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Interior designing V/s interior decoration. Explore the difference and unknown facts here.


  • 1.Interior Design Vs Interior Decoration

2. Interior Designing is loosely regarded as Interior Decoration. However, they are worlds apart. 3. Interior Decoration is just one of the aspects of Interior Designing dealing with the visual appeal of a room. 4. Whereas, 5. Interior Designing is all about turning an ordinary space into a functional and user-friendly area, in line with the human activities and behaviour. It is both people and business oriented. 6. An Interior Designer will be able to decorate a place but a decorator can hardly design it. Because an Interior Designer must have both analytical and artistic skills. 7. Needless to say, before a project, whether it is renovation or fresh, the designer takes into account the key elements of interior desigining viz. colour, pattern, form/shape, textur e, and line. 8. Their job would ultimately be to bring a balance in the design that makes the occupants feel comfortable. 9. Interior Design in Dubai and Abu Dhabi Visit us: Business Bay, Plot # 244/345-487, Al Manara Tower, Al Abraj Street, P.O.Box 61746, Dubai UAE