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Lucas Jellema AMIS – SOA Suite & BPM Suite 12c Launch Event, 17th July 2014 Introducing: Oracle Fusion Middleware 12.1.3 SOA Suite 12c & BPM Suite 12c

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Overview of Oracle FMW release 12.1.3 in general and about SOA Suite and BPM Suite 12c in particular. Highlights important new features and cross product themes (such as productivity, industrialization, ease of getting started and more). Some topics: Service Bus Pipeline, Native Format transformation, XQuery support, BAM new style, Key Performance and Risk Indicators,...


  • 1. Lucas Jellema AMIS SOA Suite & BPM Suite 12c Launch Event, 17th July 2014 Introducing: Oracle Fusion Middleware 12.1.3 SOA Suite 12c & BPM Suite 12c

2. Overview Release 12c Fusion Middleware 12c WebLogic, ADF, Coherence, ODI, Enterprise Data Quality JDeveloper Identity & Access Management WebCenter Content & Portal SOA Suite 12c BPM Suite 12c 3. C is for Complete Complementary Cloud Consolidation Container Crowd Control Core Central 4. 4 Cloud Integration with the Cloud Cloud Adapters REST/JSON Support MFT for exchanging documents to and from the cloud Deployment on the (public) Cloud Planned: iPaaS BPM Cloud Service WebLogic as a Service Manage as a Cloud Platform Private cloud too 5. Copyright 2012, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Insert Information Protection Policy Classification from Slide 135 Cloud Strategy 6. 6 Oracle Process Cloud Service Orchestrate processes on Oracle Public Cloud Tightly integrated with Fusion HCM Integrates with other applications/services via REST Leverages other PaaS including Document Cloud Services 7. Copyright 2014 Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. | Process Cloud Service Process Cloud Workspace Simplified & Tailored UI Intuitive, Easy to Organize Task List Batch Approvals Drill down into process instance Start a process Vacation, Delegation Rules Oracle Confidential Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted7 End User Intuitive, Highly Productive UIs Mobile Workforce Productivity Task Approvals including Batch Comments, Attachments Contacts Integration Offline Mode 8. Copyright 2014 Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. | Agility & Control Reassign/Delegate Change in-flight processes Change Business Rules on the fly Tracking & Troubleshoot Receive Alerts on misbehaving processes Guided Troubleshooting for fast resolution Oracle Confidential Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted8 Process Cloud Service Process Cloud Workspace Process Owner, Admin Visibility, Agility, Control & Self Service Visibility Business friendly Audit trial Process Health Dashboards Process Bottleneck Detection (Tasks/People) Process Trending Reports 9. Copyright 2014 Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. | Process Cloud Service Process Cloud Composer Rapid Process Application Automation Business friendly tool for rapid, collaborative process development Design processes, rules, forms, & data Complete Lifecycle Management Play, Publish, Deploy, Un-deploy, Redeploy, Suspend, Resume, Retire, Side-by-side deployment, Role Mapping, Configuration, Business ParametersOracle Confidential Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted9 Designer Rapid composition and Complete Lifecycle Management 10. Copyright 2014 Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. | Early access to Oracle Process Cloud Service in Dec 2014 Influence product direction & roadmap Let us know if you are interested Oracle Process Cloud Service Early Adopter Program 11. 11 Consolidation Merge Oracle Service Bus into SOA Suite One IDE (JDeveloper) One run time operational console (Enterprise Manager FMW Control) Consolidate into one IDE OSB OEP (fka CEP) Rationalize features Reduce duplication and confusion Share and Leverage back and forth BAM: OEP, ADF, Coherence Design Time MDS XQuery and DVM JCA Adapters OEP and EDN Coherence Adapter (Service Result Cache for SCA Composites) Mediator Resequencer engine in SB Replacing BPA with Business Architecture modeling support in BPM Composer 12. 12 Layered architecture Data Business User & Application Interface 13. 13 BPM Suite and SOA Suite in Layered architecture Data Business User & Application Interface Business 14. 14 BPM and SOA Suite in Layered architecture Data Business User & Application Interface Business User Engagement Identity Management Business Process Management Content Management Business Intelligence Service Integration Data Integration Development Tools Cloud Application Foundation Enterprise Management Web Social Mobile Business Innovation Platform 15. Fusion Middleware Areas of Investment Mobile Computing Cloud Computing Business User Empowerment Internet of Things Engineered SystemsBig Data/Fast Data 16. 23 SOA Suite & BPM Suite Release 12c Themes Cloud Consolidation Productivity Functionality Industrialization / Maturity 17. 24 Productivity Quick Startup Quick development round trips Ease of SB development through Pipelines Enable/Disable activity (in Service Bus) Reuse through Templates and BPEL Sub Process Share resources through Design Time MDS [some] Refactoring support Debugging Testing Improved wizards and property editors Support for XSLT templates (in Mapper) Support for XQuery Libraries Business User friendly Business Rule editing in run time Composer 18. 25 Functionality New and improved adapters LDAP Coherence Cloud (SalesForce, RightNow, Taleo, Custom) UMS Business Architecture modeling Enhanced Case Management features Native Format Transformation Enterprise Scheduler REST and JSON support OEP integration with EDN SOA Composite and BPM Process Analytics out of the box Groovy Scripting in BPM BPM Solution Accelerators (pka Process Accelerators) 19. 26 Maturity (Industrialization) Scalability, Stability, Performance Reliable Event Delivery Network Improved purging infrastructure Optimized Memory Usage & Modularity [Profiles] Lazy loading of deployed composites Workload management Improved database schema (SOA Infra) Self Tuning Threading Model End-to-end visibility of components and transactions Diagnosability in EM FMW Control Improved End to End instance trace Create Composite Sensors at Run Time Use Enterprise Scheduler to schedule administrative operations Bulk recovery, toggle inbound adapters Finer grained EM Authorization Model Continuous Integration with Maven & Hudson 20. 27 Fusion Middleware 12.1.3 Also available WebLogic 12.1.3 ADF 12.1.3 Coherence 12.1.3 JDeveloper 12.1.3 ODI & Enterprise Data Quality 12.1.3 Enterprise Manager FMW Control Not yet: WebCenter IdM BI User Engagement Identity Management Business Process Management Content Management Business Intelligence Service Integration Data Integration Development Tools Cloud Application Foundation Enterprise Management Web Social Mobile 21. 28 Some FMW 12.1.3 highlights WebLogic More Java EE 7 support: JSON-P, JAX-RS 2.0, JPA 2.1, JASPIC, WebSockets, SSE Maven support TopLink Data Service Spring 4.x support, OSGi support Zip only distribution for ease of installation Coherence Memcached protocol JVisualVM (dashboard) Asynchronous Entry Processors ADF Data Visualization (custom map, diagram, gauges, rating, client side charting,) Maven support (!) Deck component Groovy Debugging 22. 29 New approach to online documentation 23. 30 BPM Suite 12c 24. Manage flexible and unstructured work User-driven case progression Adaptive Case Management Leverage best practices for implementing BPM Reduce time to solution with pre-built processes and components New Process Accelerators Enhanced Process Composer Ease of analysis: Model & Simulate Ease of creation: Web Forms and data Ease of discovery: Process Player Oracle BPM MORE BUSINESS DRIVEN, MORE COMPLETE 25. Business Driven Modeling Business analysts can capture the process Or import existing process from Visio etc. Share models & collaborate Optimize with Simulation Create & manage business rules Model to Execution in Process Composer 26. Case Management with Oracle BPM Suite 11g Adaptive Case Management is a Built-in Feature Of BPM Supporting Flexible, Unstructured, and User-driven Case Progression 27. Case Management UI and Accelerators Accelerators: a. Insurance Claims Management b. Complaints Management 28. 35 Key Objectives for BPM 12.1.3 Simplify Make it really simple for business users by providing a business-friendly web-based composer that allows business users to model, simulate, optimize deploy and execute business processes Provide business-friendly mobile and web applications Provide out-of-the-box process and case analytics Manage by exception Accelerate time to value with intelligent process solutions Allow modeling of structured as well as unstructured processes Provide integrated decision management Complete Unified Platform Provide a complete unified platform spanning systems, decisions, documents and events A common platform for executing and managing structured as well as unstructured processes 29. BPM 12.1.3 Highlights Business Architecture Enhanced BAM Developer Productivity Mobile BPM 10g (BEA ALBPM) to 12c migration ACM improvements Solution or Process Accelerators 30. Business Architecture A blueprint of the enterprise that provides a common understanding of the organization and is used to align strategic objectives with initiatives and projects Goals, Objectives & Strategies (Why?) Value Chains & Projects (How?) Metrics & Measures (How well ?) Strategic Alignment Organization (Who & Where?) 31. Process Hierarchy Level 0-3 Business Function Decomposition of processes Drill-down and drill-up across the levels Linkages can exist across BA and BPM Projects Enterprise Process Map Value Chain Models BPMN Process Models 32. Strategy Model Captures Goals, Objectives, Strategies and their relationships Strategy model is a tree and each node is non-repeating Strategies can be linked to Value Chains 33. Value Chain KPI Report Based on Roll-up KPIs Develop Vision & Strategy Define the business concept and long term vision Design and develop product and products and services Design products and services Market and sell products and services Develop marketing and distribution and event Develop business strategy Develop and manage sales Manage strategic initiatives Manage advertising, pricing and promotions Manage sales partners and alliances Manage sales opportunity and sales pipeline Deliver products and services Plan for and acquire necessary resources Procure materials and services Produce, manufacture and deliver products Deliver product services to customer Manage logistics and warehouse 34. More Business Friendly Rules Authoring Business friendly phrases contextual and localizable Author decision tables in Excel and import/export from Composer 35. Re-architected BAM Active-active high availability Coherence used for report and metadata cache Cross browser support with ADF data visualization Continuous query processing with built in OEP Tightly integrated with BI KPI 36. Richer Process Analytics Rich out-of-box dashboards for analysis and monitoring bottlenecks, productivity, inflow and outflow, work distribution, etc. Unified Process Cubes across BPM & SOA Include BI dashboards in same report 37. Richer Alerts with Continuous Queries Template driven business friendly authoring 7 templates including trend analysis, moving aggregates, etc. Key performance and risk indicators Daisy-chained alerts Manage by exceptions with watchlists 38. 45 Mobile iPad-targeted app for BPM Task management Supports off-line mode In 12c: REST APIs that allow easy development of custom apps mobile or otherwise 39. 46 ACM Improvements Case relationships support for run time linking of cases as sub-cases, duplicates, dependents etc. Sub-cases can also be defined at design-time Milestones with due dates are used to mark the progression of a case in case a milestone crosses the due date an event is raised Out of the box Case Analytics 40. Developer Productivity Integrated Debugger for process execution Continuous Integration Quick Developer Install Visual Diff/Merge for process imported into JDeveloper (BPM Studio) from Process Composer Migration Tools Benefits from JDeveloper and SOA Suite enhancements BPM application == SOA [SCA] Composite 41. Developer Productivity & Functionality Groovy Scripting Script tasks Business Object methods Business Object inheritance Business Parameters set from Workspace Like constants across all process instances Any change takes immediate effect Skip [to next activity in main flow] when an exception occurs Suspend main flow, run alternative flow [and possibly resume] [No] support [yet] for Process Templates 42. When you are on BPM 10g 12c is also migration target for 10g customers 43. Solution Accelerators 44. LoB Selling with Oracle Solution Accelerators Public Sector Financial Services Horizontal Travel Request Management Document Routing and Approval Internal Service Request Employee Onboarding Loan Origination Financial Reports Approval Incident Reporting eForms Management Business Account Opening Insurance Claims Management Insurance Policy Underwriting Telecom Mobile Data Offloading Correspondence Management Contract Management Customer Onboarding Application Extensions: Siebel, PeopleSoft, EBS, RightNow, Fusion Available Now Licensing and Permits Next Release Complaints Management 45. Using ACM to deliver Business Value: Insurance Claims Management Showcase ACM support for knowledge worker-driven, content-rich scenarios Adaptive set of activities Milestones at-a-glance Summary Status Fraud Likelihood Rich business object data 46. 53 SOA Suite 12c 47. 54 SOA Suite 12c 48. 55 Service Bus 12c SCA Integrated Design Time in JDeveloper Run Time administration in Enterprise Manager FMW Control Service Bus Does not support SCA, Fault Policies, EDN, Composite Sensors, (detailed) Flow Trace, run time MDS, SCA Composite deployment plan Full support for XSLT (Mapper), JCA Adapters, Domain Value Maps, Xref functions Use EM FMW Control for monitoring Message Reports & SLA/Pipeline Alerts Share custom XPath functions Also: run time Service Bus Console for configuration & development 49. B Typical Service Implementation in SOA Suite 12c Consu mer D E Service Bus SOA Composite PL PL BSProxy S R R BR BPEL JDeveloper WebLogic & Enterprise Management FMW Control Proxy 50. Oracle Event Processor (OEP) SOA Suite 12c on WebLogic Server 12c WebLogic Server SOA Suite 12c SOA Composite WS*, Java/Java EE & ADF apps SB Service Adapters Java EE services++ Cache, Messaging, Timers, Work Managers, Enterprise Manager FMW Control Composers Run time editing of business rules, task definitions, sensors, domains, Managed File Server (MFT) Business Activity Monitor (BAM) 51. Flow Trace with SOA Composites and Service Bus Shows individual state of components in a transaction Easy to Identify recovered instances Service Bus is now visible in end-to-end flow trace 52. 59 Service Bus Pipeline Proxy Service has been split into two components: Proxy Service Pipeline (and possibly multiple pipelines) 53. 60 Pipeline details 54. 61 Run or Debug pipeline directly from JDeveloper 55. 62 Pipeline details 56. 63 Composite Service Bus project 57. Pipeline Templates and Placeholders Pipelines templates can be used to design prototype flows for proxy services Concrete pipeline inherits the message flow from pipeline template Placeholders where modifications may be placed in the pipeline template 58. SOA Design-Time MDS Repository: Share artifacts within & across applications Wizard to share design time artifacts such as WSDLs and Schemas Moves the artifacts and its dependencies to Design-Time MDS (viz. schema with WSDL) Updates all the references to the transferred artifacts with MDS URLs on transfer 59. 66 Native Format Translation File Adapter can do translation from and to CSV and Positional File Format XML In 12c both Service Bus (Pipeline activity) and Mediator (step in Routing Rule) can perform such native to XML vv. transformation The contents from an XML element can be converted to XML itself (and vv.) The contents from an outbound HTTP call or Adapter action can be turned into XML 60. 67 Mobile & User Interface oriented architecture Data Business User Interface WOA/MOA SOA UI (MVC) 61. OA Mobile Application (native/HTML 5 app) Web 2.0/Ajax Rich UI Browser application WOA/MOA (RESTful, JSON) Service & Process Bus (WS*, SOAP, XML) Portlet Container/ UI Service Bus UI services JDBC, RMI, HTTP HTTPS, Email, VPN, HTTP HTTP Full Service Bus (WS*, SOAP, XML) UI services xOA 62. 69 Challenges and Requirements for WOA/MOA REST & JSON for easy access Caching to handle the load and provide 24/7 availability mismatch between UI and back end Filter data - at right level data context/authorization Minimize number of network requests Invoke presentation services rather than accessing entity service Handle Offline/Online synchronization Support push notifications Personal cloud for user specific data and cross device experience Preferences and customizations, search & navigation history, in flight transactions 63. 70 Implementing the WOA/MOA backend with SOA Suite Oracle Service Bus SOA Suite (SCA engine) Result Cache JPAADF BC DC DC DC JAX-RS JAX-RS REST request 64. 71 Implementing the WOA/MOA backend with SOA Suite Oracle Service Bus SOA Suite (SCA engine) Result Cache JPAADF BC DC DC DC JAX-RS JAX-RS Request Interpreter JSON processor Messaging Proxy REST verb Messaging Proxy Service HTTP Verb handler URL & Request interpreter JSON XML Xformer REST request Caching with preset expiry time Same steps to invoke REST Composite Service BPEL process to orchestrate business services 65. 72 Mobile Enablement in SOA Suite 12c 66. 73 Implementing the WOA/MOA backend with SOA Suite 12c Oracle Service Bus SOA Suite (SCA engine) Result Cache JPAADF BC DC DC DC JAX-RS JAX-RS JSON processor Native REST REST verb Expose any pipeline as REST Declarative REST verb processing + map to request Native, declarative JSON XML REST request Fine Grained, directly accessible cache Declarative calls to REST All REST & JSON + Coherence Adapter support also in SOA Composites Composite Service BPEL process to orchestrate business services OWSM policy for REST security 67. 74 SCA Composite BPEL Subprocess InlineSub Process Inline callable scope - with input and output parameters, access to global variables, recursive support and local variable context Create from existing Scope (convert to inline subprocess) Stand Alone Subprocess new SCA Component Type Can be invoked multiple times from different components 68. 75 SCA Composite Templates Templates at three levels: SOA Project Template Component Template Custom Activity Template Templates in SCA Composites are resuable snippets that are copied when used They lose their reference to their origin and updates to the template are not inherited Use them primarily for a quick start based on best practices Store in MDS and reuse for/in any application Component 69. Integration Debugger Same experience across BPEL, Service Bus Local or remote debugging View payloads (including non-XML) Set break points Change variables while debugging 70. 12c SOA Tester Develop & test without switching to EM Auto generate input message or load from sample Assert request, response, and fault messages Emulate response & fault messages Delayed emulation Accelerate execution using fast forwards 71. 12c Connectivity new adapters Cloud UMS (SMS, IM, Email) LDAP MSMQ Coherence 72. Oracle Cloud Adapter for Reduce Cloud Integration Complexity Graphical API discovery Security Session management Schemas Optimization of operations Inbound and outbound SDK to extend 73. 80 New SOA Suite products: ESS ESS Enterprise Scheduling Service Schedule jobs and monitor execution PL/SQL, EJB, Web Service, (local) Java, command line SOA Suite administrative operations: bulk recovery, bulk purge, enable/disable inbound adapter Integrates with BPEL: invoke ESS to schedule a job 74. Scheduling Fault Recovery Operations Bulk recovery/abort operations can be scheduled from error hospital Progress can be monitored from Enterprise Scheduler dashboard 75. 82 New SOA Suite products: MFT MFT Managed File Transfer Transfer files in a controlled way not through the SCA engine or Service Bus run time between a source and one or more targets core of MFT is an embedded sFTP/SSH service optimized for large files and supports HA cluster, PGP encryption, auditing and monitoring of files transfers are easily extensible using the pre/post processing framework file transfers can trigger a SOA Composite and a SOA Composite can engage an MFT operation Also integrates with B2B, ODI, Healthcare and others 76. 83 Summary Functionality, Industrialization, Productivity, Cloud, Consolidation & Mobile Most striking new features Quick Start (JDeveloper & Integrated WLS is all you need) Service Bus integrated into JDeveloper and Enterprise Manager FMW Control Templates, Debugging and Refactoring in SB and SOA composites Coherence and LDAP Adapter Enterprise Scheduler, Managed File Transfer Robust & reliable Event Delivery Network Improved Business metrics and BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) Mobile enablement & Cloud support through REST & JSON support Much improved IDE & run time UI (for example SOA Composer for Business Rules, JDeveloper IDE for Event Processing) Business Architecture modeling in BPM Composer After dinner: in-depth feature discussions and demonstrations