Intellectual Property and Fashion Industry

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Intellectual Property and Fashion Industry


<ul><li> 1. 27th March, 2010INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY BananaIP&amp;FASHION INDUSTRYPresented by:NISHANT KEWALRAMANI</li></ul> <p> 2. Presentation AgendaPPiirraaccyy PPaarraaddooxxCCooppyyrriigghhtt PPrrootteeccttiioonnDDeessiiggnn PPrrootteeccttiioonnTTrraaddeemmaarrkk PPrrootteeccttiioonnPPaatteenntt PPrrootteeccttiioonn27th March, 2010 BananaIP 3. Piracy Paradox Concept given by Kal Raustiala &amp; Christopher Jon Sprigman Piracy is a boon for the Fashion Industry. The piracy paradox encompasses two concepts: Induced Obsolescence Anchoring27th March, 2010 BananaIP 4. Piracy Paradox (contd.) Induced Obsolescence- As design spreads its positional value grows. Exhaustion by popularity paves way for new designs. Anchoring- Latest trend communicated by flooding market.27th March, 2010 BananaIP 5. Copyright ProtectionCOMBINATION OF TWO WORDS27th March, 2010 BananaIP 6. COPYRIGHTS (contd.)Idea/Expression DichotomyTangible FormOriginality and Modicum of creativitySubject matter - Literary, Dramatic,Artistic, Musical, Cinematographic,Photographic and Sound Recording works.Term - Life plus 60 years27th March, 2010 BananaIP 7. Applied art protected Jewellery design Patterns on clothes Useful articles not protected Clothing design not protected27th March, 2010 BananaIP 8. Conceptual Severability Mazer v. Stein Balinese statuettes used as base for lamps Protected or not? Test: The aesthetic elements of an article can beseparated from the utility or function of the article. Court said protectable as copyright. Such severability not possible in case of clothdesign but possible for patterns on clothes.27th March, 2010 BananaIP 9. Is it a feasible option? Mass production takes away copyrightprotection gets into design protection (50articles in India) Protects only expression Modicum of creativity required Substantial similarity not an objective test27th March, 2010 BananaIP 10. Design Protection Aesthetic appearance of an article Term 15 years (10+5) Ornamental features should be novel- bellbottoms example Design- Copyright tussle27th March, 2010 BananaIP 11. Issue of Functionality Ornamental characteristics to beseparated from functional characteristics. If the design is a direct result of thefunction then such a design is notprotected. Cloth designs??? Shoe and accessories designs???27th March, 2010 BananaIP 12. Trademarks Any indication that uniquely identifies a source ofproducts Distinguishing one source of goods from another Consumers perspective Brain 27th March, 2010 League IP Servic Beas nPavnta. ILPtd 13. Power of trademarksNikeArmaniLouis Vuitton27th March, 2010 BananaIP 14. Protection LadderAbercrombie and Fitch Ladder Fanciful Arbitrary Suggestive Descriptive Generic27th March, 2010 BananaIP 15. Infringement of trademarks Confusing similarity Likelihood of confusion Louis Vuitton v. S Malik CS case- Delhi HC Epi leather trademark Dilution Blurring Tarnishment Fair Use27th March, 2010 BananaIP 16. Trade dress Unique design or packaging of a product Walmart sotres v. Samara Bros. Children clothing- knockoff one pieceseersucker outfit Secondary meaning required27th March, 2010 BananaIP 17. PATENTS Subject Matter - Inventions Term - 20 yearsRequirements New Useful Non obviousRights - Use, Make, Sell, Offer for saleand Import 27th March, 2010 BananaIP 18. PATENTS (Contd) Novozymes Danish Biotech Company Use of enzymes in treatment of fabrics Stone washed denim Holds more than 4200 patents Grindi Italian company Fabric made of cork27th March, 2010 BananaIP 19. Trade secrets Confidential information Independent economic value ZARA- use of an IT driven system toshorten production cycle27th March, 2010 BananaIP 20. Traditional Knowledge Angle Designs taken from traditional sources Benefit sharing27th March, 2010 BananaIP 21. FOR ANY QUERIES:contact@bananaip.comTHANK YOU!!!27th March, 2010 BananaIP </p>


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