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  • The Original..

    What is in Your Heart? Interchangeable Lockets & Charms

    23147 Ventura Blvd. Suite # 250 Woodland Hills, CA 91364 Tel (818) 224-4050 Fax (818) 224-4030

    As seen inPeople Magazine,

    Dancing with the Stars, and Extra TV!

  • Pre-made Lockets

    Love & Peace Love & Gold Heart Tri Color Heart Tri Color Soul

    Sexy Indulgence Born to Shop XOX Inspiration

    Luck Hope Love



    Ice Flowers Protection Peace

    Sports Dance Dog Lover

    What is in Your Heart?



  • Linx Lockets

    Linx Bracelets

    Large Heart Small Soul

    Multi Heart (Stainless)Italian Style Link (Stainless)

    (Silver or Stainless)

    Small CZ Heart(Silver or Stainless)

    Large CZ Soul

    Large Soul

    Chains (Sterling Silver)

    Clear CZ adjustable chain available in 16-18 and 18-20

    Pink CZ adjustable chain available in 16-18 and 18-20

    Silver chain available in 16,18, 20, or 24

    Display & Tool

    14L x 10H x 8W

    (Silver or Stainless)Large CZ Heart Small CZ Soul

    (Silver or Stainless) (Silver or Stainless)Oval CZ (Stainless)

    (Silver or Stainless) (Silver or Stainless)(Silver or Stainless)


    CZ PurseSmall Heart (Stainless)

    (Stainless) (Stainless)Dog Bone

    (Stainless)Key Chain Double Heart (Stainless) (Stainless)

  • PR & More... Celebrities wearing "What is in Your Heart? include: Leila Ali from Dancing with the Stars Carrie Anne Inaba from Dancing with the Stars Paris Hilton Joely Fisher - Desperate Housewives Linda Hamilton Miley Cyrus Felicity Hoffman and many more!

    Gina Eckstein & Ivette HelfendOwners of

    Linx & More...

    Felicity Hoffman-Desperate Housewives

    Joely Fisher-Desperate Housewives

    Carrie Anne Inaba-Dancing with the Stars

    Christy Brinkley

    AJ & Aly

    Miley Cyrus

  • Silver & CZ


    Yellow Heart Moon Star Cross Mom Purse Crown CZ Ribbon Tennis Rose Heart



    Clr/RedPink Yell/Pink Blue/Pink Blue/Yellow

    Red Pink

    Pink, Blue, Red, BlackYellow, Clear hearts

    ButterflyClear, Pink or Purple

    #1 Mom #1 Sis #1 Nana #1 Daughter 16 Blue Pink Red American Ribbons Army Navy Air Force Marines

    Crown Butterfly Ballet Love Hope Believe Dream Faith Jesus Hamsa Evil Eye Lips

    Initials for all lockets

    Prpl /Yell

    Fleur de Lis

    (Sterling Silver & Cubic Zirconia)Letters

    Enamel Charms


    White or Brown Dogs Bone Paw Black or White Cat Frog Lady Bugs Bee

    Golf Volleyball Soccer Basketball Baseball Football Ying Yang Music Guitar Police Fire Medical

    Gold & CZ

    Love Dance Shop Gymnastics Pacifiers Baby Shoes Roller & Ice Skate Running Hat & Boot Red Hat Lipstick

    Graduation Computer Pod Cell Phone Sunglasses Boat Gardening Mom Ace Queen Slots Books


    Cross Moon Star Mom Purse Golf Bone

    Ribbon Tennis HeartHigh Heel

    Palate Cherries Apple Wine Margaritas Martini Coffee Cups Coffee to go Chocolate Cooking Kiss

    Numbers (Sterling Silver)

    Peace Heart

    Numbers for all lockets



  • Crystal Birthstones

    Garnet Amethyst Aqua Diamond Emerald Alexandrite Ruby Peridot Sapphire Rose Zircon Topaz Blue Zircon

    (Heart, Round and Star Shape)

    Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec

    or Opal or Pearl

    *Angel *Flower *Key *Lock *Girl *Boy *Bear *Turtle *Dog * Bone *Cross *Moon


    Sign HeelSingle or Dbl Note *Chai *Jewish Star *Clover *Horseshoe *Dollar *Fish *Music * Flip flop *Scissors *Dollar High

    Best Peace Anchor *Love *Heart *Angel Plane *Horseshoe Sax *Dog Dice

    Gold & Silver (*Available in both Gold or Silver)



    Dove *Turtle Drama *Diaper Pin Dolphin *Horse *Palm Tree *Shell *Starfish *Flip Flops Dragonfly *Megaphone

  • 23147 Ventura Blvd. Suite # 250 Woodland Hills, CA 91364Tel (818) 224-4050 Fax (818) 224-4030

    www.linxandmore.comEmail -

    As seen in

    Gina Eckstein & Ivette HelfendOwners of

    Linx & More...