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Instant Recess. A partnership between W.D. Williams Elementary School & Warren Wilson College. Robert A. Swoap, Ph.D. Professor and Chair Dept of Psychology. What is Instant Recess ?. What is Instant Recess ?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Instant Recess

    A partnership betweenW.D. Williams Elementary School &Warren Wilson College

    Robert A. Swoap, Ph.D.Professor and ChairDept of Psychology

  • What is Instant Recess?

  • What is Instant Recess?Instant Recess (IR) is a 10-minute physical activity break designed for everyday use by everybody, anywhere, anytime, in any attire. IRis a unique fusion of popular culture and science to promote physical and mental fitness.involves movement of major muscle groups to increase blood flow throughout the body & burn teachers and students to feel more alert and increase their energy levels.

  • What Instant Recess is NOT

  • What is Instant Recess?

    Short demo

  • Get Out of Those Seats!!!!

  • Why Instant Recess?"We've engineered exercise out of our daily lives. Now we have to engineer it back in.* *Shellie Pfohl, executive director of the President's Council on Fitness, Sports, & Nutrition

  • Why Instant Recess?

    Getting kids to sit shoulder to shoulder for six hours a day is not going to do it, Dr. Yancey said. Even in schools that still have 30-minute periods of physical education or recess, many children get only about five minutes of moderate to vigorous activity.

  • Improved fitness and weightIncreased concentrationIncreased test scoresIncreased positive attitudePositive effects on immune systemFewer unnecessary RN visitsDecreased disruptive behaviorBenefits of Physical ActivityCourtesy of the California Department of Education, Nutrition Services Division

  • Key findings of the CA Dept. of Education (CDE) study: Higher achievement is associated with higher levels of fitness.Key finding of KU study (2008): 10-minute activity breaks, usually done to music, led to improved scores in math, spelling and composition among the participants. The students also increased their activity levels outside school, on weekdays and weekends, and gained less weight than those in the schools who did not institute fitness breaks.

    Physical Fitness and Academic Performance

  • Why Instant Recess NOW?

  • What has changed?thenthenthenthennownownownow

  • Whats great about Instant Recess?Use it anywhere!School, home, offices, etc.No need to change clothes!We recommend wearing clothes that let you move, but that can be what you wear to school.Can be used within the class dayAll fitness levels welcome!All moves can be modified to a persons own ability

  • ProposalThe proposed study will test the effect of doing 10-minute physical activity breaks in classrooms.This would likely start after the Christmas break and go for 12 weeks.We will look at several outcomes (e.g., on-task vs. off-task behavior, physical activity, fitness variables).We will come to your school and collect information before you start the program, periodically throughout the 12 weeks, and at the end of the 12 weeks. Any classroom data collection will be unobtrusive.

  • How to incorporate Instant Recess into the classroom

  • Incorporating Instant Recess into your dayFor teachers:Use it in your classroom, whether to wake students up at the beginning of the day, late morning, or early afternoon when students tend to get sleepyUse it as a recess substitute on a rainy dayInitiate a contest for the students to come up with their own Instant Recess movesReward those with good behavior in the classroom to lead the Instant Recess breakFor administrators:Use it as a refreshing way to break up long meetings

  • Classroom GoalsKeep track of number of Instant Recess breaks per week.You and your students can create your very own Instant Recess breaks with your own music. Teachers can become Instant Recess role models.Aim to include 10 minutes of physical activity each morning and afternoon session. (Find natural breaks in the curriculum or usual times when students tend to have trouble focusing.)

  • Everyone can go at their own pace and add their own style to each of the moves, so theres no right way to do it.* *except to make sure your posture and movements prevent injuryCreate some new moves using your favorite music. Use old school moves like the electric slide or have the kids design their own moves to submit for possible inclusion in the next Instant Recess DVD.I have no rhythm, how can I do this?

  • I cant seem to find the time to use Instant Recess.Since its only 10 minutes long, you can use it to start the school day or to wake the kids up mid-morning and after lunch.Its format is easy to use on a computer, portable DVD player, or a boom-box.The benefits from Instant Recess more than make up for the 10 minutes invested. A 10-minute activity break improved on-task behavior by an average of 20% among the least focused students! (East Carolina Univ study)

  • Instant Recess is a Way of LifeInstant Recess is not just for the kids. Adults need recess just as muchInstant Recess is about changing our lifestyle to incorporate bursts of 10-minute activity breaks to keep all of us healthier and happier.

    *Structural approaches to physical activity promotion have focused on the physical environment. In order to avoid exacerbating disparities in energy expenditure levels,wemust make the active choice the easier choice in communities with many barriers to active recreation. Evidence of the feasibility and effectiveness of integrating brief exercise bouts into organizational routine will be presented as an example of "push" vs. "pull" health promotion strategies that rely less on individual motivation and access.*insert risk factors of sedentary behavior>

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