introduction to benin this term we have been learning all about benin. all of the work you are about...

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Y5’S BENIN PPT YAY! Introduction to Benin

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Y5S BENIN PPT yay!Introduction to Benin

OBOKHIAN (WELCOME)This term we have been learning all about Benin. All of the work you are about to see is written by and stars year 5.

Now we hope you enjoy!Timeline

Warrior research

Benin Traditional masks


Where is Benin?

This is not where the Benin empire wasThis is where the Benin empire was

Who were the people of Benin?

The people of Benin were the Edo people from West Africa. They spoke the Edo language.

There are no written records to document Benins early history. Many stories are traditional and mythical ones that involve magic and gods.

It started of as a small kingdom then soon became very powerful and started trading with the Europeans. The Empire of Benin survived for just under 1000 years.

In AD 900 The Vikings were invading BritainIn 1066 England was conquered by the FrenchIn 1415 Henry V defeated the FrenchHenry 8th died in 1547BENIN EMPIREslavery was abolished in 1807

and still the Benin empire continued!

Benin ObasHere is some information about Benin Obas.They were the kings of BeninThey owned lots of land and goldThey were loads of servants and farmers that worked for themThey wore expensive clothes and jewellery.They had very powerful armies and had a very big empire.

The Facts Who A rich village vs. a poor village. Poor Village Zane, Pamusa, KayonRich Village Millo, Bradley, BixWhy The Poor village is trying to get gold.When 1376 AD.

An Ode to the ObasTRADE

Who traded with Benin?Lots of countries traded with Benin such as England and Portugal.

Trade = battleTrade was a very fair but it actually led to Benins destruction. Apparently a British soldier stole something and it meant war.

World of trade

Benin tradedElephant tusks (Ivory)SlavesWeaponsFoodWoodMaterialsClothesJewelry Rubber

Benin received Guns (weapons)Armor FoodBrass

Slavery in BeninWelcome to our slavery in Benin sketch. It is a debate about if slavery is illegal in a court room.

Did you know?Benin sold 3000 slaves a year to the europeans.Neighbouring territories were often sold as slaves to the portuguese traders.Benin sold slaves to make a lot of money and to make their land more powerful.

Now we are going to act out a courtroom sceneBy the way we made it ourselves. Now sit back and enjoy!

By: Betty, Renee, Sienna and deavian.

what is BeninFamous for?

How Long Did Benin Last? One of the reasons reason that Benin is so famous is how long it lasted for. It lasted nearly 1000 years!

The Oba The Oba was the king of Benin. The most famous and the greatest Oba was Oba Ewuare the Great 1440AD-1473AD.And his son won 52 battles .... when he was the Oba!

Art Benin's artwork was great. They could do many types of art like masks, animals and statues. Most of their artworks were made of brass.

32Here are more artworks from Benin

War Benin was really powerful when it comes to war. And when they traded for guns thats when their army got extreme and they won hundreds of battles literally!

This part was by Joel

The Igue Festival

How did trade lead to war?By 1897, Britain needed lots of rubber from Benin, but they didnt want to pay for it.

Benin wanted to stop trading, because they were worried that the British army was getting too strong.

Britain said they wanted to trade, but they actually wanted complete control of Benin.

Why was Benin destroyed in 1897?1,200 British soldiers attacked Benin in revenge for losing a battle against the Benin army.

Why was Benin destroyed in 1897?British troops captured, burned, and looted Benin City, bringing to an end the west African Kingdom of Benin.

As a result much of the country's art, including the Benin Bronzes, was either destroyed or stolen.