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Integrated Leadership Model for Contemporary Organizational Leadership Class Saint Louis University


  • 1. INTEGRATED LEADERSHIP MODEL BY LISA TERNEUS Fall 2, 2013-2014 ORLD 501 Contemporary Organizational Leadership Steven Winton, PhD
  • 2. LEADERSHIP COMPETENCIES Vision and Mission Strategy Shared Values Empowerment Engagement
  • 3. VALUES & CULTURE Culture the way we do things Values determine how we do things Strategy the plan to get there
  • 4. VISION Why do we need a vision? Future Focused Are what dreams are made of Supports strategy Gives meaning to work Shapes strategic planning Fuels leadership development programs
  • 5. STRATEGY How to get from point A to point B Supports the vision Is a process Different views Resource based theory
  • 6. EMPOWERMENT Oxford English Dictionary giving people authority or power, making them able, to do something or act in a particular way Francis Yammarino it is immoral not to develop others or to not allow them to develop to their fullest potential because of the resulting tremendous waste of human talent.
  • 7. ENGAGEMENT Hard to define A Passion for Work
  • 8. ASSESSMENT RESULTS ON THE 5 LEADERSHIP COMPETENCIES Vision and Mission Strategy Empowerment Engagement Shared Values
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