introduction to the ipod touch. ipod touch this is the ipod touch!

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  • Introduction to the iPod Touch
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  • iPod Touch This is the iPod Touch!
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  • Turning On the iPod To turn the iPod Touch on, click on the Home button at the bottom It the iPod Touch does not turn on, hold down the power button for about 1 second.
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  • Getting Ready to Use the iPod Slide the arrow at the bottom to unlock the iPod. If the iPod screen goes black, press the home button (the circle at the bottom) to see what is on the screen again.
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  • Finding Apps To get to the app you want to use, swipe the screen until you see the page with the app on it. You will not use any apps on the first page today.
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  • Using Apps To choose an app, click on the apps icon to start it up. Follow the directions to begin using the app. Just touch the screen to click on things!
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  • Adjusting the Volume To adjust the volume, click the volume up and volume down buttons on the left side of the iPod. Your teacher may or may not give you headphones to use.
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  • Finishing Using an App If you are finished using an app, click on the home button to go back to the main pages of the iPod. Then you can select another app to use.
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  • Putting the iPod to Sleep When it is time to put the iPod to sleep, first click the home button. Then click the power button to put it to sleep.
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  • Turning Off the iPod If you are supposed to turn the iPod completely off, first click the home button. Then hold down the power button for a few seconds. Finally, slide the red arrow to the right to power off the iPod.
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  • iPod Rules 1. Touch only the iPod that is assigned to you. 2. Stay seated at your table when using your iPod. (If you have to leave your table for any reason, give your iPod to librarian.) 3. Use only the iPod apps that you are told to use. Never use the first page of the iPod. 4. Treat your iPod carefully. 5. When you are given a direction regarding your iPod, follow it immediately. If you do not follow these rules, or if you have inappropriate behavior, you may lose your right to use the iPod.
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