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Revue de presse internationale de Poum Tchack et son nouvel album BILLIE



    Dici et dailleurs Revue de presse

    "Poum Tchack, a claque. Les 400 spectateurs masss chteau des Templiers mardi

    soir en vibr aux sonorits mixtes venues de l'Est du groupe Poum Tchack. Du jazz

    swing au jazz manouche, les musiciens se sont prts une performance scnique

    hors du commun. L'archet du violoniste et les cordes des guitares en ont d'ailleurs fait

    les frais! Ce n'est pas le public qui s'en est plaint: le groupe a eu droit a deux rappels."

  • Billie Eastern Tour

    October 2010

    Maribor, October, 29th 2010

    Synopsys of extracts


    YOUR LIFE (using the name of franck

    zappa's live album)

    - about guitar playing skills: even the

    original Sepultura would be proud of


    - speaking of the manner of how the live

    music was played: this is a work of

    perfectly trained musicians, which

    echoes Taraf the Haiduks (gypsy

    virtuosos from Romania);

    - such a talented group of virtuos

    musicians should be more popular

    among those music aficionados who

    would go to the the gigs of Manu Chao,

    Gogol Bordello or to Guca (serbia

    trumpet madness festival);

    - A "musical pearl" which people of

    Maribor (European Capital of Culture

    2012) has to meet again on stage for

    their this outstanding performance.

  • POUM TCHACK EN MALAYSIE The Star Online > eCentral > Sound & Stage Friday July 17, 2009 Pulse of the globe - Story and pictures by MICHAEL CHEANG The Rainforest World Music Festival has always been, and probably always will be, all about the music. If there were any doubts that the 12th Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) was going to be about anything other than music, they were dispelled on the very first day, when I walked out of my hotel room to African music in the air, courtesy of the Zawose Family from Tanzania rehearsing by the hotel poolside. From then on, no matter where I went during those three festival days in Santubong, Sarawak whether at the hotel corridors, the poolside or the event grounds I heard music everywhere.

    Groovy: French band Poum Tchack entertained the crowd with their foot-tapping brand of gypsy jazz music on the first day of the 12th Rainforest World Music Festival in Santubong, Sarawak. Even the usually boring press conference had performers breaking out into song or demonstrating their instruments with a tune or two. The RWMF is still Malaysias only genuine world class music festival, and probably one of the best world music festivals in the world.

  • Poum Tchack vu par les blogs malaysiens - Morceaux choisis

    It was a great pleasure to have Poum Tchack and I can say that you were one of the audience favourites at the festival. You are all great musicians, and it was a great pleasure to meet all of you. I hope that I can work with you again in the future and please let me know of any other great French bands that could deliver the fire and passion that you have. All the best. Randy Raine-Reusch - Artistic Director at Rainforest World Music Festival - July 9-11, 2009

    Anyway, if you werent there last Friday, dont be disappointed because that days lineup was rather bland. Weak. Just like Shaqs foul shot average (zinger!). I do have to mention that Noreummachi from Korea and Poumtchack from France saved the night from being a total disaster for people who prefer more upbeat music like me. I think those two managed to keep a steady tempo for the forever crazed party animals. Props to Noreummachi and Poumtchack. :]

    Watching the accordion guy from Poum Tchack. He really made the accordion look cool, and the way he played it was so full of energy. The band played some really cool gypsy jazz, which was awesome too. Eye on Everything

    French-folk-gyspy-jazz-world madness, Poum Tchack combine so many styles in one set it is almost possible to describe. They hit the stage like an explosion and turn the energy up from there. Hot guitar and even hotter fiddling driven by an incessant beat, that take you on a wild ride of musical genres and antics that leave you breathless, and wanting more. There is no telling what they will do, but it will be great! This is French music with a world of influences that gives a new meaning to energy. The closing act of the day was by Frances Poum Tchack and boy, were they a bundle of energy. It was amazing how they married the sounds of swing with Romanian gypsy music and made it work so well. The chirpy sounds of the violin had the audience breaking out into jigs and the raspy voice of the lead singer reminded me of a French Rod Stewart. Come to think of it, the violin players physical appearance resembled The Boss, Bruce Springsteen not that it had any bearings at all to their astounding musical prowess. A Night of Gypsy Music, VirtualMalaysia.Com Because of the jet lag, I left early that night and was not able to attend the concert by French Gypsy-swing band Poum Tchack. Several media colleagues later told me that they enjoyed the performance, which included Django Reinhardt and Bessie Smith influences. World Music Central