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Our firm boasts of top-notch in-house teams that provide a multitude of professional services ranging from architecture, planning, land and revenue, structures and MEP to financial advisory, marketing and sales. Our firm provides end-to-end solutions throughout the project cycle.


<ul><li> 1. APNAGHAR ARCHITECTURE PROFILE </li> <li> 2. WHY US? </li> <li> 3. Our firm boasts of top-notch in-house teams that provide a multitude of professional services ranging from architecture, planning, land and revenue, structures and MEP to financial advisory, marketing and sales. Our firm provides end-to-end solutions throughout the project cycle. OUR EXPERTISE </li> <li> 4. Usually, the participation of a large number of professionals can lead to communication gaps. The in- house teams study each and every detail and possible outcomes are worked out so there are no loopholes and no miscommunications. This approach reduces the margin of error and allows a complete, synchronized solution. OUR TEAMS </li> <li> 5. The diverse assortment of professionals that come together to form Our firm hold the capability of dealing with projects of any scale from micro-level residences to large-scale townships. The expertise of these professionals ensures complete cost-effectiveness in all projects, shaping each project to respond to scale and requirement. OUR CAPABILITIES </li> <li> 6. Our design spaces not only respond to both the macro and micro-climate of the region but also have character of their own. Our buildings respect natural condition of the site and utilize natural resources effectively so that the final outcomes are buildings that are sustainable and environmentally-responsive. Cost effectiveness to the client is of a priority in our designs and our firm boasts of complete transparency in all its client interactions. OUR DESIGNS </li> <li> 7. OUR PROJECTS </li> <li> 8. VELOCITY, THE MALL LUCKNOW, ( LAKSHYA REALINFRA PVT. LTD. ) PROJECT AREA: 7,99,000 sq.ft. A single-stop destination auto mall for purchase and exhibition of world class automobiles, providing an opportunity for the automobile industry to come together at one fixed venue. </li> <li> 9. A landmark mixed-use development project that combines colonial design with an ultra- modern feel; containing premium retail outlets, spacious office areas and luxurious residential spaces. PALACIO IMPERIAL WHITE LUCKNOW, ( TCDL PVT. LTD. ) PROJECT AREA: 4,57,000 sq.ft. </li> <li> 10. A commercial development project that contains retail outlets and office areas. Structural glazing is used as a functional as well as aesthetic component, making the project at par with global design ideologies. TULSIANI GRACE LUCKNOW, ( TCDL PVT. LTD. ) PROJECT AREA: 92,000 sq.ft. </li> <li> 11. An affordable low-rise residential project that contains optimized living spaces, large open greens and abundant social amenities, resulting in a built environment that is cost- effective, yet cozy. PEARLS AVENUE LUCKNOW, ( PACL LTD. ) PROJECT AREA: 11,05,000 sq.ft. </li> <li> 12. A luxury residential golf greens project that consists of spacious and high-end HIG apartments, housed in high-rise towers that are dramatically placed to face an expansive 18-hole golf course. GOLF RIDGE TOWERS LUCKNOW, ( CREST INFRACON ) PROJECT AREA: 12,35,000 sq.ft. </li> <li> 13. A mixed-use development project that presents an amalgamation of commercial and retail spaces that are separated by towers but linked by a bridge, creating a destination that is unique yet cohesive. OMEGA BUILT PARK LUCKNOW, ( OMEGA INFRABUILD PVT. LTD. ) PROJECT AREA: 1,94,000 sq.ft. </li> <li> 14. PROJECT OVERVIEW </li> <li> 15. A luxury villa township containing twenty three villas that are designed to respond to modern lifestyles. Spread over 1.5 acres, the township also contains an upscale club house that contains abundant social amenities. TWENTY THREE GATES ERNAKULAM, ( PLANEX PROJECTS PVT. LTD. ) PROJECT AREA: 3,76,000 sq.ft. </li> <li> 16. TWENTY THREE GATES - USPs The site is naturally contoured and the developed levels within the site are planned such that the natural slope is respected while developing the service networks in the township. Roads and levels of the villas are planned such that rainwater self drains into strategically placed catch basins, thus preventing the possibility of water inundation at any point The natural slope has also been incorporated at the micro-level, creating basements for parking and social amenities in certain villas based on their location on the natural contour. Keeping with the times, the township boasts of top-notch three-tier security systems. Envisioned as a secure gated community, entry to the site is through a boom barrier security entrance </li> <li> 17. TWENTY THREE GATES - VILLAS The external faade of the villas are designed to break the monotony of the traditional villa design and the use of curvilinear elements ensures that the township possesses a contemporary feel. A large variety of villas are planned in the township, ranging from simple 3BHK layouts to luxurious 4BHK villas that possess personal amenity spaces such as basement parking, gymnasium and multipurpose halls. </li> <li> 18. TWENTY THREE GATES - LANDSCAPE Soft landscape partitions are mandatorily provided in front of all villas which will not only protect residents from noise and pollution from the internal road, but also provide an aesthetically pleasing view from both the villa and the road side. In continuum with the idea of providing open green vistas from all avenues in the township, no physical boundaries have been provided the between villa and internal road so as to ensure a feeling of abundance of open spaces </li> <li> 19. TWENTY THREE GATES - AMENITIES A large party hall is provided for use of the community complemented by a large terrace garden. Health care facilities have been provided in the form of an avant-garde gymnasium and indoor games room with table tennis, snooker and chess. An upscale club is provided which comprises of a large number of facilities. A thematic swimming pool is created, adorned with sculptures and extensive landscape. A separate pool is created for children to splash and wade in. </li> <li> 20. THANK YOU </li> </ul>