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1. INTERNAL TRAINING -By Tonmoy Bora PGCM 1432 2. You have to learn the rules of the game. And then, you have to play better than anyone else. -Albert Einstein Dont let the negative opinion, attitudes and choices of others get you down. Make your own choice to follow a positive, productive and meaningful path forward. -Unknown Quotes 3. Use multiple methods Enhance the performance Increase productivity Why training is necessary in the organization ? 4. Methods Internal Training Audio Visuals Case Study Stress Management Communicat ion Games Computer- based Brainstorming Ice Breakers Job Replacement 5. Larger organizations How will you train around 1000+ employees at a time ? Ask HR department to train 15 employees. Conduct a session with the help of those 15 trainee for the other employees. 6. Training Evaluation Why it is necessary ? Whether the programme is accomplishing its objectives. Identify the strength and weakness in the HRD process. Determine cost and benefit ratio of the programme. To decide who should participate in future. 7. Evaluation Instruments Questionnaire. Attitude survey. Tests. Interviews. Observations. Performance Records. 8. THANK YOU


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