introduction to a8520e24axx purepath uncompressed wireless audio module

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Texas Instruments PurePath wireless audio is a crystal clear, flexible, low-cost wireless audio solution. Anaren has developed the easiest, fastest way to bring your wireless product to market using TI's PurePath. Check out this guide for more information.


  • 1. Introduction to A8520E24Axx PurePathUncompressed Wireless Audio modulePresented to: Web AudienceBy: Mark Bowyer Date: August 2011

2. What is TIsPurePathwireless audio? 3. High-quality, wireless audio from TI Crystal-clear sound No unwanted noise or drop-outs Lower latency than BT and WiFi Stereo audio up to 48 kHz, 16 bits Full CD quality sound Robust RF link can co-exist withBluetooth, WiFi, other 2.4GHz devices Fast time-to-market No SW development required audioprotocol built in Applications designs provided Easy-to-use designers tool Flexible, low cost solution Seamless connection and control of selected TI audio codecs,DACs/ADCs and digital audio amplifiers using I2S and I2C Data channel (for example, remote control) A platform that enables multiple applications 4. PurePath FW Releases 1.0 (June 2010) Audio I/O I2S 1 Master 1 Slave Omni directional from master to slave 1.1 (June 2011) Audio I/O I2S 1 Master 2 Slave Omni directional from master to slaves 1.2 (August 2011) Audio I/O I2S 1 Master 2 Slave Bi-directional from master to slaves and slaves to master 5. Anaren tools: A8520E24A91-EM2 6. TI support tools: CC85xxDK 2 x Purepath Wireless AudioEB 1x CC Debugger 2 x CC85xxEM 2 x CC85xx+CC2590EM 2 x 2.4 GHz Antennas Cables Documentation Lets you evaluate CC8520 for wireless audio applications; audiointerfaces include: S/PDIF optical + coax input/output line input/output, headphone output microphone input A TLV320AIC3101 audio codec is mounted on the Audio EB board --but also has connectors to plug into most TI Codecs Works with PurePath Wireless Configurator PCtool (next screen) 7. TI support tools: PurePathWireless Configurator PC tool to configure the CC8520 After a series of options are configured, generates a HEX fileto be downloaded to CC8520 flash Currently a Beta:- check for updates at!- final release will be June 2011 and to include support formore audio CODECs & features needed for production test- TI does not recommend going into mass production withfirmware images generated by PPWC Beta 8. OK, so what isthe A8520E24R91AIR modulewith PurePathwireless audio? 9. What is (AIR)?Easiest, fastest, most-elegantway to make your product wireless Anaren Integrated Radios 10. AIR A8520Exx overviewUnder $15 in 10,000 pcs quantities, with range extender Features CC8520 SOC and CC2591 Range Extender FCC & IC certified, shielded package Operates at 2.4GHz Integral antenna Low-power RF Tiny 11 x 19 x 2.5mm footprint & low-profile Surface-mount / tape & reel radio module Virtually no RF engineering experience required Low power consumption 87dBm sensitivity, 16dBm output power 150m line-of-site range; range throughmultiple walls (typ. 30m in-door) 11. Applications includeWireless earphonesWireless microphones& instrument hook-ups(?) Among countless othersWireless speakersWireless headsets 12. Documentation & development toolsProduct briefEM boards fully compatible with TIs CC85xxDK (previously discussed, slide #6)User GuideAIR-proprietary USB & range-testing dashboard coming soon! 13. Choice of packaging Tape & reelCarrier tray 14. Choice of distribution Global Global US only 15. Speaking of reach, more about us Founded in 1967 Provider of integrated microwavetechnology to wireless,space & defense $168M annualnet sales 60% S&D -- 40% Wireless Approx 1100 employees 5 global mfg locations 5 global sales officesR&D/Manufacturing Regional Sales OfficesDistribution> Anaren, Inc. (HQ) Syracuse, NY> East-coast E. Syracuse, NY> Avnet Phoenix, AZ> Anaren Ceramics, Inc. Salem, NH > West-coast Sacramento, CA 268 locations, 70 countries> Anaren Communications Suzhou, China > EU Hampshire, England > Arrow Electronics> MSK Syracuse, NY> Asia Suzhou & Shenzhen, China 310 locations, 51 countries> Unicircuit Littleton, CO> Mouser IncGlobal web-based solution 16. Thank you for your time! 17. Thank you for your time!Click the link on the Brainsharkdashboard to visit the Anaren AIRhomepage!


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