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<ul><li><p>8/8/2019 Interviu Cu John Nash</p><p> 1/2</p><p>PSYCHOLOGY IN ACTION: Chapter 11</p><p></p><p>Interview w ith</p><p>Dr John NashOn hearing voices </p><p>Initially I did not hear any voices. Some years went by before I heard voicesand -- I became first disturbed in 1959, and I didn't hear voices until thesummer of 1964 I think, but then after that, I heard voices, and then I beganarguing with the concept of the voices.</p><p>And ultimately I began rejecting them and deciding not to listen, and, ofcourse, my son has been hearing voices, and if he can progress to the stateof rejecting them, he can maybe come out of his mental illness.</p><p>The consequence of rejecting the voices is ultimately not hearing the voices.You're really talking to yourself is what the voices are, but it's also parallel to adream. In a dream it's typical not to be rational.</p><p>I had some philosophical ideas that were involved. I found myself thinking inpolitical terms, but then I found myself able to criticize this thinking -- that itwasn't very valuable to think in political terms. Even now, I sometimes have anew realization that it can be not so good to think in political terms aboutsome of the current issues. One can leave that to others.</p><p>So in rejecting some of the political ideas, that had a relation to the voices, soI could think of a voice maybe as presenting what was analogous to a politicalargument, and then I could say, I don't want to listen to that.On delusional thinking .</p><p>In madness, I thought I had a very important role, and, of course, that includesthe messenger-type function. That is a Muslim concept particularly withMuhammad. He's the messenger of Allah. That's, I think, a standard phrase.So I saw myself as being a messenger or having a special function. I saw it interms of there being supporters, but also of opponents, and so I would thinkthat if I was put in the hospital, it would be a coup d'etat by the opponents.</p><p>I had this feeling of persecution. I had the idea that some of the people -- Ithink Eisenhower was still president then -- and the Pope and the powers thatbe might be unsympathetic to me. I envisioned a hidden world where theCommunists and non-Communists were into this thing -- they were sort ofschemers.</p></li><li><p>8/8/2019 Interviu Cu John Nash</p><p> 2/2</p></li></ul>