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Instore - Displaying Diamonds. Co-ordinate your displays to your presentation. Display your diamonds in a manner that follows your customers thought process What do they ask for first? What is their line of decision-making? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Instore- Displaying Diamonds

Instore- Displaying Diamonds

Co-ordinate your displays to your presentationDisplay your diamonds in a manner that follows your customers thought processWhat do they ask for first?What is their line of decision-making?Balance that with.. Where do you take the conversation in your sales presentation?Get what you will need closebyYou do not want to have to get up and leave the site of the sale to fetch a sales tool.

Prepare your sales aids

Follow the logic! 20-40-40Use the 20-40-40 rulePut the top 20% of your merchandise on individual elements. It deserves it!Treating it special helps make it special

Now for the middle 40%Use low density traysThese are special..just not as special!

Lastly, the bottom 40%We really have selectionThese are a great value

Display loose stones without distractions

Be careful with props

Make sure your store branded goods are displayed to their best advantageTheir brand vs. your brand them


Consider a display for your branded goods that equals the one you got with that other brand

Bring your selling points

Use signage to help communicate selling points

Remember!How you display your diamonds can make huge differences in your sales resultsMake the selling experience flow by being preparedSell more big diamonds by displaying them in a way that makes them more distinctiveKeep loose stones displayed clearlyDont shortchange you store brand goods