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  1. 1. Insurgent film poster Analysis
  2. 2. Does it contain standard poster features? The poster contains images of the stars in the main picture, but not their names - which could suggest that these actors are well known and could be a USP for the movie. The poster features an enigma in the form of the glass breaking. To understand the reference you would need to see the film, this could draw in an audience because the enigma creates interest in the poster. In addition the enigma is a USP for the poster because it provides an uncommon intrigue for the audience. The only tagline featured is that its a part of the Divergent series, this would create interest in the audience who have seen the first film and could also make a new audience want to watch the series because of the poster for the sequel. The release date is featured on the poster as well, this is featured so that the audience is aware of when the film is released. There is a credit block featured on the poster with no clear mention of the producer or director. This implies that the credits, director and producer wouldnt act as USPs for the poster and therefore arent mentioned because it wouldnt interest the audience. The sky in the background of the image is cloudy, this could suggest conflict in the film or some sort of dilemma.
  3. 3. What are the main colours used? What do they connote? The colours used have darker tones which could connote intensity, as well as this the colours could also suggest darker themes and events within the film. The main characters also appear in dark clothing which could reflect on the dystopia that the characters are in and how monochromatic their themes are. There is also a light blue which looks like a slash through the clearly presented, white title. As this blue is used to look like a slash it could also suggest destruction and violence, backing up the idea of a dark theme.
  4. 4. What are the main figures/ objects / background? The main focal point of the poster is the two actors falling through the glass. The image is represented photographically and graphically as there is a picture taken of the actors which has then been developed using graphics. The smashed glass suggests action because broken objects are often linked with violence and conflict. A gun is also featured on the poster, the object is represented photographically. The gun connotes action because the gun implies that there is conflict in the film. The actors are also dressed in clothes which could be likened to battle gear, these are also represented photographically. The clothing, again, suggests the genre of action because the characters would not be dressed for a battle if they werent expecting one. The mise-en- scene connotes action because it suggests that they are prepared for some kind of strife.
  5. 5. What symbols are used? Does the audience need foreknowledge to decode them? As the two main characters are centred it is visible that they have burst through windows, in the film parts of the dystopia are often seen to disperse and disappear which seems to be happening here. This film is also a part of the Divergent series which means the audience is most likely to be the watchers of the previous movie. As well as this the tagline of the film is Defy Reality which is shown in the way the characters are presented in this poster as this is seemingly impossible.
  6. 6. Are the messages primarily visual, verbal or both? Primarily the messages in the poster are visual, the main focus of the poster is the visual images of the characters falling and the cloudy sky. This connotes that the visual imagery will be primary in the film which could suggest action as exotic locations are often used. In addition to this the monochrome colour scheme used could imply that the tones of the film are dramatic or solemn. The only part of the poster which is verbal is the title and that its a part of the Divergent series, this is done because the audience obviously needs to know what the film is and the fact that its part of the Divergent series can be used as a tool to generate interest from the audience. However, the verbal messages dont really suggest anything about the film for a new audience. Although the people who have seen the previous film may understand parts of the poster and will want to see the film.
  7. 7. Who is the intended audience? The intended audience would most likely be the fan base of the series and the people who have watched the previous films as this is the second film in the series. This audience is most likely to consist of young adults and teenagers as it has young characters and involves a large amount of action which could also appeal to other adults too. This film also has a strong female lead which could attract more women to the Divergent series as women leads are becoming more popular in the action genre. The film also involves some romance which can also appeal to more women including a younger teenage audience.
  8. 8. Poster Persuasive Devices. What genre conventions used are there? The sky in the background of the poster is a convention of the action genre. Action films often take place in exotic locations, like the air, so the film uses this convention. The gun featured on the poster is another convention of the action genre because weapons are often highlighted because weapons connote fights which is another convention of the action genre. The theme of destruction is often seen in the action genre, explosions for example, which is another convention featured in the poster the broken glass. Is a star used as a USP? The star names are not mentioned on the poster which shows that the characters are the USP of the film and not the actors. This suggests that the film has a prior fanbase who are watching the film for its plot, not the actors. Alternatively, the actors names might not have been mentioned because they are already well known and would therefore be a USP. Although, I dont think that the actors are used as USPs because their names arent mentioned and their faces arent clear, suggesting that they arent the focus of the poster.
  9. 9. Poster Persuasive Devices Are expert witnesses quoted? No expert witnesses are quoted on the film poster. This could be detrimental as adding in quotes from magazines or film critics could entice more people to watch the film because of the good reviews from important people in the film industry. What pleasures (gratifications) are promised? The poster promises action, this is because its part of the Divergent series which is an action film series. The posters use of guns and shattered glass also connote danger, which suggests that its an action film. How is attention gained? (humour, shock, surprise, familiar face) Attention is gained through the broken glass and the actors falling through, this surprises audiences and entices them to watch the film because they find it interesting. A familiar face could also be used to gain attention because the actors in the poster have been seen in other popular films, which could make people want to see the film because they might have enjoyed their acting. How does the tagline work? (humour, pun, alliteration) The tagline links in with the main image on the poster, Defy Reality which is what the two characters are doing, bursting through the window and remaining unharmed. By linking in with the tagline the poster is more consistent and draws in more people because it appears to be one of the main themes of the film because it is constantly referred back to.
  10. 10. Critical evaluation: Is it a good poster? I would say that the poster is a good one because it grabs the viewers attention with colour and the position of the characters, there is consistent colour scheme and the poster uses some conventions of the action genre which makes the themes in the film clearer to audiences. The glass shattering creates interest in the film and the props and mise-en-scene connote action, but a lot is left vague about the film. This makes audiences interested enough to watch the film, but doesnt give anything away. Does it communicate effectively with the audience? It communicates effectively with the audience because it reveals the genre, but nothing about the plot. It makes audiences more intrigued in the film without revealing the plot. Are there any alternative readings which harm the marketing message? The guns used in the poster and the shattering glass could be harmful to the marketing message because parents may be more reluctant to let their children watch the film, which narrows the audience. However, with the theme of action some sort of violence is expected. Is it offensive? Overall the poster isnt offensive, it doesnt appear to have anything risky or related to any current events that may cause people to take issue with the poster.