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  • 1. Internet Marketing For Small Business Entrepreneurs

2. What You Will Know After Reviewing this Material:
1.EXACTLY what Fully Integrated Internet Marketing is.
2.Why its VITAL to your success.
3.The basic process used to get you there.
Internet Marketing For Small Business Entrepreneurs
3. Why You Need To Be Online
75% of Americans use search engines on a regular basis
56% of Americans use Search Engines every day
40% of all search engine searches are for local businesses and services
92% of all local searches carried out will eventually convert to a sale
Search Engines are now THE #1 Media Type Consumers Use To Find Local Businesses.
(WebVisible/Nielsen Study )
4. Branding Traditional Marketing
McDonalds, Apple, Bank Of America. No Direct response. Meant to make you a familiar face.
This is not what we are after.
Direct Marketing
Infomercials, Calls To Action, Trackable, Direct Response. Meant to generate an action by potential customers.
This is our goal. Transactions.
What Is Internet Marketing
5. What do you want to be known for
What is your expertise
Think In Terms Of Elevator Speech
Not Im a _________
I help _________ by ___________.
What You Do Not Who You Are
6. Who Are Your Competitors?
How Do People Look For You?
Where Are Your Customers?
From what Product Or Service Do You Make The Most Money?
Do You Know The Answers?

  • What would you type in the search engines to find your product or service?

8. Probably not city real estate 9. Probably city rental homes or sell my house fast city name or city first time home buyer assistance. 10. You want quality visitors not necessarily quantity.How Do Customers Search
11. Survey question: What information do you expect to find when searching for local businesses online?
These numbers continue to climb every year
with the advent of Mobile Smart Phones
12. Let Them Find You
13. What is the main purpose of internet marketing?
There is no main purpose.
There is a SOLE purpose.
To generate a customer.
Main Purpose
14. Having a website alone accomplishes nothing
Like a Cell Phone without service
But I Have A Website
Internet Marketing has evolved way beyond just having a website.
There are now many other online tools which promote your business and drive traffic to your website.
15. Search Results
Example of Local Search Results:
Highlighted results at top of page and results running down the side are all paid advertisements.
The next result is free local business maps your business can show up here.
Below are the organic results sites that the search engines rank using their formulas.This is where you want to show up on the first page for free.
The following slides show some of the methods for getting there.
16. Google Maps
17. Online Directories
What You Do
Not Who You Are
18. Online Classifieds
Ad Titles Are Key
What You Do Not Who You Are
19. Social Media
Remember, social media sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are designed for SOCIAL interaction.
You dont want to be the guy at the party trying to sell insurance. Let people know what you do but dont make it the focus of your presence.
You will quickly lose followers if you are all business.
20. Blogs are search engine friendly.
Blog content can be a mix of social and business.
Great way to share expertise and build credibility.
Blogging For Business
Video Marketing
22. It Works
23. **NEW ***Mobile Marketing
Trending Report :

  • 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes.

24. 99% of all text messages are read. 25. Average response rate is 20% regardless of business type. 26. No spam filters.