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Welcome to Instructional Strategies PIDP 3250 REVISITING EFFECTIVE LECTURE Jeanne Paterson

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  • 1. A lecture is an oral presentation intendedto present information or teach peopleabout a particular subject, for example bya university or college teacher. (Wikipedia)

2. What is a lecture in todays collegeenvironment? What are the components of aneffective lecture? What are the limitations of lecture? Tips and Tricks 3. Cognitive scientists determined that peoples short-term memory is verylimited it can only process so much atonce. A lot of the informationpresented in a typical lecture comes atstudents too fast and is quickly forgotten. 4. Eric Mazur is the Balkanski Professor ofPhysics and Applied Physics at HarvardUniversity and Area Dean of AppliedPhysics. As a physics professor Eric Mazurwanted a higher impact method ofLecture Read, Think, Reflect. 5. Large audiences now Rooms of 30 + - Long speeches now 10 -12 Minute Section Lack of value now Provide relevance Physical room now Classroom Management Speaker nowSME 6. A warm and sincere salutation If possible, where did we leave off If new material, ask powerful questions Provide relevance Use multiple teaching aids Provide note taking opportunity Keep it max 15 minute sub sections Have learners do the summation 7. Engaging Interactive Interesting Informative Accurate Sequential 8. Passionate Encouraging Positive Engaged with learners Familiar Confident 9. Talk down to learners Speak in a monotone voice Attempt generational humor Use industry jargon Put down your topic Read slides (if you use them) 10. To provide historical or relevant background. To provide theory needed for labs. When an opportunity for interaction is present. When lessons will be applied. (How to givefeedback) When direction is required in an affective orcognitive domain 11. When psychomotor assessment willhappen Too large a group 12. New words to describe Presentation Talk Discussion TheoryYou can forget facts, but you cant forgetunderstanding. Eric Mazur. 13. Lecture is still there, the process is different Employ the Read, Think, Reflect practice Ask highly effective questions Dont be so sure they are going to hate it Encourage peer shifting Reinforce learning has happened Be happy you are there! Thank You. 14.