Insurers! Why Attend IBM Amplify 2016?

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Why Attend IBM Amplify?Discover how to revolutionize customer experienceUnderstand the value of cognitive solutionsCapitalize on opportunities with mobile, social, cloud and analyticsIBM Amplify Tracks:Marketing - target, engage and win customers across multiple channels Customer Analytics target customers, optimize customer journeys, minimize fraud Digital Experience - satisfy continually; support loyal brand advocates in employees, partners &amp; customersMetLife Main TentStandard Life Marketing Keynote Primerica DDX-1563: Engage &amp; Enable Your Sales Team with IBM Mobile SolutionsSecurity First Insurance MMO-1568: Create an Industry-Leading Digital Engagement Strategy Driven by Mobile Join Us for the Insurance Roundtable &amp; Dinner!Spotlight on Insurance!</p> <p>#</p> <p>#</p> <p>1</p>