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<p>Installer TechnicianResponsible for pre-wiring, installing, programming, and maintenance of products and services ordered for structures under construction, prior to and after placement of walls/ceilings as well as existing structures for security systems, smoke detectors, telephones, cable television, CCTV, intercom systems, central vacuum systems, phone &amp; cable jacks, control panels, speakers, antennas, security control boxes/panels, keypads, low voltage lighting, voice activated systems, and audio/video systems.</p> <p>TASKSInstall, move, and modify telecommunications and related equipment, according to job order specifications, standards, and procedures. Diagnose equipment malfunctions. Repair voice and data equipment Maintain and report accurate records of hours and materials used. Report and monitor service order changes Maintain and repair telecommunications systems and equipment according to manufacturer recommendations and specifications. Perform additional functions incidental to technician activities. Install electrical and mechanical control mechanisms. Install structured wiring and/or audio visual and video data voice equipment. Install central vacuum systems, surround sound, audio and video equipment, structured wiring, fire and intrusion alarm systems and intercom. Train the customer on system use and how to obtain system maintenance if needed.</p> <p>Run service calls and documents, compiling client history and determine appropriate approach. Maintain and troubleshoot systems. Pre wire low voltage wiring in structures during construction phase to N.E.C. standards w/o supervision Terminate various low voltage wiring including RG-6, RG-59, cat5, and speaker wire. Use wire troubleshooting tools such as tracer/toner and continuity testers Read blueprints Read product material for product knowledge advancement Connect and troubleshoot single and multi zone speaker distribution systems. Understanding of frequency response Familiar with audio equipment accessories including speakers, amps, pre amps, receivers, etc. Properly mount (secure, level, centered) various equipment including plasma TVs, projectors, volume controls, in-wall speakers, etc. Ability to lift ~60 lbs. Calibrate the audio levels of a home theater using sound level meters. Proficient with IR based touch screen remotes Connect infrared remote control routing systems using IR receivers, IR repeaters, etc. Understanding of HDTV and Digital surround formats Connect and troubleshoot high end multi-zone audio/video distribution systems. Configure and program touch screen based whole house control systems. Interface to other subsystems</p> <p>including alarm systems, lighting control, HVAC control, entry control, and automation systems. Install high end home theaters, audio/video distribution systems.</p>


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