Integrated Leadership Skills for Change Agents

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This presentation guided a workshop for environmental activists, presented by Green Sangha. The goal was to provide tips and skills for more effective leadership through mindful meeting design.


<ul><li> 1. Goals Explore integrated leadership concepts through the lens of meeting designProvide tips and techniques for more effective leadership in groupsHold the space to allow sharing of the wisdom gathered in this room.</li></ul> <p> 2. Integrated Leadership Integrated leadership simply means bringing together diverse elements into a harmonious whole: Gathering information, ideas, and statistics into sensible form;Pulling people together to respond to this data; andCoordinating actions that bring the maximum benefit to all involved. 3. Agenda Welcome &amp; OverviewHow Meetings Serve Organizations: What Is an Effective Meeting?Meeting Design Process and TipsBreak Facilitation Skills and TipsMeditationSynthesisClosing 4. Groups gather 5. Why do we meet? To informTo persuadeTo brainstormTo planTo decide 6. Were complicated DifferencesSimilaritiesCultureConnect to StoryGenderMind/Body/SpiritGenerationNeurology/PhysiologyLearning ModeAuthentic NeedsPersonality types 7. Participants; Purpose; Environment; Agenda; Roles; Pre- and Post-Meeting Prep 8. Meeting Roles RecorderTimekeeperReporterFacilitator 9. Meeting Roles: Facilitator The Facilitator:Introduces the topicAsks open ended questionsMakes sure everyone is heardSummarizes 10. Design a Meeting! You are part of a neighborhood action group, gathering to launch a petition campaign. (or other scenario)In your group, discuss the meeting design, incorporating the who, what, where, and whys that we have talked about today.Take 20 minutes. You wont finish the entire design!Select Roles: Facilitator; Recorder; Reporter; Timekeeper; ParticipantReporter: Please share the groups 3 top observations/learnings. </p>


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