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<ol><li> 1. You have been called to play... </li><li> 2. Character Classes </li><li> 3. Heale rs Have higher HP so they can help others, but </li><li> 4. Healer Powers Heal team members Bring team members back from the Book of Laments Control the classroom environment Can ask the game master for help during assessments </li><li> 5. Explain to your partner why a healer will be helpful to your team. </li><li> 6. Mage s Have the most AP, but the least HP </li><li> 7. Mage Powers Gives energy (AP) to others Can shield other players from attack Control access to the bathroom Can get hints from Game Master for the whole team during assessments </li><li> 8. Explain to your partner why a mage will be helpful to your team. </li><li> 9. Warri ors Have the most HP, but the least AP </li><li> 10. Warrior Powers Can protect team members from attack by taking damage Controls access to snacks Can work with partners and/or give team ability to work with partners on by yourself assignments Can get cheat sheets for tests </li><li> 11. Explain to your partner why a warrior will be helpful to your team. </li><li> 12. Rules of the Game </li><li> 13. XP (experience points) </li><li> 14. HP (health points) </li><li> 15. AP (action points) AP is energy. </li><li> 16. Explain to your partner the difference between XP, HP, and AP. </li><li> 17. Gold Players earn gold when the level up. Gold can be spent on pets, who can then perform missions for you to earn more gold. Players can also spend gold to customize their costumes and equipment. Power Points Players gain power points every time they level up. Each power costs a certain number of power points. Collaborative powers are the most helpful to your team. </li><li> 18. Teamwork and Strategy </li><li> 19. Importance of the TeamCollaborative powers are the most important powers to gain. You rely on your team to succeed in the game. Healers, mages, and warriors all have powers that can be gained and used to protect team members. </li><li> 20. A Strategy for SuccessBecause you are working as a team, you need to make sure that you have all three types of characters represented. The best formula is to have an even number of healers, mages, and warriors. Without all of the character classes, your team will NOT succeed. </li><li> 21. The Need for a LeaderMany decisions will need to be made as a group. However, some decisions will have to be made quickly and you may not have time for discussion. Other times, you may be unable to reach an agreement as a group. For this reason, it is helpful to select a team leader. </li><li> 22. How many character classes should be present on each team? </li><li> 23. Your task is to work together as a team to decide character classes and choose a </li><li> 24. The Game Master </li><li> 25. The Game MasterMrs. Pack is the Game Master. She has ultimate control over the game and decides when to award XP and when to subtract HP. She also uses the Wheel of Destiny, generates The Daily Event, and keeps track of the Book of Laments. </li><li> 26. The Wheel of Destiny randomly selects an individual student or team to meet their fate. </li><li> 27. The Daily Event determines game play for the day. It may have positive or negative effects on the game. </li><li> 28. The Book of Laments is where fallen characters wait to be revived and restored to game play. </li><li> 29. Explain to your partner who the Game Master is and what the Game </li><li> 30. Falling in Battle </li><li> 31. Falling in Battle When players lose all of the HP (health points), they have fallen in battle. Their name is recorded in the Book of Laments. Players can only escape if they are revived by a team member or if they perform a consequence given by the Game Master. </li><li> 32. Consequences of FallingWhen a player is revived, he or she will only have 1 HP. If a team member had the power to revive a player, but chose NOT to use it, every other member of the team loses 10 HP. </li><li> 33. Game Masters Consequences Amnesia. You are unable to use powers for a week. Banishment. You have been exiled to the Isle of Isolation! No communication with your team. Dramatically plea for mercy from the Game Master at the start of class. Immobilized. You lose all of your remaining AP. Mind Control. You are the Game Masters minion for two days. Roar. Act like a velociraptor dinosaur as you walk around the room. Stop at a random teams table and roar at them. Do it convincingly. Salutations. You must stand and salute the Game Master every time they talk to you. </li><li> 34. How does the Game Master choose the consequence?The Game Master will roll the dice next to the Book of Laments to find out what your consequence, or sentence, will be. </li><li> 35. Pets and Pet Quests </li><li> 36. Players train pets to accomplish quests and earn gold. Each player begins with one pet, but you may purchase additional pets with gold that you earn. </li><li> 37. Class Protocol for Game Play </li><li> 38. When class begins, the Game Master will start game play by selecting The Daily Event. </li><li> 39. The Game Master will award XP and subtract HP throughout the class period each day. </li><li> 40. Players may only send pets on quests, equip characters, and check the leaderboard (class progress) during free time or when all other </li><li> 41. At home, players may customize their character, perform quests with their pets, and complete tasks in the Interactive Class </li><li> 42. Players may earn additional XP during Studio Time by completing assignments in the Interactive Class </li><li> 43. If any player is found accessing equipment, pets, or the leaderboard when they are supposed to be doing something else, </li><li> 44. Players have free play time during the last 5 minutes of class, when announced by the Game Master. </li><li> 45. No game play is allowed when there is a substitute. This will result is -15HP upon the Game Masters return. </li><li> 46. The Teams and Their Crests </li><li> 47. The Legendary Philosoph ers </li><li> 48. The Legendary Philosophers 1. Cerwin 2. Christina 3. Liana 4. Jesus 5. Lily 6. Ciarla 1. Drew 2. Marcos 3. Alexa 4. Yaireli 5. Jayden 6. Ethane </li><li> 49. The Illustrious Luminarie s </li><li> 50. The Illustrious Luminaries 1. Tabatha 2. Damian 3. David 4. Jeremy 5. Sabrina 6. Ana 1. Marissa 2. Jonathan 3. Kaylin 4. Zac 5. Juan 6. Samantha </li><li> 51. The Prestigiou s </li><li> 52. The Prestigious Masterminds 1. Haylee 2. Brennen 3. Brayan 4. Devinzo 5. Alexander 6. Danessa 7. Alexis 1. John 2. Genesis G. 3. Sherwin 4. Erin 5. Chrislyn 6. Jahir </li><li> 53. The Distinguish ed Scholars </li><li> 54. The Distinguished Scholars 1. Mackenna 2. Nalissa 3. Brandon G. 4. Jimmy 5. Faith 6. Israel 7. Gabriel S. 1. Saul 2. Francesca 3. Jordan 4. Ryan 5. Genesis P. 6. Eric </li><li> 55. The Golden Bookwor ms </li><li> 56. The Golden Bookworms 1. Charlee 2. Sarah 3. Gabriel G. 4. Brandon H. 5. Litzy 6. Eduardo 1. Nic 2. Jacob 3. Haley 4. Alan 5. Kayla </li><li> 57. Before we can begin... </li><li> 58. Every player must sign the Hero </li></ol>