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Here's an uncensored pdf of the (only) famous issue of The Insurgent. This was published as a reply to the muslim-bashing going on in the wake of the "offensive" drawings of Mohammed. In this issue, look for the most offensive pictures of Jesus you may ever see :)Also, see the back page for recipes on how to give yourself (or another) a home abortion with nothing more than tea!


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The insurgent is a newspaper in

the Eugene-Springfield, Oregon cornrnunity. We are unaffiliated with any partisan organization. We seek to provide a forum for those working towards a society free from oppression based on class, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, species and free from the threat of ecological collapse.

I Editorial:

Subscriptions to the lnsurgenf are $75 a year by mail. The Insurgenl is distributed freely to UO itudents, the community, and prisoners. Submissions ...The lnsurgenl encourages its readers and supporters to submit news and feature articles, short fiction and poetry, cultural criticism, theory, reviews, etc. Graphics,I

cartoons, and photos are more than welcome. Graphics can be submitted by themselves or with written pieces. All submissions must be 2,001 words or less. We reserve the right to edil anything and everything we recieve for 1 grammar, clarity, or length, Ail articles, with the exception of unsigned Editorials, reflect the view of their authors 1 and not the rest of us.

Thc US t;~uchrs"Operalioir Sw:irrner" ill Ir:rct, tramhing ct:rytl~ir?r in uighr. In Di.n~n;rrk. Ir, I l;~nds.Pmtcr~ ~lic puhlisl~cs sccn~ingly 12 innucl~&,us c;rrl:)tms that bet off mother Ill-cccrcrr~n. ma) bc aware tlrat ttlc Moslc~n , n r l ~ ! \'o:~ ~ \bent i ~ p Rnrne~wirh riots all:lckin:_: Banich ~rn5~1\sies h y c r ~ t l s1 5:lnish prtducir in Inair) cc?irr~trit.?, in thc anrl u* Wh:bt i s "noi n;ll" in the IJS is anpitrcntfy a irurno~?gr>us ~ c ! w l tta olfit'rs. W h j ' s l ~ ~ ~ u l d :;th,cunw i t x v o t ~ t J h g we not hc'? Mcan~vl~ile. deaihs in Iraq !op 2300, ITS irriu1-cd >onrcwfcrc nvct 201100 arrcl Iraqi Jc;krhs wc t!nnlt cucn IJS try to keep !lack of. Gtln~;rics hetww~s art. 30,000 nr?rl I tjO.fltH3 Iraqi dead. l'lris. ~ t i t. f i ~ l ~ l iif1 i \ f g h > ~ ~ ~ ix!rtbt ; ~ t ~ . & ~lg ~ have I cj.OOil troopc 111 I3aki and ramre, rmnc o l~l-tir.rve. count. ~ion 111.e f tl The Comn~cnlator, r\Slir3-sponstmxi riyl~i-wingb:~dly la](!our ~,uhlrc;tti!~r~ I E R ~ C~ v t ' y t h i ~ ~ p the Illat < prin~ctl rhe I2 uat't~+nsin i t s East icsuc, They wolc a rull pass justilicntitw s:tyiny [heir urrcm i :to pr,v.;okc tlia!aguc a n d ! cr r i l l p ~ * ~ h ~ ~ tamong nflio* !hing~. sion, We also intend ro pmvakc rlraloguc. Why r\nstr mimy Clnisti;m\ snppon ?his war :rnd all naix'l Why nrc thcy z;~lIingfor a prc-emptive s~rike I r;ra? Why arc I I I ~ I T S I ~1~1i1114 tsoJic\ crcr) Li~fru Ci~ri~tinn on dead :l pe\idcnt t:thec r ~f%lcc'? Urr.approach his irsue ftum a ~liff'crcn~ wglc. \Vr iIrC\v OUI.(VXVI? 12 U ; ~ ~ ~ C K ) Irinrl prirtt tl1c111here. The! d e ~ i c i II Xtianity in all its, hurnomos Xness. Wc :ire sure Xri;tns i c ill p c the joke :~nd ~ suppnn our righf to priut them on campus. After all, Xtinns no\%, con!mi rhc wholc govcrnmcnl and ccrtairity halJt)w thc Fir\t Ari~enclrrurt~T lhc Comtiruiir~n tl just behind !he biblc. Wi~houtil. ivc. ~vould txpecl tirat wc u ould be t;+ken IJUI ;111rl lynched and our ol'l~ccz T U T ~ C ~ I We Ir;trlmr no illusinrrt alwcrr~l~ h suj,crtnt rty oi*the Western world, This is tl~c c r!a?inn thut annotlnucs rhat wc Irotv iortirr-L> >uspi.cts ~ I I O P IKC feel likc i t , The vcnccr of "cit.jlrn~tiorr" ripped iipnrr, " ita.: Wr' :!I c ,~mazl.Jtflar thc Cornntenmrijr kla~ltl': behind us and support5 us complete ty ill rwr? endciivor. We q u o k Frc~nrIhc arlicle th:tr prirttecI IIW CHT?O(I~\:"011; ~ ~ ~ t e rinspublishing rhese irnagc~ to p f q n mFt. in etIuca!ing the r t is puhiic abr~ut lull .;cope crf i4 p - t i n c ' t ~ t iht*' of clur time--a\ weII re, to nnderlinc otlr Jccply held bclicf that in campu< journa!i.;m, ,IS in ail public di*ct~rtt'sc.r llc. 1 1 ~ s immoral .tction tt~at r call bo taktn 1% ra ifeclare n gi+wrt lopic 'off Ilii~lits."' Thcrefirrt wc. g r b e you c,ur 12 ciwloonx. It'yot~ivuni in we ~ h one\ h : i t caused tI~e c 1.Eors. you'll have t o google them yr)ur>clf. A< the Conrnrc~~rfttor suggest\. try ~ t t r n b i c ! t r ~ ~ t * thc>'ll ptlp ri~f11 iuntf up,

Why am I getting this newspaper?LI O V e F b V U C O P E S o f our paper every issue. Our LAMP (Left A l t e r n a t i v e Media Project) sends our paper t o any a l t e r n a t i v e paper we can find. t f YOU publish something we expect you to send your paper t o us. W keep a l i b r a r y in our office for University of Oregon e people t o look. any of you a r e n o t keeping up with us. More than 10 people.per day read and appreciate your publication. Send it t o us! If you are an individual, someone gave US your name. YOU will r e c e i v e t h i s paper unless you l e t us know you don't want i t . If you are a prisoner, we send copies f r e e to you. Send us your address and you should g e t on our list. If you don't, e i t h e r we goofed up and lost your address or your institution is not giving it to you. If you don't get it, d o n ' t get mad, w r i t e again. We t r y to send t h i s paper to anyone who wants it. (How you're supposed t o know t h i s since you didn't get t h e paper w c a n ' t answer.) W want t o expand our mailing list to 1000, so i f you know someone e who would l i k e this paper, tell them to send us a request. T h i s p a p e r doesn't do any good i f no one reads it. Write to us, t e l l us your s i t u a t i o n . W would like t o hear about e prisoner abuse and t h e conditions in prisons generally, especially t h e p r i v a t i z e d prisons. O r anything else.

Your Insurgent

,o +*

We notice prisoners have some of the weirdest addresses weVe ever seen. especially the numbers. A1ot of them are what you" expect like 854432or 54322,but there are a bunch with hyphens: 39384-066 or 8765 1-025 and smne make no sense: T9025 IID3- 140 o Wr 40058 HA61 9L What's up with that?

News Briefs:Your Insurgent is financially embarrassed!! This year for the first time, the student government office has made fund-raising a major part of the distributrion of student funds. The reason for this is a supposed lack of money for student activities. We are just one of many student groups that receive hnds from a money pool created by the incidental fees charge every student pays every quarter. At the moment, this is $191 up front. Next year it goes over $200. You pay whether you take 22 credits or 1. Your Insurgent has been taken unaware. We spend our time putting out a paper you want to-read.We are not money-grubbers. We run on a shoestring. Our main costs are printing, which is through the roof, and postage, which increased again in January. The ASUO, which decides who gets what, has a surplus this year of $144,000,but they say there is not enough money for student groups. SO, we ask YOU, our readers, to SEND US SOME MOMY.

* * *




3 mF;




You have been receiving this publication free for a long time. That's fine wit1 but now we ask you to help us out. We need to show fund-raisbo to $1000. ~ u r r e n t l y are :-. wc $125. Buy a sub ney are 5 for 29

reach our PO



Dear Young'uns,

Letters to t h e Editor+

(1 mean that with utmost respect)


Bein J .m old man whn lived through thc revolution. 1have enjoyed reading your paper, whore I have picked it up at Smith's Book Shop, Sundance, etc.. and 1like it very much. This should he mainstream media. and as author Alvin TofRer said in "Future Shock,""It should be the young , people making the decisions for the future,..or all will be lost." Although I was disappointed there were no editorid letters, I really enjoyed the article on crtpi. r ) ~ talisrn (and my 78-year-old mother did too) very g o d , concise. focused, good job. But that is not why r am writing you this better. Under "Newspininns" you pointed out 8 to 14 ,: crimes, lies and scandal of GW B w Jr, as I like to call him. , M y I add to the list? After Junior was illegally in power and became presiden~ a the first thing he did was attack reproductive rights of women hy cutting off parts of funding for ~tin Europe. " + The second thing he did was attack unions by striking down "ergonomics," that unions had fought so hard to get for the previous ten years. Ergonomics covers repetitive movement 1n.j~ries. which affect not just laborers but office personnef too. " . Third, he said we are no longer going by the initiative that former President Jimmy Carter put + , in place to eliminate nuclear proliferation (Salt IT talks) and said, "We are going to make more nuclear war heads and I sugpest you do the same." (Now he whines about countries that are taking him up on that.) '" Fot~rtf~, said we aren't going by that Kyoto agreement to reduce carbon emission anymore. he ', - That pissed o f f a lot of people including Germany and Japan (the Kyoto treaty was ratified by 140 nations, with some notahle exceptions-the United States and Australia did not s i g n the , meaty). He began to try to build 16 more coal burning plants up north (Michigan, I believe) but < the people up there said, "Hell no?" Five, he refused to lower arsenic levels in drinking water (Clinton left him that one). Six, he staned the drug wars hack up via Ashcmft by raiding medical marijuana p o w e r s in a state-sanctioned program and has refused to legalize and process hemp, a viabfe source ofprod; " UC~S from food to fabric to supplying oxygen (it doesn't even need bug spray or fertili7,er). Seven, he made it ilIegal to import drugs cheaper from Canada. Then lie privatizetl M