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  • Creative CommandoesCreativity and Innovation Training with a Difference!

  • Puneet BhatnagarA Short Intro

    Puneet bhatnagar is undoubtedly the most inspiring,the most original Creativity and Innovation trainer in india.

    : Dhwani Mehta, Managing Director, Opportune Technologies

  • Puneet Bhatnagar is the chieffaculty at Creacos: TheCreative Commandoes.

    He is the creator of CreativeCommandoes Innovationtraining system.

    Puneet is an excellencemodeller.

    For more than 2 decades hestudied creative geniuses andculled out their creativeapproaches.

    He interacts with creativegeniuses one to one.Penetrates deep down intotheir creative psyche tounderstand their beliefsystems. Now he is writing adefinitive book on CreativeThinking as well.

    He is Co-founder of CreativityMission India, a non profitinitiative with a mission tomake India a creative powerhouse.

    He is also creative consultantto world renownedMumbai Dabbawala.

    Puneet BhatnagarA Short Intro

  • The Creative Commandoestraining System works for allindustries. Because the deepercreative principles remains thesame.

    Puneet has trained almost allindustries. From Manufacturingto consultancy. Media to ITservices.

    As the Chief Trainer atCreative Commandoes,Puneet has trained thousandsof participants.

    From CEOs to Engineers.From News Editors toCreative Artists. From SalesExperts to HR Professionals.

    He is a rare blend of creativebrilliance and strategicthinking. That's why heconnects with all audiencesat a deeper level.

    MicroSaveMarket-led solutions for financial services

    Puneet BhatnagarA Short Intro

  • Puneet was Creative Head at Star news.He was part of the think tank thatlaunched Star News in Hindi.

    He envisioned the positioning for thechannel: Star News. Apko Rakhe Agey!

    Puneet Bhatnagar brings with him a rich experience of morethan 25 years. He worked at senior positions, rubbedshoulders with likes of James Murdoch and Big B. And manyothers.

    He led teams and cracked successful ideas under highpressure situations. Puneet's creative works won awards andalso find a proud place in the showcase of India advertising.

    He was Creative Director and a nationalresource at Bates Asia Mumbai.

    Here he worked on almost allcategories. Consumer durables toFMCG. Pesticiedes to Internalbranding. He worked with companieslike:

    Unilever, Nokia, Star Plus, Tata Salt,Onida to name a few.


    Puneet BhatnagarA Short Intro

  • Puneet Bhatnagar

    Star NewsApko Rakhe AgePuneet conceptualised thepositioning for the channel.Star News: Apko Rakhe Agey

    Tata namakMaine Desh Ka Namak Khaya Hai!The campaign which helped tataSalt consolidate its leadershipagainst new challengers.

    9 Baj Gaye Kya!9 Baj Gaye Kya!

    Kaun Banega Crorepati9 Baj Gaye Kya!It was the first season of KaunBanega Crorepati. And the 9 PMappintment viewing strategycreated wonders for theprogramme TRP.


    NokiaHar Jeb Me Rang!First time the colour display cameto Nokia entry level phones.A huge success.


  • We recently did a workshop with Puneet on Creativity and Innovation forour senior team.

    Puneet has an extremely engaging style of leading workshops, so thegroup participation is usually very high and involving. His exercises,games and tools can be applied to any industry or company.

    Subir Vyas, Associate Director - Human Capital at MicroSave.

    Puneet is genuinely keen to take India & the Indians to the pinnacle ofcreative training & education. He was, is and will be a lifelong learnerand trainer in all forms of creativity.

    Enjoy an hour with Puneet, in coffee shop or board room, to enrichcreative faculties

    Atulit Saxena, COO, Brands at Future Brands Ltd.

    I have seen Puneet at work on a bunch of businessmen who thoughtthey had seen it all.

    What I saw was an artist at work, effortlessly pulling the right strings,pushing the right buttons, until he has the whole hall listening to himand to use a term in vogue today, 'fully engaged.

    Whether it is a creative block, finding the creative in you, or a creativeway around a challenge, you could do few better things than check withPuneet Bhatnagar.

    Prasanna Singh, Director, YourStory Media.

    Why people call him a creative


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