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  • Integrated Marketing CommunicationsAdvertising, Promotion, Public Relations and SellingMarketing 6201Chip Besio

  • 6 Ms of AdvertisingMarket - target consumerMission - objectives.Money - to pay for the campaign.Message - to be delivered.Media - choice of advertising media.Measure - measuring the impact.

  • Mission - Advertising / Promotional objectives To increase salesTo attract new customersTo retain existing onesTo encourage customer loyaltyTo encourage trialTo create awarenessTo informTo remindTo reassureTo encourage customer contactTo modify attitudesTo create an imageTo position a productTo encourage brand switchingTo improve position in the marketTo enlarge the marketTo pull the product through the channelsTo push the product through the channels

  • Personal selling vs advertising % ofPromotionalEffortComplex / Expensive GoodsSimple / Inexpensive GoodsRelative importance of the two main elements in the promotional mixPersonalSellingAdvertising

  • Mission - Advertising and Promotion

  • Measure - Advertising and Promotion

  • Money - Determining the budgetThe advertising budget will be set in terms of one of:What can be affordedA given % of salesComparison with rivalsObjective and task- whatever is needed to achieve objectives

  • Media - Factors in the choice of mediaMarketing mixRelative Cost Target audienceImpact of the mediaReach and selectivity of the mediaCompetitionLegal constraints

    Permanence of the mediaThe nature of the productSize and spread of the market Advertising budgetThe message to be conveyed

  • Advertising/Promotion Segmentation/Positioning

    What is the purpose of this ad and who is the target?

  • Advertising ROI

    What competitive benefit will be promised?

  • Advertising ROI

    Benefits must be Promised and Supported

    Relevanceour beer is brewed in Belgium .. Must tell the beer drinker why that mattersOriginalityImpact

  • What personalitywill distinguish thebrand?Consistency of traits

    Predictability different from and better than .

  • Television AdvantagesLarge audience Low cost per exposureHigh impact- colour, sound and movementCan target specific groupsDisadvantagesVery high overall costLimited prime time spaceShort-livedMay not be watched- visual wallpaperProliferation of channels reduces audienceConveys only a limited message

  • Magazines AdvantagesUseful for targeting specific groupsGood reproduction- high quality gloss imagesLong life-read at leisureCan be linked to featuresAll consumer interests catered forDisadvantagesCan be expensiveLong lead timeSome magazines are only published monthly Moderate impactSlow impact due to long lifeMagazines with limited readership are not suitable for mass marketing

  • Advertising on the InternetPaid-for search inclusion (e.g. Google Adwords)Company website.Banner ads - on line adverts on relevant website.Link exchange- mutual exchange of links between web sites or similar or complementary interest.Search engine/directory listing.Ezine/email sponsorship- on line magazines delivered to subscribers via email.

  • Advertising and Promotion

  • Advertising and PromotionInternet advertising is rapidlyreplacing some traditional ad forms

  • Radio AdvantagesRelatively inexpensiveCan target specific segmentRelatively mobileLocal DisadvantagesLimited impactNo visionShort lifeListeners attention limitedAudio wallpaperMainly local rather than national

  • Newspapers AdvantagesWidely readCan target specific segmentsFrequent publicationShort lead timeInexpensive compared to televisionLocal, regional and national papers availableColour printing adds to impact

    DisadvantagesShort lifeLow impactMay get lost in the rest of the paperNot every group reads a paperHigh costs especially for national newspaper

  • Cinema AdvantagesHigh impactCaptive audienceCan be specifically targetedLocal audienceVisual, sound, movementDisadvantagesLimited audienceMainly young audienceShort lived messageMay only be seen once

  • Outdoor (Billboards) AdvantagesRepeatedly seen 24/7 coverage Target particular areaMay encourage impulse buying if close to shopsLocal media DisadvantagesMessage must be short and simpleCannot target socio economic groupsRarely attract full attentionShort livedMay be seen as traffic hazardDifficult to measure effectiveness

  • Advertising and Promotion

  • Advertising and PromotionFrequency is better than reach

  • Personal Selling

  • Selling and the promotional mixPersonal selling is one element of the promotional mix.In business to consumer markets (B2C) personal selling and advertising are the main elements of the mix.Personal selling becomes more important whenThe product is more complexThe product is more expensiveThe product is bought infrequentlyThe customers is another business i.e. B2B markets

  • The role of the sales representativeTo gather information about customer wantsTo communicate information especially on the advantages of the product to the customerTo prospect-look for new opportunities. Prospecting is concerned with locating potential customersTo display and demonstrate the productTo advise customersTo advise on stock levelsTo progress ordersTo build goodwillTo deal with complaintsTo close the sale - i.e. to secure a saleTo provide after -sales serviceTo collect orders from customersIn some cases, to make deliveries

  • The essence of personal sellingThe presentation of products and associated persuasive communication to potential clientsInvolves two way, persuasive communicationThe aim is to match customer needs with the goods/services on offerUltimate objective: to make a sale

  • B2C transactions where personal selling is.Very importantMotor vehiclesDesigner kitchensDouble glazed windowsSecurity systemsConservatories Shopping and speciality goods

    UnimportantFoodGrocery Clothing CDs/DVDsBooks i.e. Convenience goods

  • The promotional mixAdvertisingAmbient advertisingPress advertisingRadio advertisingTV advertisingOutdoor advertisingTransport advertisingPress releasesCorporate identityBranding Public relationsSponsorshipSales promotionsPersonal sellingDatabase marketingTelemarketingInternet marketingOff the screen salesExhibitions and trade fairs

  • Consumer promotions (Pull Strategies)Promotions aimed at the consumersExamples:Price reductionCouponsVouchersCompetitionFree giftsPremium offersTrade-in offersStampsEvents DisplaysBOGOF

  • Advertising and Promotion - Consumer

  • Trade promotions (Push Strategies)Promotions aimed at intermediariesThe purpose is to encourage intermediaries to stock the productExamplesLoyalty bonusesSale or returnRange bonusesSPIFFS for SalespeopleCreditDelayed invoicingNew product offersCompetitionsTrade in offersFree servicesTrainingReciprocal buying

  • Advertising and Promotion - Trade

  • The scope of PRPromoting products and services through media publicity.Enhancing public awareness of the company.Projecting the companys mission and philosophy.Portrayal of the company as a good corporate citizen.Protecting the companys reputation.Projecting the organization as a source of opportunities. Obtaining favourable comment in the media.



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