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  • Computational Science andEngineering

    International Journal of

    Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Kuan-Ching Li

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    Scope of the Journal

    ISSN: 1742-7185 (Print), ISSN: 1742-7193 (Online)

    Computational science and engineering is an emerging andpromising discipline in shaping future research anddevelopment activities in academia and industry, in fieldsranging from engineering, science, finance, and economics, toarts and humanities. New challenges arise in the modelling ofcomplex systems, sophisticated algorithms, advancedscientific and engineering computing and associated(multidisciplinary) problem-solving environments. IJCSEaddresses the state of the art of all aspects ofcomputational science and engineering, highlightingcomputational methods and techniques for science andengineering applications.

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    Topics covered include: Scientific and engineering computing, related/interdisciplinary applications Problem-solving environments, complex systems Advanced numerical computation and optimisation Parallel and distributed computing Programming models in GPU, multi/m any- core and cloud Quantum computing technologies and applications Distributed/federated information; knowledge management/discovery

    Blockchain Cyber security and cryptography Origami engineering Performance modelling, evaluation and optimisation Modelling/simulation, visualisation Remote sensing and multi/hyperspectral imaging Big data mining/applications, data analytics algorithms/applications Machine learning, statistics, deep learning and artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence

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    Computational Science andEngineering

    International Journal of

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