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  • InterventionPlans for Tier 3 Intervention 2011

  • Quick Overview of InterventionTiers of Intervention

  • Tiers of InterventionTier I : Interventions provided by the general educator for Mathematics during class time devoted to the essential curriculum.This is a first course of action. Interventions include placement/grouping decisions linked to differentiated instruction.Tier II: Interventions which students complete in fewer than 18 weeks that require additional resources over and above the general education program for Mathematics. Pull-out/Tutoring.In addition to appropriate placement and differentiation, some students may require additional limited assistance in meeting some of the standards of the essential curriculum.

  • Tiers of InterventionTier III: Interventions that require 18 weeks or more to help students meet enrolled grade standards.Some students require more intensive assistance to meet the standards of the essential curriculum. These interventions are longer in duration and often require additional staff and resources.Tier IV: Interventions reserved for use in response to specified goals on an IEPIndividuals with disabilities may receive interventions provided in Tiers I-III. However, there are students who require different or more intensive services as described in those students IEPs in order to meet enrolled grade standards.

  • Tier 3 InterventioniLearn MWM and FASTTMath

  • Moving With Math Online AssessmentPre-AssessmentBenchmarkPost-AssessmentWorkbooks6th and 7th Grade3 IM books (green)8th Grade 5 MH books (purple)

  • Moving With Math

  • Moving With Math Objectives correlate to the online assessment and the VSCManipulative basedHands-on activities

  • Moving With Math IM Level (green books)Number, Reasoning, & DataFractions, Decimals, Percent & ProbabilityGeometry, Measurement, & GraphingMH Level (purple books)Number, Reasoning, & DataFractions and DecimalsPercent and ProbabilityGeometry and MeasurementAlgebra

  • Moving With Math Tier IV

  • What is iLearn Math?iLearn Math is a web-enabled math curriculum that provides everything needed to learn math. The instruction is delivered by "smart" software that manages the entire instructional process.

  • What is iLearn Math?iLearn Math has a built-in assessment and course management feature that automatically determines what instruction is needed, delivers the instruction, and keeps track of the results. It gives the user just the right amount of instruction and practice necessary to insure understanding and retention of the concepts being taught.

  • What is FASTT Math?Helps students with quick recall :AdditionSubtractionMultiplicationDivision

  • What is FASTT Math?The FASTT Math intervention program uses the research-validated FASTT system (Fluency and Automaticity through Systematic Teaching with Technology) to help all students develop fluency with basic math facts. FASTT Math assesses all students to uncover fluency gaps and to establish a baseline of fluency for each student. Then, FASTT Math automatically differentiates instruction in customized, 10-minute daily sessions. FASTT Math ensures that all students, regardless of their fluency level, build the long-lasting fluency they will need to tackle higher-order math.

  • What is FASTT Math?PlacementAdaptive InstructionIndependent PracticeOperation Mastery

  • Why 3 programs for Math Skills in Intervention?iLearn is to help fill in math gaps as far back as needed on an individualized basisMWM objectives are just below grade level and some on-grade level FASTTMath helps only with quick recall of multiplication facts

  • MWMFCPS Approach to MWM

  • Daily format: 90 Minutes every other day

  • Daily format: 90 Minutes every other day w/ comp

  • Daily format: 45 Minutes every day

  • Parts to MWMOnline AssessmentAssesses whole programTeacher Book:Lessons that correlate to each objective on the book-level pre-assessmentAssessmentReproducible Masters

  • FCPS and MWMScope and Sequence Chart

  • FCPS and MWMLesson Planning Guide

  • MWM LessonsWarm-Ups: ReviewsLesson Math Practice (in student workbook)Extra Practice (Skill builders in back of teacher book)Games (in lesson area)Journal Prompts (in student books)Sum it up! (in student books)

  • Where do I start?Start with first book:IM1 (6th and 7th grade) orMH1 (8th grade)Give Pre-Assessment for that bookComplete chart of student needsBegin appropriate Lessons

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  • iLearnComputer trainingSelf pacedThe web address is: will receive your log-in soon

  • iLearn helpful suggestionsNotebook for the computerPencilsRewards for certain levelsReports

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  • FASTTMathWe (tech and I) need to log students into the program this will happen through your Math SpecialistYou and your Students will then get log-in information

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