and probability of intrusion detection in a heterogeneous WSN deployed in a two dimensional space. This probability gives an insight in to the required number of sensors in a given deployment, their sensing and transmission range to efficiently detect an intruder in a given WSN. We have developed an analytical model for intrusion detection and applied the same into single-sensing detection and multisensing detection scenarios for heterogeneous WSNs. The correctness of analytical model is proved by simulation.</p> <p>THANK YOUAny Query?</p>