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Integumentary System Ivana Damnjanović

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  • Integumentary SystemIvana Damnjanovi

  • Integumentary SystemProtection & supportSensoryExcretionRespiratory (amphibians)ThermoregulationDissipate heat (blood vessels, sweat)Conserve heat (blood vessels, hair, feathers)

  • LocomotionBody shapeProtective coloringVitamin D synthesis

  • Epidermis, dermis and hypodermis

  • Epidermis-surface layer

    Dead cellsNonvascular

  • Feathers Scales

  • Horns

  • hoovesclutchesnails

  • Epidermis-inner layer

    Mucus cells (amphibians, fish)Proteinaceous cells/granular cells

    (Poisons, photophores, pheromones)

  • Keratinocytes Produce keratin protein a fibrous protein that helps protect the epidermisMelanocytes - produces the brown pigment melanin, a pigment in the skin, eyes, and hair

  • Dermis

  • DermisCollagen for strengthElastic fibersSmooth muscleBlood and lymph vesselsHair follicles

  • DermisSensory cellsSkin glands

  • DermisChromatophoresHomeotherms have melanophores & pigment is INJECTED into epidermisPoikilotherms the pigment stays in the dermis

  • Hypodermis- adipose cells