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  • North American Local Groups IxD15

    @RikkiTeeters @Tonia

  • IxDA North America By the Numbers

    +8 New Groups

    84 Total Groups

    56 Recently Active Groups (last 3 months)

    ~12,978 Active Members

  • EmpathySocial Good

    The Future of ExperienceEvolution of The Industry

    Designer as Change AgentImportance of ResearchScreenless Interaction

    Contextual DesignBig Data Ethics


  • Projects With Personas Have A4x Greater ROI

  • Outdated Progressing Modern

    Scope Ad Hoc /Digital OnlyMultiple Digital


    Experience Design (Digital + Physical)

    Strategy Absent Gather RequirementsExperience Strategy

    + Roadmap

    Research Basic Usability TestingIterative Testing &

    EthnographyQualitative + Quantitative Research

    Design Wireframes + SitemapsSketch to High-Fi

    ProcessSets and Governs

    Experience Standards

    Staffing GeneralistsSpecialized Roles: Research, IxD, IA,


    Executive Leadership + Centralized


  • Always Keep YourBrain On A Low Simmer

  • Every Week Your Brain And SoulNeed To BeReset

  • Be Weird.Be Unusual.Be Creative.

  • Thats What WillSave You

  • Dont Be Afraid To Learn How To Build

  • Only When You CanPredict Gravity CanYou Start To Defy It

  • We Didnt Want To Add Another Screen To The Park

  • As Designers, Our Job Is To MakeThe Technology Disappear

  • So Humans CanStart Being HumanAgain

  • The Internet NeedsTo Become Invisible

  • The Next Stage Of Computing Is About Emotion