international day 2017 year 1 fieldtrip to tanah teduh year 6 market day international day was a...

Download International Day 2017 Year 1 Fieldtrip to Tanah Teduh Year 6 Market Day International Day was a wonderful

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  • 16 January Term 3 Starts

    17 January Flag Raising Ceremony

    at 8.10am

    18-19 January Parent Teacher


    22-26 January Year 11 and 13 Mock


    22 January Secondary assembly at

    2.05pm led by 10 Lo

    26 January Primary Assembly at


    Coffee morning—

    Interpreting the ISA

    Results, 9.00 to


    5 February Secondary assembly at

    2.05pm led by 7


    9 February Primary Assembly at


    Secondary Humanities


    5-9 February Primary Literacy Week

    10 February ACG School Jakarta

    Family Fun Day

    December 2017

    Calender Events:

    Year 1 Fieldtrip to Tanah Teduh Year 6 Market Day

    International Day was a wonderful time for the ACG School Jakarta community. Above is the picture taken of our Indonesian children and inside this newsletter there are many more pictures. We will add a special album on our Facebook page of the pictures of the 43 individual nations we have represented here at the school. We will also be uploading a movie on our YouTube channel of the whole day’s events.

    Dear Parents of ACG School Jakarta,

    We are now at the end of Semester One, which means it is time to formally reflect on the progress of the students and

    advise parents accordingly. The Semester One Reports will be available on ManageBac during the morning of Friday 15

    December. As ManageBac is a software package specifically designed to support the International Baccalaureate

    programmes there have been some major changes to the philosophy, content and format of the Semester Reports. This

    has included Years 7 to 11 too, even though the curricula in these years follows those of Cambridge Assessment

    International Education. We are delighted with the ability we now have to report in detail on all facets of the IB Primary

    Years and Diploma Programmes.

    We are pleased with the functionality that ManageBac allows with regard to our assessment, recording and reporting.

    Ms Mia, Mr Brundage and Ms Kesler have all been working very hard to ensure the new reporting system is as efficient

    and informative as possible, and we hope you find the reports useful. If you do encounter any omissions or issues, please

    do let Ms Mia know (ACGJKT@ACGEDU.COM).

    The calendared Parent Teacher Conferences on January 18 and 19 are by invitation only. Your child’s Homeroom teacher

    will invite you to school if he or she feels there is anything to discuss. No news is good news! But do feel free to contact

    your child’s Homeroom teacher should you have any questions or concerns.

    Attached with this newsletter is the updated version of the 2017-2018 Key Information Calendar, of note is the

    confirmation of the Indonesian public holidays in 2018. The public calendar on MyACG mirrors the dates on this


    In the January Newsletter I will attach the 2018-2019 Key Information Calendar, but for those of you planning ahead,

    here are the term dates.

    Term 1 Tuesday 7 August, 2018 to Friday 5 October, 2018

    Term 2 Monday 15 October, 2018 to Friday 14 December, 2018

    Term 3 Monday 7 January, 2019 to Friday 29 March, 2019

    Term 4 Monday 8 April, 2019 to Friday 31 May, 2019

    We wish the very best to those members of our community leaving ACG School Jakarta to return home or moving on to the next opportunity. For those of you celebrating Christmas, have a blessed one and for everyone, enjoy the break with your family and we look forward to a busy and rewarding Semester Two.

    Yours faithfully, Dr Stuart Tasker Principal

  • International Day 2017

  • Our 43 flag bearers

  • December: Caring

    We show empathy, compassion, and respect. We

    have a commitment to service, and we act to make

    a positive difference in the lives of others and in

    the world around us. How can you care for others

    with your words and actions?

    Learner Profile of the month 8 Mitchell’s assembly on Human Rights

    Year 5 Mini Exhibition

    Year 4 sharing their House Projects

    A wonderful surprise for the staff on the morning of Thursday 14 December, when our equally wonderful parents provided a thank you feast for us all. Our Learner Profile of the month is Car- ing, epitomised here by our thoughtful parents. Terima kasih!