internet meme iphone vs. blackberry by: lucas buzanic, samantha vanderklei & myron zhao

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Internet Meme Iphone vs. Blackberry By: Lucas Buzanic, Samantha Vanderklei & Myron Zhao

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  • Internet Meme Iphone vs. Blackberry By: Lucas Buzanic, Samantha Vanderklei & Myron Zhao
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  • What is a meme Cultural idea, practice or symbol that are passed on from one person to the next. Its an idea that is like a gene, that can be replicated & evolve. Short videos, an altered image, video clip, animation, website with violence, discrimination, idiocy, nudity and cute animals are intriguing to people. E.g. Epic fails, FML, people doing worst than others,
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  • Meme Research/Ideas How can she SLAP?! : the movie This is Sparta! Last techno remix My New Haircut LOL Cats George Bush shoe attack Know Your Meme: Know Your Meme: Iraqi Shoe Toss Know Your Meme Know Your Meme: Know Your Meme: Peanut Butter Jelly Time Know Your Meme
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  • Further Statistics
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  • Forms of Communication Written Speech Gestures Visuals Etc.
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  • Contd Forms of Communication More importantly The INTERNET Has been a main source of exchanging information between individuals Information is passed from one person to the next within seconds
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  • Internet Avenues Facebook Twitter Email Distribution Youtube Forums Wikispace Virtual Worlds
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  • Meme Concept Comparison between the leading competitors in Cellular phones Specs, design, key selling points Street Fighter video Keeps your focus as a visual Battle between Ryu & Bison/Iphone & Blackberry
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  • Why our Meme works Catchy through looping A relatable topic Synergy between two different ideas
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  • Our Meme Iphone vs. Blackberry Street Fighter Edition
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  • Room for Improvements Post it more in advance Spend time on editing the overall video
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  • Which would you choose?