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Interim Review. First Quarter. Question. GCF 18 and 36. Answer. 18. Question. GCF 28 and 42. Answer. 14. Write the prime Factorization of 125. Question. Answer. 5 . What is the LCM 12 and 32. Question. Answer. 96. Question. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Interim Review

Interim ReviewFirst QuarterQuestionGCF 18 and 36

Answer18QuestionGCF 28 and 42

Answer14Write the prime Factorization of 125 QuestionAnswer5What is the LCM12 and 32QuestionAnswer96If the prime factorizationof a number is2x3x5what is the number?QuestionAnswer60In the prime factorization of 24, 2 is a factor how many times?QuestionAnswer3Write all prime numbers 0-15QuestionAnswer2,3,5,7,11,13What factors of 30 are prime?QuestionAnswer3 and 5 Elly can divide all her books into equal groups of 4 or equal groups of 5. What is the LEAST possible number of books Elly has?QuestionAnswer20Write the prime factorization of 100QuestionAnswer5x2Find the missing number in the prime factorization of 124

2 x _________QuestionAnswer31Find the value

10QuestionAnswer10000Find the value1 =

QuestionAnswer1Find the value

3.4 x 10

QuestionAnswer3400Write in scientific notation



Write as a power of 10



Anything raised to the power of 0 =?QuestionAnswer1Question

Answer1QuestionIf I had 50 tiles, the largest square possible using only whole tiles would be?Answer7 x 7 196 7 8(4+2)QuestionAnswer96(3-4) -4 6


QuestionAnswer62As part of her art project, Shannon will need to make a square covered in glitter. Her tube of glitter covers 13 square inches. What is the greatest side length Shannons square can have?



AnswerNot PossibleQuestion

Between what two whole numbers would the following square root fall between?Answer6 and 7Question

Round to the nearest whole numberAnswer10