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<ul><li><p>8/12/2019 Instrument Calibration Procedure (3)</p><p> 1/7</p><p>Instrument Calibration Procedure</p><p>Internal and External Dial, Vernier and DigitalCalipers and Outside Micrometers</p><p>GPC CAL00DA!E 0"0#</p><p>$EV% 0</p><p> &amp;ualit' Assurance Manager </p><p>Appro(ed Date)</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Instrument Calibration Procedure (3)</p><p> 2/7</p><p>*EC!IO+</p><p>I+!$OD C!IO+ A+D DE*C$IP!IO+</p><p>% !-is procedure describes t-e calibration o. Internal and External Dial, Vernier and</p><p>Digital Calipers and Outside Micrometers% !-e instrument being calibrated isre.erred to -erein as t-e !I /!est Instrument</p><p>%1 !-is procedure includes test and essential per.ormance parameters onl'% An'mal.unction noticed during calibration, 2-et-er speci.icall' tested .or or not,s-ould be corrected%</p><p>!able Calibration Description</p><p>!I !IC-aracteristicsPer.ormance*peci.ication !est Met-od</p><p>Dial, Vernierand Digital</p><p>Calipers</p><p>3ero indication test !est point 0 in%!olerance 4"5 %0006 in% Determined b' slidingt-e 7a2s toget-er andreading t-e !I</p><p>indication%Outside accurac' $ange 0 to 18</p><p>!olerance) see !able IIComparison to gage</p><p> bloc9s bet2een t-e !I 7a2s%</p><p>Inside accurac' $ange 0 to 18!olerance) see !able II</p><p>Comparison to gage bloc9s dimensions placing t-e bloc9s</p><p>2it- attac-ed caliper</p><p> 7a2s outside t-e !I 7a2s%Dept- gage accurac' $ange 0 to 18 Comparison to gage</p><p> bloc9 dimensions, placing t-e !I dept-</p><p>gage bloc9 andreading t-e !I outside</p><p>dimension scale%OutsideMicrometers</p><p>Lengt- and Linearit' $ange) 0 to 18 Measured b'comparing !I</p><p>indications to gage</p><p> bloc9 dimensionssetup to test t-e basiclengt- and</p><p>micrometer -eadlinearit'%</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Instrument Calibration Procedure (3)</p><p> 3/7</p><p>*EC!IO+ 1</p><p>E&amp; IPME+! $E&amp; I$EME+!*</p><p>!able 1 E:uipment $e:uirements</p><p> Item Minimum se*peci.ications</p><p>CalibrationE:uipment</p><p>1% Gage ;loc9 *et $ange %0605 0</p><p>1%1 Lo2 po2er magni.ier !o aid in reading t-e !L(ernier or barrel scale</p><p>1%? Micrometer 2renc- Ad7ustment o. micrometer 1%&lt; *mall 7e2elers scre2dri(er Ad7ustment o. caliper 1%6 *mall clamp @old gage bloc9s .or inside</p><p>measurement comparison</p><p>1%&gt; Lig-t mac-ine oil or spra' Lubrication o. slides ort-imble1%# Clean .lat sur.ace *ur.ace Plate or *teel ;loc9 </p><p>*EC!IO+ ?</p><p>P$ELIMI+A$ OPE$A!IO+*</p><p>?% !I I+*PEC!IO+</p><p>?%1 Ensure t-at t-e 2or9 area is clean, 2ell illuminated, .ree .rom excessi(e dra.ts,</p><p>.ree .rom excessi(e -umidit', and t-at t-e rate o. temperature c-ange does notexceed &lt; oB per -our%</p><p>?%? Ensure t-at t-e gage bloc9 set /item 1% is clean and t-at t-e !I and t-e gage bloc9s -a(e been allo2ed to stabili e at t-e ambient temperature .or a minimumo. 1 -ours%</p><p>CALIPERS</p><p>?%&lt; Ensure t-at t-e !I 7a2s slide smoot-l' and .reel' along t-e .ull lengt- o. t-e !I beam, i. not ta9e correcti(e action%</p><p>?%6 Inspect to ensure t-e 7a2s are .ree o. nic9s and burrs and t-at it is clean and .ree.rom damage t-at 2ould impair its operation%</p><p> +O!E!I test point are basicall' determined b' selecting &lt; test point 2it-in t-e .irst inc-o. range and &lt; to point additional test points extending o(er t-e remainder o. t-e!I range at approximatel' e:ual spacing%</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Instrument Calibration Procedure (3)</p><p> 4/7</p><p>?%&gt; In order top minimi e t-e number o. gage bloc9s needed to test calipers 2it--ig-er ranges, select test point at 16, 60, #6, and 00 o. t-e !I range be'ond t-e</p><p>st inc- and round to t-e nearest F inc-% se ma7or (ernier graduations or normalelectronic digital (alues as test points as necessar'%</p><p>OUTSIDE MICROMETERS</p><p>?%# *lo2l' rotate t-e !I micrometer t-imble, and ensure t-at it operates smoot-l' itsentire range%</p><p>?% !-e !I lengt- measurement test s-ould be pre.ormed at approximatel' &gt; pointsacross t-e range o. t-e !I% Bor example, 0 to 8 micrometer ma' -a(e calculatedtest points at %000, %100, %00, % 00 and %000 inc-%</p><p>*EC!IO+</p></li></ul>