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<p>G.C.S.E. Film Studies</p> <p>G.C.S.E. Film StudiesFilm Editing and PitchSequencing - STARTERWork in groups on your table.Put the shots in orderYou have ten minutes and then you will feedback to the group.</p> <p>Consider what was discussed last weeks lesson on camera shots.Use what you learnt to put the shots into an order that convey meaning?Each shots cut should be for a reason</p> <p>Sequencing</p> <p>Todays ObjectivesWALTHow to use Final Cut Pro for editing.The importance of using sound and effects where needed to create meaning for the audience.What should be included in the pitch.WILFMUST complete the editing of your scene.SHOULD complete and develop and improve your storyboards.COULD Create a plan for you pitchOverview of the lessonThe lesson will be divided into two halves.2 members of the group will edit their scene.The other two members will finish their storyboards and begin plan for the pitch.</p> <p>You will then rotate mid-way through the lesson.StoryboardYou are now going to produce your storyboards using all the correct composition and framing.</p> <p>Storyboard You need to produce a storyboard of the scene you are going to produce, there should be at least twenty frames in the storyboard. These images should include any dialogue that you are going to use within the shot and also the movement of the shot e.g. pan, tilt or tracking shot. Use timings for how long each shot will last to identify that the scene is at least two minutes long.StoryboardingYou are going to create you boards using the template that will be given out. It should look similar to the one below.</p> <p>PitchThis is like a presentation where you will sell your idea to the class.You will need to create a presentation in powerpoint to go with the pitch in the background.You will all pitch individually.It is your idea that you are pitching, from these will be selected the best ideas to be made for production.PitchYou all have to pitch your idea of your film. The pitch should include the following information:</p> <p>A logline a one or two sentence summary of your films narrative.Genre what is the genre or sub-genre of the film?Narrative what happens in the story, give an overview of the whole film?Stars who would be in your film? Why would these stars be good in your movie? What is their appeal to the audience? Have they been in horror movies before?Target Audience who is the target audience for your film (age range, gender and socio-economic grouping)?Justification Why would your film appeal to the target audience?Overview of the scene you would produce for the film include the storyboard in your pitch, or show it to the audience.This information will be put back on the board after the edit demonstration.Example scenesHere are two examples of the pulp fiction sceneFINAL CUT PRODEMONSRATION OF HOW TO USE THE SOFTWARE</p> <p>Task1. Complete the edit of your scene.2. Complete amend and improve your storyboards3. Begin the plan and information to be included in your pitch.</p> <p>Note Pulp Fiction scenes will be screened next week if they are not finished and you wish to improve them the days available to use the computers are Thursday, Friday and Monday after school. </p> <p>THEY WILL ALL BE SHOWN AND GRADED ON WEDNESDAY</p>